Dallas Mayor Wants NRA to Find Another City for 2018 Convention

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Due to recent national events, the pro tem mayor of Dallas said the National Rifle Association should move its annual convention from Dallas to somewhere else, believing, “It’s not appropriate for the group to meet in Dallas in May because there’s so much gun violence in the United States.”

During a recent news conference, Mayor pro tem Dwaine Caraway said, “It is a tough call when you ask the NRA to reconsider coming to Dallas, but it is putting all citizens first, and getting them to come to the table and elected officials to come to the table and to address this madness now.” Continuing Caraway said, “At the end of the day, we need to connect the dots. The NRA needs to step up to the plate, and they need to show leadership.”

Currently, the 147th annual meeting of the NRA is scheduled for May 4-6 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. Moving an event of that size would be a monumental task considering the 80,000+ expected attendees and hundreds of vendors. According to reports, Dallas would lose out on about $40 million worth of tourism and related money that would be generated by the NRA convention.

Mayor Caraway’s declaration is somewhat out of character for Texas’ firearm friendly reputation. However, times may be changing. Two years ago at the NRA Convention, candidate Trump promised he would never go against the Second Amendment. Last year at the convention, President Trump promised the “eight-year assault” on gun owners was over, adding “You [gun owners] have a true friend and champion in the White House.” However, in the past week, President Trump has directed Attorneys General Jeff Sessions to ban bump fire stocks, and stated he would support enhanced background checks.

Pro tem Mayor Caraway, represents Dallas’ fourth council district

Mayor pro tem Dwaine Caraway

Pro tem Mayor Caraway, who represents Dallas’ fourth council district, said he supports the Second Amendment but also wanted tighter rules for assault-style rifles. How that melds with telling the NRA it needs to holds its convention elsewhere is beyond most. How that fits with Dallas has been a head scratcher to many as well.

“We should not allow people to possess assault rifles and weapons,” Caraway said Monday. “While we are worrying about terrorists, we’re living in a terrorist society amongst us Americans today,” said Caraway.

NRA Response

An NRA spokesman rebuffed Caraway’s calls, stating the NRA had no intention of moving its 2018 convention. “No politician anywhere can tell the NRA not to come to their city,” Andrew Arulanandam of the NRA told local ABC affiliate WFAA. “Dallas, like every American city and community, is populated by NRA members.

“Our members work in fire stations and police departments. They save lives in local hospitals and own businesses in communities, urban and rural, throughout this country.”

Are you surprised at the Dallas politician’s remarks? Is President Trump justified in his remarks or reneging on his past promises? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. As usual, the Pro Tem mayor has no idea what the definition of an assault rifle is, and preaching to all the others that don’t know either. It’s a stunt to garner votes and will have a huge impact on the Dallas budget when the revenue from the convention is lost. I wonder if he will explain to the public what city programs will have to be cancelled due to this loss.

    1. Semi-auto rifles have been around for decades, and the only difference is capacity. It is not the rifle that kills people. We need to work on why an individual’s mind would allow them to be so savage and cruel as to take the life on a perfectly innocent person. Some people have no respect for human life anymore. Sad. Really sad.

      1. Larry, The answer is simple. As a nation, we have turned our backs on GOD ALMIGHTY, and have let our government become government almighty. Our children have been allowed to believe there is no GOD and there is no “right” or “wrong”. You can do whatever you want and its OK. If we are going to stop the violence, we need to teach our children there is eternal consequences for actions. There is a HEAVEN and a HELL, and your choices here effect where you spend eternity.

      2. I spent 25+ years in the military and 14 years in law enforcement and never had to shoot anyone. I carried SEMI and FULLY AUTOMATIC and they never fired a bullet unless I pulled the trigger. “Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people. Hang in there NRA. The Mayor Pro-Tem needs to be replaced by someone who has spent time in a COMBAT ZONE.

