Birchwood Casey debuts 2-in-1 Gong Target Hanger

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Birchwood Casey delivers the new 2-in-1 Gong Target Holder which offers a double mounting option. (Photo: Birchwood Casey)

The two-in-one Gong Target Holder is the latest accessory to sneak into Birchwood Casey’s lineup of target accoutrements.

The Gong Target Holder serves up a double mounting option featuring a steel hook on one side to hang a steel gong. The other side boasts a spring and bolt mount to attach a steel gong that will resonate with a little more sound, for a more “audible shooting experience” according to the company. The hardened steel hook is finished with a heavy duty powder for durability.

Mounting to standard dimension 2×4 lumber, Birchwood Casey says the Target Holder also works alongside the company’s 2×4 Gong Nested Stand, available separately.

The two-in-one Gong Target Holder is currently up for grabs from Birchwood Casey’s website, touting a price tag of $23.20. For those that want the full Birchwood Casey experience, the 2×4 Gong Nested Stand is also available online with a MSRP of $40.

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