Utah concealed carrier rescues policeman under attack (VIDEO)

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Springville police say the quick actions of a concealed carrier helped possibly save the life of an officer who was being attacked.

“Had he not been in the right place at the right time, who knows what would have happened,” Springville Police Cpl. Cory Waters told the local Fox affiliate.

“But he definitely stopped the attack from continuing and becoming much worse. He might have even saved either one of their lives. It could have gone really bad, even for the suspect,” Waters added.

Derek Meyer, the man authorities are praising, told reporters he happened to be driving by when he saw police lights and a man attacking an officer, according a statement by police.

On Friday, the officer patrolling the area saw Paul Anderson, of Spanish Fork, Utah, inside of a donation box, so he asked Anderson to get out. Once out, Anderson kept reaching for his pockets despite the officer asking him not to. Then, as the officer spoke, Anderson began attacking him.

That’s when Meyer happened by. He pulled his car into the location, drew his gun and ordered Anderson to stop. That’s when Anderson ran from the area.

More officers arrived to the scene and about 30 minutes after the attack, found Anderson hiding beneath a flatbed trailer across the street of the scene. Anderson was arrested without incident. He was booked into the Utah County Jail for a slew of charges including attacking a police officer.

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