      3. Actually semi auto rifles have been around for at least a century plus. So have “normal capacity” magazines and clips of 20 and 30 rounds. It’s not the tool but the mindset. Within my lifetime, I still remember when schools had shooting teams (at schools) and high school parking lots had trucks with rifles in the window racks. It’s this generation of entitled snowflakes that can’t handle life without therapy dogs, safe spaces, and playdoh. Life in a free society has risks.
        You can live a gun free country where only the military and high level criminals have guns. It’s called a police state and the price you pay for it is giving up a lot of your freedoms along with it.

        1. oh but you forgot TIDE PODS

          (It’s this generation of entitled snowflakes that can’t handle life without therapy dogs, safe spaces, and playdoh. )

      4. It is impossible to know what goes on the “mind of everyone”. Realistically, mental illness does not show itself, if it doesn’t want to be seen. It is naive to think those with mental illness and tendencie toward violence, will turn themselves over to mental help facilities, or seek treatment in other ways. If the mentally ill do not typically recognize, want help, or even know they need it. Defining mental illness is also a problem. It comes in every shape, form, and color. So many dropped the ball on Cruz because he had a record of treatment, and made obvious threats to shoot others, particularly In schools. Every agency from bottom to the top dropped the ball in every case.
        The NRA needs to stand firm and not cave to protests or to being demonized. This only makes supporters feel more strongly about their belief in the Secondment Amendment and the NRA.
        Wha a perfect time to ramp up membership drives. All of this NRA BS will soon blow away. It always does after the Left moves on to the next big issue. Let Trump be Trump. Right now, he’ll give a little to get a lot. I’m not worred. Our government will never come up with an answer to gun violence, or school shootings. Banning all guns is all they want, and they’ll never get it. Stand Strong..

        1. All these weapons of war they talk about,they are forgetting rocks and clubs,so they better come to my house.There are about 25 trees and a lot of rocks that could be made into weapons.With the amount of branches and rocks
          I could arm at least 400 people and they wouldn’t have to register them either. Any body want some free clubs and rocks?

    2. I might suggest the NRA to fewuest all NRA members to boycott Dallas any any firearm manufacturers and sporting good outfitters to stay away also

    3. Why does the MSM and the liberal Democrats always refer to an AR15 as an Assault Rifle…They have taken the 2 letters for this rifle (AR) to mean “Assault Rifle” which is incorrect…The AR stand for “ARMALITE”…the company that designed and first manufactured this rifle…An AR is a civilian weapon and not a military weapon of war as many leftist and Democrats have decried it to be…M16’s and their variants (full automatic) are weapons of war…AR’s are not a fully automatic weapon such as M16’s etc. AR’s are not used in military combat…An AR is a civilian counterpart (semi-automatic) which fires only one round with each pull of the trigger…However the left and the Democrats have used this terminology to demonized this weapon in an effort to ban all civilian semi-automatic weapons…leading to confiscation and the destruction of same guns…after such confiscation has been accomplished they will further their anti-gun agenda to confiscate all guns in this country…as has been done in Australia, Canada, and England and other European countries…All except Switzerland of which all citizen are encouraged to own and possess a firearm…If you can’t afford a firearm you may fill out an application and the government will give you one…a used military “assault rifle”.

      1. I think that it would be helpful for those who use talking as a means of expressing thought open up a dictionary and learn the meaning of words they like to use. You would think the word assault would cause a thinking person to reason out any dialogue that is used immediately after it. The term weapon should bring with it bought positive and negative images to ones mind. To be assaulted with a weapon does not bring guns to my mid at all. When I was a skinny kid, to be assaulted could mean anything from a punch, a push, or just verbal bullying. That is how it used to be. Then at 6’4″ and 235 lbs, the bullying came to a stop. I didn’t go around trying to get even. The assaults ended when I got bigger than my threat. A weapon used against me, any weapon, was an assault weapon. My size against the threat became my defense. It was obvious by just looking at me that the chances were that attacking me was a safe bet, just like gun free zones give security to those who prey on the defenseless. Ok, back to my point. Any weapon, clothes hanger, baseball bat, knife, car, roadside bomb, Ryder rental truck, or anyone who wants to make us less defensible can be considered an assault weapon. That’s right. Any individual who wants to remove my ability to defend myself or my family in any given situation doesn’t grasp the seriousness of their actions. My weaponry is defensive. I dont care how you see it. You lay your defenses down and I’ll do my best to help when you come in need. Dont expect me to jeopardize my family for your being weak and naive. I make no threats, I will not be threatened.

