Accu-Tac delivers Accu-Tac HD-50 bipod for 50 BMG rifles

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The Accu-Tac HD-50 bipod tackles the recoil seen in larger caliber rifles. (Photo: Accu-Tac)

Accu-Tac swings into the rifle party with the new Accu-Tac HD-50 bipod designed to support heavier rifle platforms.

The newest product to join Accu-Tac’s family of bipods, the HD-50 was crafted specifically for use with 50 BMG caliber long guns. The robust bipod boasts Arm Lock Lugs engineered to withstand heavy recoil. The bipod is capable of canting and comes with a sturdy throw lever to allow shooters to adjust tension and enhance locking on the cant.

With nine different height positions, the wide center on the bipod aims to provide more stability and strength when used with larger rifle builds.

The aluminum alloy build touts a minimum height of 7-inches with max height at 10-inches. Tipping scales at just under 27.5-ounces, the Accu-Tac HD-50 bipod comes in any color, so long as that color is black.

The bipod will be available from Accu-Tac dealers soon with a price tag of $430.

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