Media Continues The Lie That “Most Crime Guns Are Domestically Sourced”

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Media Continues The Lie That “Most Crime Guns Are Domestically Sourced”

Canada – -( On January 13, 2018, a bullet fired from a drug dealer’s gun ended 15-year-old Alfred Wong’s life. He died in the back seat of his parents’ vehicle as it traveled down Broadway near Ontario Street, another tragic victim of Vancouver’s ongoing drug trade turf wars.

Our hearts, prayers and condolences go out to Alfred Wong’s family as they cope with the death of their son and the horror now permanently etched on their hearts.

The Province reports known drug dealer Kevin Whiteside, the intended target, has prior firearms convictions and a court-ordered lifetime firearms prohibition order registered against him. On the day he died, Whiteside violated that firearms prohibition order, shooting back at his own killer.

Kash Heed, former B.C. solicitor general, said: “These firearms are from outside of Canada or they are taken during burglaries here in Canada. There is a market for this kind of commodity and most of that market goes to the individuals that are involved in gang activity or drug activity.”

Kash Heed is correct – drug dealers and gangs are the primary market for illegal guns. Therefore, police and government focus should be stopping drug dealers and criminal gangs.

Unfortunately, Kim Bolan, writing for The Province, offered misinformation instead of fact when she ended her column with this statement: “As of 2016, most B.C. criminals were getting their guns in Canada. Some were stolen from individuals or businesses. Others were bought by ‘straw purchasers’ – people not on police radar who are paid to get a gun licence and make legal firearm purchases on behalf of a criminal.”

Bolan perpetuates the myth promoted by police that most criminals obtain their guns inside Canada.

According to Calibre Magazine’s analysis of the 2015 B.C. Illegal Firearms Task Force Report, fully two-third of B.C.’s illegal guns come from outside Canadian borders.

The combined total of all firearms identified by the study, through any method, as having been domestically sourced totals just 377 of the 1,140 crime guns analyzed. That’s 33 per cent … a far cry from qualifying as anywhere near the “bulk” of crime guns.

As the 2015 B.C. Illegal Firearms Task Force Report data shows, one-third is a long way from “most.”

Bolan also fails to mention the “straw purchasers” are individuals easily tracked and prosecuted by police.

Two recent examples, Justin Green and Matthew Ward-Jackson, obtained firearms with a valid Possession and Acquisition Licence. Both men sold their legally-purchased guns to violent criminals. Both are now serving lengthy prison terms for their crimes, as they should.

Justin Green bought 23 firearms legally. He then sold them to criminals. Only an idiot believes guns sold to criminals cannot be tracked back to the legal purchaser. That’s precisely what happened to Justin Green.

“He [Justin Green] was discovered through the efforts of Toronto’s firearms enforcement unit after they found his gun at a crime scene,” said Crown attorney Erin Pancer. “Green’s the worst type of offender. He’s a trusted citizen who betrayed that trust by trafficking firearms and jeopardizing the lives of Torontonians.”

And he paid the price for violating that trust and is now serving an 8-year prison sentence.

Matthew Ward-Jackson: The 30-year-old Toronto man pleaded guilty last year to trafficking three separate firearms to Millard in 2012 as well as possessing an AK 47 automatic rifle. (Twitter, The Hamilton Spectator
Matthew Ward-Jackson: The 30-year-old Toronto man pleaded guilty last year to trafficking three separate firearms to Millard in 2012 as well as possessing an AK 47 automatic rifle. (Twitter, The Hamilton Spectator)

Matthew Ward-Jackson also legally purchased handguns and sold them to criminals, including the handgun he sold to convicted murderer Dellen Millard. He is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence, but with our 2-for-1 pretrial custody rules, only 5 years remain on his sentence.

Once more, violent criminals shooting each other in the street leaves an innocent young man dead.

Once more, politicians obfuscate the truth and newspaper writers happily dish out misinformation as if it were the indisputable truth.



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  1. Canada ,like the U.S., has too many progressive anti-gunners who know next to NOTHING about fire arms EXCEPT, only cops, crooks and pol. should carry guns. the hell with the unprotected citizen. Even the military seems to be disarmed.

    1. Ignorance, arrogance, or just plain stupidity.. Liberal Journalists of today no longer abide by rules
      of Honesty, Integrity ,Accuracy….Today it’s Lies, Fear Mongering, & Deception

  2. Trumps comment that the media is the enemy of the people might turn out to be true. Honest unbiased news from the media is desired. Biased, opinionated and non fact stories are not.