        1. Amen Slim, in fact the bills that politicians try to pass to outlaw guns could truly be considered assault weapons if not weapons of mass destruction. Too bad so many politicians can get elected to office without background checks and we wind up with criminals in office. Gun controls don’t protect anybody except criminals and tyrants. Ask them whose side are they on, that should give them pause, even thught they’ll just lie when they answer. Those who are on our side probably won’t even be asked the question, just the fact that a politician is for gun control tells you whose side they are on.

      2. Added reply to oldgringo… discharge,
        they send you home with the rifle you trained with, and used in the Military service, part of your severance package.

      3. Perhaps we should do exactly that here, in any event, we should have mandatory training and education for ALL highscool students, alongside a renued intense study of our constitution and the founding fathers. I will further stipulate that no non Patriot educators may teach in any public or private school in America and all Commonwealth countries. Thanks for your comments and if you agree, tell everyone. USA.

      4. Did the good mayor pro team check with, among others, business interests in Dallas, hotels, restaurants, service businesses that employ Dallas residents? One wonders. One also wonders as to whom or what it might be that winds this fellow up.

      5. Those countries are very small,comparaed to our country. Can you imagine amconfiscation in America? They’re aren’t even enough military to do a house-to-search search. The pushback would incite a war and the government knows it!

      6. There are too many people that DO NOT know the difference between a FULLY automatic weapon and a SEMI-AUTOMATIC weapon. You pull the trigger once on a fully automatic weapon and it will fire until it runs out of ammunition or you let-up on the trigger. The SEMI-AUTOMATIC requires you to pull the trigger to fire each shot separately. I guess it is the word AUTOMATIC that confuses people.

    4. BAN. THE. GUN is the cry of the liberal people however take that firearm ,load it and set it on a table and wait,and wait ,and wait .NOTHING HAPPENS, it doesnt. start shooting or anythig. How can you blame the firearm?? HELLO it is the opperator that makes it work…. if this is the thinking of those people,then cars should banned because they kill a lot of people and alcohol. Should be baned. because it kills a lot of people lncluding kids also ..TVs and computers also should be baned because they. teach. your kids how to those bad things…The only way to cure these problems is to bring back MORALS to America

      1. I am in complete agreement, the government has had 7 decades of controle and has pretty much made a terrible mess of raising our children. Let’s bring back God bless America, and teach our children the difference between right actions and deeds and wrong ones.

      2. I have four spread out around my house along with other firearms. They haven’t attacked me yet….. I just sleep with one ? open. Just in case they want to try some funny business

    5. First off……the NRA Convention is not going anywhere. It will be held in Dallas exactly as planned. Secondly, this is a pinhead idiot of a councilman or some such that thinks he is important because he has the title of “mayor pro tem”; he is obviously an idiot, and though Dallas may be s but more liberal than some other Texas cities, this dumbkoff does not speak for the majority. He is an al sharpton wannabe……..he is an idiot!!

      1. Tell it like it is… Split up districts so idiots can exist.
        Atlanta mayor years ago wanted to sue gun manufacturers back in the 80’s and they lost the Gun Show which has costed the city millions of dollars over the past 30 years… PS: He served federal prison time for kickbacks and mail fraud. The left runs the town with missing funds but they just vote in another left leaning thug…

    6. I agree …… Very sad and heinous crime, but it is individual Choices …. Not the Gun like they are trying too push ..AR -15 is not or ever was an assault weapon……. they will band this before they are don,and then the rest if we let them….it will not stop

      1. Yeah, and move to the south side of Chicago, let’s see if his attitude towards self defense changes when his family is not safe and he has nothing more than his teeth to defend them with,. Think it would change his agenda for him to see what the non elete have to deal with.?

      2. JohnThe so called Mayor should be made to put a sign in his front yard that reads ( This is a gun free home ) along with turning in his firearms and have no bodyguards. He sounds like a Clinton!!!!

