All-New Savage Arms .224 Valkyrie MSR-15 Introduced


New for 2018, Savage Arms has introduced the brand new MSR 15 rifle in Federal Premium Ammunition’s 224 Valkyrie cartridge. (Photo courtesy of Savage Arms)

Savage Arms has introduced the new MSR 15 (modern sporting rifle) rifle, a platform chambered for Federal Premium Ammunition’s new 224 Valkyrie.

Together, the combination of new rifle and new cartridge from the two Vista Outdoors’ companies reportedly squeezes out top-end performance from the hot new round, one that is said to offer superb long-range accuracy as well as top-end ballistic performance.

With the round’s flat trajectories, supersonic velocities up to 1,300-yards downrange, and superb accuracy, the 224 Valkyrie round brings only about half the recoil that larger cartridges need to achieve similar trajectories and numbers.

With an upgraded 18-inch barrel with 5R rifling, a crisp two-stage trigger, and a protective Elite Series Cerakote upper and lower finish, this new rifle also offers an adjustable mid-length gas system that can be customized to specific ammunition for reliable cycling.

Add in the firearm’s Hogue pistol grip, a UBR Gen 2 buttstock, a forward assist, an adjustable gas block and a muzzle brake with 1/2X28 Class 3-barrel thread, and there is much to like in the new modern sporting rifle.

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  1. I am looking for a rifle such as this, but in a 22 magnum caliber with a 30 round clip.
    Ruger may have it, but I don’t purchase Ruger products.

  2. I am a conservative person who should have the
    right to defend myself. This is a beautifully built
    weapon and it should be treated with respect.

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