      1. Earl: you sir are absolutely undeniable right on those Winnie democrats want more government yet the government dropped the ball on the school shooting. More grossly over paid do nothing government.

  3. Canada, like many countries that at one time had Capitol Punishment in it’s law, did away with it, correct me should I be in error. A return thereto might be a good idea, the same thought applying to my own country, the U.S.A.

      1. Murders never think they will get cought. So “Sparkey” isn’t a
        thought that goes through their mind until they’ve been arested. That is too late to be a deterant. It is also extremely expensive to execute prisoners. It makes sense to end them. Reducing taxpayers expenses and a deterant to murder that doesn’t actually deter murder was the right thing to do.

        1. The only reason it became so expensive to execute prisoners is due to the endless appeals process applied to death row inmates. Reform should make it a one and done process (one appeal to be conducted within a one year period and your done)

        2. Right, I believe a killer should spend life in prison anyway. My son was murdered, and my wife and I talked about, if the killer was ever caught, would we want him executed or receive life in prison, and we both agreed that life in prison with no possibility of parole, would be a far better punishment. Although it didn’t make any difference, the fire inspector (my sons body, and all the evidence was destroyed by a house fire) was getting close to solving the case, and the crooked police chief had the fire inspector transferred off of the case, the police chief (who was being paid off by the drug dealer). So my sons killer was never brought to justice, but that is ok, because GOD will punish the killer on judgement day. Praise the Lord.

    1. I totally agree with Alan. If you take a life with a gun, in the commission of a CRIME, then upon conviction, you are placed in-front of a “firing squad” and are executed! Also, if someone is forcibly entering your home, car or apartment, they are invading your domicile (your CASTLE) they deserve to be stopped by any means necessary, including being SHOT! No one knows what an intruder is going to do to you or your family and protecting them is first and foremost the most important thing! America has got to allow the American people to be able to start protecting themselves without putting the “victims” in jail, for protecting themselves!

      1. Hang the bastards on the public street from a gallows like they did 100 years ago ! Let people see them do the death dance and then they will think before they shoot !! Now they are put in prison and get three hot meals a day, shower,TV, education, internet use and so on ! What do our homeless veterans get ??? NOT A DAMN THING !!!!!!!! We do not need more useless gun control laws ! If all the guns in the whole country were gathered up, which is impossible to do, people would just make home made bombs , which would do more damage !!! Mental health reform is what we need ! Get these crazies off our streets !

      2. That’s why I have had a RTC (Right To Carry) license for 18 years and i practice using my weapon constantly in order to be able to use it at a moment’s notice (because if you are going to defend yourself or anyone else, you better be able to hit your target, because if you miss and hit an innocent bystander, your defense of self protection is invalid), I hope I never have to shoot someone, but I have my RTC license just in case. Also I have legal insurance that I got through USCCA in the amount of $1,150,000 just in case, because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in prison, it cost me about $50. a month and I also get their magazine they publish, it might seem like a lot to spend for something you hope to never have to use, but if you don’t want to get the legal insurance, DON’T CARRY a weapon. Because not only is your legal defense expensive (and bankrupt you), you don’t have any guarantee, that any attorney you can afford will get you exonerated.

    2. Won’t happen. When the prime minister apologizes to an international terrorist whom was proven to have killed Canadian and US soldiers AND released with an alleged multi million dollar “settlement/apology” you know your leaders no longer have ANY balls to protect their tax paying citizens. Canada is all but lost, in years to come that statement will be proven time and time again. Thank GOD Trump is POTUS. The Left is just dedicated to destroying Western Nations. Look at Germany, Sweden, Norway, UK rape, violent crime is rising daily.

  4. any time the govt. wants to control firearms the general public suffers. The incident with the 15 y/o is strictly related to the govt on not being efficient in drug interdiction. Any time the govt takes away the rilght of self defense the crilminals will always have guns . Duhh

  5. Unbiased media is a watchdog for freedom, but such bias in the media serves to ruin their own credibility and makes themselves irrelevent. When the liberal bias is so extensive, it almost negates the validity of media across the board which endangers freedom. That’s precisely what the liberal politicians want and the lapdog media eats right out of their hand, and become their own worst enemy.

