Federal’s New .224 Valkyrie Cartridge Touted as Flat, Fast Shooting


New for 2018, Federal Premium Ammunition has introduced the .224 Valkyrie cartridge, a round that reportedly brings great ballistics and superb accuracy downrange. (Photo courtesy of Federal Premium Ammunition)

Drawing on its 95-year history of making top-end ammunition, Federal Premium Ammunition has introduced the new 224 Valkyrie round, a cartridge that is said to help shooters achieve accurate long-range shooting results as well as delivering top-notch ballistic performance.

With loads initially available in 90-grain Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing 60-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint, 90-grain Fusion MSR, and 75-grain American Eagle TMJ cartridges, the company says that its new 224 Valkyrie bullet lineup should work well for everyone from casual target shooters to match-grade competitors to hunters targeting small to moderate sized game animals like varmints, wild hogs, and whitetails.

Designed for gas-driven actions like the new Savage Arms MSR 15 (modern sporting rifle), the new round is said to bring significantly less wind drift and drop numbers as compared to other loads in its class. And even when comparing the 224 Valkyrie against bigger rounds frequently used by long-range shooters and hunters, the new cartridge features comparable ballistics along with significantly reduced recoil.

Based on a 30 Rem./6.8 SPC case necked down to .224 caliber, Federal Premium says that a round loaded with the 90-grain Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing cartridge produces a muzzle velocity of 2,700 feet per second (fps).

What’s more, the company says that it maintains a fast 1,950 fps at 500-yards and 1,359 fps at 1,000-yards. Company officials also note that their testing shows that the round remains supersonic out past 1,300-yards. (Editor’s Note: Federal Premium says that the above velocities are based off 24-inch test barrels with a 1:7 twist.)

Federal Premium also notes that while the 224 Valkyrie was designed for gas-driven MSR 15 actions, it’s also an extremely effective round when shot from bolt guns too. That should be good news for fans of long-range rifle shooting, especially those seeking solid performance at 1,000-yard plus ranges, all at a reasonably economical price too.

How economical? The new Savage Arms MSR 15 chambered for the 224 Valkyrie round carries a MSRP of $1,499. Coupled with suggested 224 Valkyrie ammunition retail prices (for a box of 20) that range from $31.95 for the 90-grain Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing bullet on down to the $13.95 75-grain American Eagle TMJ round, and the new rifle and caliber combination should be affordable for most shooting enthusiasts and hunters.


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