How to Clean the AR-15 BCG (With Froglube)

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AR-15s are America’s guns and shooters love spreading a few freedom seeds, but with every good shooting session, cleaning and maintenance is a necessity to keep your gun running and reduce eccentric wear. Some shooter’s could qualify for a minor degree if it was offered in AR-15 maintenance. However, if you love shooting, but need a bit of a primer course, this video is for you.

The World’s FIRST Bio-base Weapons Care System – Developed by Navy SEALs.

In this video, FrogLube gives step-by-step instructions on how to clean the Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) of an AR-15 using FrogLube products, which are billed as the world’s first Bio-base Weapons Care System. Push Play and get ready to learn how to strip down and clean the BCG as well as the effectiveness of FrogLube’s line of cleaning and lubrication products.


  • Only bio-based and food grade ingredients are used to make FrogLube Products
  • The only completely bio-based degreasing solvent & lubricant combination in the firearms industry
  • All formulations are performance tested in the field, range, and competitive conditions
  • FrogLube was created by a retired Navy SEAL

Have you tried FrogLube? What was your experience? Have a tip for cleaning the BCG? Share your answers in the comment section.

About FrogLube

The close association formed between FrogLube and active and former field operators in elite military units who possessed in excess of 150 years of collective operational experience, including extensive combat tours enabled FrogLube to quickly determine the go/no go criteria for the introduction of a bio-based system to replace traditional petroleum centric gun care products. The FrogLube system is an active enhancement that works to meet or exceed the firearms manufacturer’s stated operating specifications and precisely adheres to all instructions and operating manuals. By eliminating variance, true professionals realize that consistency will translate into improved shooting performance.

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