    1. Sad part is it isn’t always a liberal bias for some of the media. For them it is more sensationalism and knowing controversy creates that. They will intentionally create that controversy in order to get the ratings even if they have to create false or inaccurate reports to do so. Any one who doesn’t think media manipulates society or even politicians themselves look back at the real reason for the Spanish American War. Story created to sell newspapers and got thousands killed in a very real war that was unnecessary.

  6. I completely agree Sheldon. This will always be a controversial subject, and there may always be sad and unfortunate tragedies. The bottom line is that any Gun restrictions the Government forces upon the public will only hurt the “Law Abiding Citizen”, leaving them potentially defenseless like the Australian public is now. No matter what Gun laws are imposed, Criminals will ALWAYS be able to get the Guns they need to carry out their dirty deeds. Black Market Gun dealers will always be present, have plenty of customers, and most of them will be Criminals.

    1. Their customers better be criminals, because if they are not, what’s the since of buying an illegal gun, because you will never be able to use it, because if you do and the police ascertain that the gun is illegal (and they will) your just as guilty as the perp you just shot.

  7. Gun control equals people control.
    The biggest people killer is the automobile.
    If we had no guns we’d probably be speaking Japanese or German or Russian right now.
    I’m brushing up on my Mandarin Chinese just in case.

  8. Anyone who has any knowledge about the history of the 20th century certainly will not comply with any gun grabbing law including restrictions on ammunition. Without ammunition all a gun is is an expensive club.

    Over 160 million citizens were murdered by their own government(s) during that century which was the bloodiest century in mankind’s history. Some say as many as 250 million were victims. Exact numbers are not known mostly because in some countries very poor, or no reliable, records were kept. These figures are “not” counting the casualties of all the wars just those murdered by their own governments. At times for as little as wearing glasses or speaking more then one language. In all cases however, the leaders had some reason to fear those citizens and they intended to stay in power no matter the cost in lives as long as it was not theirs.

    Consequently, defying such laws does not make any American a criminal regardless of what government or a certain group of well meaning but ignorant people say. The road to total disaster is usually paved with good intentions. Keep in mind our forefathers defied England and the result was the greatest nation on earth.

    If nothing else remember the people who were murdered by the Chinese, Russians, Germans and all the other dozens of countries did not think their government would do such a thing either. They were wrong and allowing such actions as registering guns or shrugging off restrictive laws like the ammo regulation law in California. Claiming we can live with that law, can lead to some very bad things here as well. A very wise man once said “an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” He was right when he said it and is still right today some 240 years later. Once guns are confiscated like they were in Australia it is near impossible to get them back without a revolution. Any nation who trades rights to government for protections by government sooner or later ends up with neither.

    However, in the final analysis the question must be asked “are we as a nation willing to risk everything including our lives” when we give up our guns? It has been said power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is a long past lesson learned are we so naive now we think that is no longer true? When the right and ability to self protect is gone sooner or later someone with power will soon become all powerful. That lesson has been learned over and over throughout history. Confiscating the guns is exactly what the final goal is of these anti-gun people and everyone knows it. Those who do not realize it are at the very least ignorant! Perhaps much more! Mao once said true power comes from the barrel of a gun! When government is the only one with a gun there are no freedoms for the people.

    The second amendment is the keystone that holds the United States of America together.

