NEW for 2018: Brownells’ Line of Retro Rifles


David Fortier, Field Editor for Firearms News, sits down with Paul Levy of Brownells to discuss the company’s new line of Retro Rifles. Brownells has gone from producing retro accessories/parts, to furniture, and now complete rifles. The new, retro firearms are equipped with classic variations ranging from the years 1955-1982. The Retro Rifles line includes the models BRN601, XBRNE16E1, BRN16A1, XBRN1772E2, and BRN-10A, with more coming to the market this year. Brownells’ goal was to create replicas of much sought after rifles, and sell them at a reasonable price. The AR-15’s have an MSRP of $1,299, the .308’s are $1,599-1,699.

Find out more about Brownells’ Retro Rifles here.



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