Former Marine’s favorite products at SHOT Show 2018 (VIDEO)

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Andrew Bryant loves guns. He served in the Marines Corps, where he completed two tours in Afghanistan and rose to the rank of sergeant, and now he works at Battlefield Vegas as a range safety officer. Given his experience and enthusiasm, we asked him to make a list of what really took his attention at SHOT Show this year.

The first on Bryant’s list was MantisX, which produces firearms training devices that help shooters of all types improve their shooting mechanics. The system uses a small device that attaches to your handgun or rifle. It connects to an app you download to a tablet, laptop or phone. When you dry-fire your gun, the product analyzes what you did and generates feedback to help you improve. Bryant bought a MantisX a few months before SHOT Show, and according to him, it has helped him improve his trigger skills immensely. It retails for $149.

The next booth was Vortex Optics. He said he really likes Vortex because they produce high quality optics at an affordable price. He said Vortex is used at Battlefield: Vegas where they endure a great deal of use and abuse. According to Bryant, they stand up remarkably well. The company has a great return and warranty policy. One of the more exciting products Vortex is launching this year is their Crossfire red dot. It retails for $219.

The next booth on Bryant’s list was Under Armour where they were displaying the new Infil Hike GTX boots. Bryant thinks they look really slick. He tried them on and he found them comfortable. He’d like to pick up a pair although he does find them a bit pricey at $219. He also appreciates Under Armour’s new TAC Guardian Pants because they’re not too ‘tactical’ looking. Bryant’s a tactical guy, but he doesn’t want to ‘scream’ tactical all the time. He likes to go a little under cover sometimes. The TAC Guardian pants would allow him to do this for $70.

The fifth booth on Bryant’s list was Magpul where they were showing off the new Magpul Pro 700 Rifle Chassis for the Remington 700 short action rifle. There is a folding and non-folding version. Bryant thinks the chassis’s look really good and like most Magpul products, are likely very well built. The folding version retails for $999. The non-folding version will cost $899.

The last booth on Bryant’s favorite list was Sig Sauer. He really likes the new P365. It’s Sig’s latest offering in the micro compact pistol market. He thinks the little pistol looks great and feels good in the hand. At $599, it’s well priced. He can’t wait to give the P365 a whirl at the range to see how she handles.

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