    1. I have watched the laws on carrying, possessing, and owning guns change from the times I grew up in Pa. until now. As a young boy, in the 60’s, I remember boys my own age going up on Stormy Hill to shoot dump rats, squirrels, and rabbits. They carried the guns empty and/or “shotgunned.” Neighbors and police saw the youths and thought nothing of it. Try that now!!! Every law enforcement agency would be on them now, with weapons drawn; even in a small “coal region” town like mine. Some boys in school would traditionally go hunting with their fathers on the first day of deer season. The schools thoroughly understood the lad being absent. Now the parent would be scolded by the school, or be questioned as to why they allowed their child to engage in a “barbaristic” practice, by the local Child Welfare Unit. As I became older, I realized the true value of having the education I did as well as the teachers that taught me. They had strong opinions of individualism and Americanism. Not at all like the schools are now. I’ll get hell from those who read this, but the problem is us!!!! We need to observe our schools curriculum and even more, who is teaching it. We need to watch our civic leaders and observe how they lead. And we sure need to watch the nations leaders! This is allegedly a representative democracy. One might never know it, though. Do you feel as if you and those with like beliefs are being represented? Really?!! I was in the Army (infantry) during the 80’s and 90’s and saw how the military was perceived. American people actually stated, within my earshot, that the military was for losers, criminals, or those who weren’t able to do anything else. I swear to GOD!!!! Overseas, in Germany, it was worse. The only people that cared for us were the older ones that remembered WWII. Americans freed them, fed them, helped them rebuild, and gave them a stable government that they hadn’t seen since just after WWI. We were A OK to them. But when some of my boys went down town, they encountered young people in roving gangs and other local youths who saw Americans as outsiders. Yeah, after Desert Storm, it all changed. For a bit. Then it was business as usual, except no more street gangs wanted to challenge our soldiers. Flash to now. Our government sends mixed signals to our enemies and allies. Make no mistake, we went to the middle and far East again and kicked some ass. But we did not go into the problem countries that harbored ISIS and other enemies. Why? Guess you’d have to ask Generals Franks, Waller, and one or two others that were “asked” to retire after they suggested we (Coalition Forces) go into Baghdad and get rid of Saddam at the “end” of the Gulf War. I know; I was an infantry team leader at the time! Why bring those examples of failed policy up? To show that we as a nation had at least two chances to have a condition of peace in those parts of the globe, but had to go back and “clean-up” a mess that we left go. Why? Because of failed politics and allowing our civilian leaders to run the War, not the generals. The point is, America MUST BE true to its ideals and morals. We must be powerful in our stance and fortitude. Teddy Roosevelt said: “speak softly, but carry a big stick.” When was the last time we heard that from our leaders? My late mother and father heard those words firsthand. My father was an Army Air Corps (later Air Force) veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor. He and I talked many times about America’s role on the world stage. My father taught me that we cannot “sell out” to other countries in this world. We must stand by our Constitution, not second-guess it. It was very well conceived, by a body of our founders, who understood what the shortcomings of a Monarchy could breed. Further, what a supreme government “of the people” would entail. We have the best government in the world, only if it is run by the best of its people, not those who believe we are “confused and not in step with the rest of the world.” We don’t set the bar to become like others; we are the bar by which all others should be measured. If we seek to disarm our free law abiding populace then all weapons will be left in the hands eventually controlling us. Many hosts of daytime television, includlng certain “news and political information” shows wax endlessly concerning our nation’s failure at gun control. But, what do they say? Yes, disarm everyone! No, don’t hold judges, courts, or states that allow weapons involvement to be taken off the table to make a deal in the cases. No, take away probable cause because some politically connected fool thinks that the police are “profiling” instead of due diligence. No, drop the weapons charge because the felon didn’t actually use it during the crime. My guess is that newscasters had no one to teach them about those people who actually feed their family by hunting; that target shooting qualifies as a sport; or that shooting sports are in the Olympics. Most of all, America has not been invaded by armed peoples after 1900 not because they are afraid of our government, but because those people are fearful of our well armed civilians (militia?.) The Constitution provided for many events, including invading armies. The Constitution did not provide for a government that would become such a leviathan that it overran we the people, as well as certain inalienable rights guaranteed to a just and GOD fearing nation described in it. See, it is really us that must be vigilant toward an ever growing government that can and will ignore the rights of the people if unscrupulous politicians are allowed to. Like the man who commented before me stated: absolute power corrupts absolutely. Those who don’t have, want. Those who do have want even more!

  9. President Trump is correct that the biggest liar concerning firearms is the liberal media. I am a retired Police Officer and I had, and still have no problem with citizens who are properly licensed and trained carrying a concealed firearm, in fact I support it! The only thing a bad guy worries about is a victim who is armed and knows how to use his/her firearm. It DOES lessen crime.

  10. If all illegal drugs are a unavailable to those who are addicted,there would be much less crime in general. Am sick of the left media blaming firearms, the N R A ,law abiding citizens & all patriots who want to keep our constitution & Bill of Rights. Our 2nd Amendment is a GOD given Right .Wake Up AMERICA!

  11. If no capital punishment for violent criminals and murderers then make them bust rocks all day and be so damn tired all they’ll want to do is eat and sleep. No tv’s or recreational privileges.

  12. The Gun Control people are so easy at giving up right, Just like the world in 1939, With Gun control running Rampant in Europe. Where we got the Death camps like AUSCHWITZ, Just to name one There were others just as bad. I will not comply with any Gun Control laws………………….

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