    7. Why are we not focusing on the shooter=======they are the one who killed———if someone had used a car would we ban cars?

    8. I Totally agree with you and hope that if NRA has to move from Dallas I hope they move the convention to Oklahoma. WE can sure use the revenue here and we have many NRA members and supporters here. Yes I do believe that the back ground check system needs to be improved, but I also believe that we need to fix the immigration system as well and maybe we need to fire all of the FBI and start all over again with people the live up to the oath they take. I took an oath in the military and I still live by it. Quit babying all these pansies and start making them responsible for there actions instead of making excuses for them.

    9. The NRA is NOT responsible for what some evil minded kid did at his former school. The NRA did not send him information on school shooting or how to become a schoolhouse killer, the mainstream media did that. The NRA is responsible for teaching hundreds of thousands of citizens the proper use and handling of firearms and none of them to my knowledge have ever been involved in an improper shooting case.

    10. Gun owners, conservatives, 2nd Amendment and oath takers everywhere need to get out and vote. If you don’t get out and vote and get involved in defense of our Constitutional rights we are going to get what we deserve….!

  2. Why are you spreading half-truths like the liberal main stream media?? You should be ashamed of yourself!!! This is a tactic used against us by the left all the time!

    Thus is NOT the mayor of Dallas……it is the mayor PRO-TEM!!! Quit calling him mayor. Report truthfully and accurately…..not like some pinhead liberal socialist source that uses half-truths and innuendo to grab readers!!

  3. Total moron. Licking the toes of gun banners to get votes. You gotta wonder how he can possibly associate the NRA with ‘so much gun violence in the United States’.

  4. Instead of kicking the can down the road, the “Pro-Tem” Dallas mayor should use this opportunity to begin a fruitful and positive discussion. No one wants gun violence, but taking them away from law abiding citizens is not the answer. Blaming the tool and not the actor will not solve anything. We need to address the who first. Meet the NRA in Dallas. We are just freedom loving Patriots who love our country and our rights to be unhindered.

  5. Typical politician !! He was all OK to have the substantial amount of revenue flowing into the city a few weeks ago, but now that it is pollitically unacceptable to take our money, he wants us out.

    I seriously doubt it would even be possible to reschedule to a different venue by May but if it is I think it would be a wonderful thing to do so and NEVER plan on having a national convention in Dallas again.

  6. 2nd amendment was not designed for people to build an Arsenal. It was meant for people to protect them selves from the oppression of the crown. No ones taking guns away just trying to control there distribution.
    Get a grip NRA and all the other ultra conservative conspiracie freaks out there need Acid reality check.

    1. The Bill of Rights was written in 1789 and ratified in December of 1891, so America had already won it’s independence from the crown when the 2nd. amendment was written. The 2nd. amendments purpose was for citizens to protect themselves from the tyranny of their own government, since the founders were well aware of how governments can become out of control. There is no caveat in the 2nd. amendment limiting the amount of firearms one may own. It is obvious you are sadly mistaken on the nature of the second amendment and the founders intent.

  7. This is ridiculous! It’s not the guns that are killing people! It’s the people! It doesn’t matter what’s in the hand of the person it all comes down to what’s in their hearts and mind!

  8. Just another moron. What is “pro tem” isn’t that just a moniker for “ loser”?
    How do dumbshits like this get in his position?

  9. Oh wow be careful everyone one of my guns may escape its cabinet and go prowling around looking for some one to shoot. I will have serious talk with my guns to convince them to stay home with me instead. Leave the second amendment alone, you’ve already corrupted the first amendment by call burning the flag as being “SPEECH”. As I have pointed bout before, there is no cure for STUPID!!!

  10. I really hope the NRA moves the convention to an area that is less hostile to and wants the money generated by this event. Dallas must be flush with cash.

  11. Mayor is absolutely wrong but so is the stubborn actions of the NRA. It’s attitude and stubbornness has created an atmosphere of contempt from the very people it is trying to protect. It’s methods not goals are destroying all the good will it has built up in recent years. Today, for the first time, I am NOT proud to belong to the NRA. