Will Triggers Soon Make the Gun Illegal?

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While it is still pending a committee referral, Hawaii Senator Karl Rhoads’ (D) SB 2046 would make it a crime to own, manufacture, possess, sell, barter, trade, gift, transfer, or acquire a firearm accessory that can be used to increase the gun’s rate of fire. Such accessories include competition triggers, muzzle brakes, and ergonomic changes, all of which are modifications that law-abiding gun owners commonly make to their firearms.

If Senator Rhodes has his way, simple modifications such a replacing a trigger could make the gun illegal.

This is not an issue with the legislative process. Opposing views should be discussed and legislation should be introduced. At times, anti Second Amendment legislation such as this is good to keep people focused, involved, and united in our opposition. The issue worth discussion is the lack of truth or reason behind the proposed legislation. Senator Rhoads did not include any studies or research to indicate a ban on the aforementioned firearm modifications would decrease gun-related crime. Shouldn’t there be a desired effect other than simply being anti gun and therefore trying to capitalize by proposing legislation you know the majority of the citizens are opposed to?

How does this differ from the so-called gun show loophole or the dollars squandered when the ATF was directed to try to buy firearm illegally online as was reported by The Shooter’s Log recently? Why hasn’t the opposition at least touted the honesty of gun owners who refused to make an illegal transaction. It turns out, law-abiding gun owners are just that—Law Abiding, but we do not hear that even from the pro-gun legislators!

Is Hawaii Anti Gun?

SB 2014 follows a pattern of Hawaii’s anti-gun sentiment as of late. Last November, Hawaii police were asking medical marijuana users to voluntarily surrender their firearms and ammunition, even if they have not violated any laws or committed any crimes.

Gun with a red circle bar over it

“This letter is to inform you that under the provisions of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), Section 134-7(a), you are disqualified from firearms ownership, possession, or control of firearms,” reads a letter that was sent out to local medical marijuana patients. “Your medical marijuana use disqualifies you from ownership of firearms and ammunition.

“If you currently own or have any firearms, you have 30 days upon receipt of this letter to voluntarily surrender your firearms, permit, and ammunition to the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) or otherwise transfer ownership. A medical doctor’s clearance letter is required for any further firearms applications or return of firearms from HPD evidence.”

Get Involved

We have President Trump in the White House, and that is a blessing for the Second Amendment and the future of our Constitutional rights, but that does not mean the fight is on hold or others at a state or local level are not doing everything they can to infringe on our Second Amendment rights. Talk to an anti-gun politician. Listen to their arguments. Decide whether they have a legitimate reason in your opinion, or they simply believe they know what’s better for you than you do.  Ask yourself, do they even understand the issues or are they blindly regurgitating talking points someone else fed them.

Next, get involved and stay in the fight for the Second Amendment. Educate yourself and be politically active. Otherwise, your state may be next on the list to adopt a state regulation that requires registration of all firearms.

How have you supported the Second Amendment lately? Was it though direct involvement in politics or supporting pro guns groups such as the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, or others? Share your answers in the comment section.


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  1. No doubt you’ll scream “racist” over this, but it has to be said. If the Dems get their way and keep flooding the US with Third Worlders, firearms rights will vanish EVERYWHERE in the United States. As soon as white Americans are in a minority, the Democrats WILL have a permanent electoral majority everywhere. We will be dispossessed of all the rights we are entitled to and the United States as we know it will cease to exist.

    These people are not “natural conservatives” hankering to come to our side. If they were, their countries would look EXACTLY like the United States at its best. They bring their countries with them because the people and the nation are the same.

    We have to keep demographic majority, or be subjugated and have all our rights taken from us by force, our culture extinguished under an alien culture. If you believe in the Second Amendment, the only way to keep that — and our other rights — is to keep a White, English-speaking majority in the United States. Stop immigration (we’re full already, anyway — it’ll just be a giant slum on the prairie already). Kick out EVERY illegal. Vet the legals here and if they don’t add something significant to the country, expel them also.

    There are two roads — tyranny headed by Mexicans and Democrats, or a white majority and American freedoms. Pick wisely.

    1. The hard truth.
      The problem is, there are those who refuse to see, hear, or listen to the truth and change their ways.
      We have to worry about those ones.

  2. Don’t vacation in Hawaii or live in Hawaii. What a communist state. The people have no rites just what the State deems they should.

  3. Anti gun politicians are not interested in facts, such as whether a piece of legislation will reduce gun related crime. They are interested only in a political agenda.

  4. I once saw a news report many years ago on the borderlands of Pakistan. These people were manufacturing semi-auto and full auto rifles and pistols with mostly hand tools. The only machine tool that I remember seeing was a bench lathe, something like an Atlas or Craftsman. I also remember them putting pistol parte in a clay pot with bits of bone and leather to case harden them. At he end of the report they took them, an AK 47 and semi-auto pistol outside and fired them. So let them make all of the laws that they want, the laws only matter if you pay attention to them.

  5. This ‘Law’ that Hawaii wants passed is a blatant violation of the 2nd Amendment. Yes these “Bump-fire” stocks should be outlawed because they in effect make a semi-auto firearm into an automatic one but a better trigger that still requires it be pulled for every round fired or a compensator or suppressor? No, all that does is help a trained shooter shoot more accurately. This a actually a good thing for a trained shooter to have.

  6. The U.S. government is nothing but a bunch of criminals trying to make law abiding citizens into criminals because they obey the criminals in power fake laws! Ridiculous waste of time, resources and effort on a failed nation that should of sank to the bottom of the ocean in its attempt at conception.

    This place is a disgrace, a disappointment and an embarrassment.

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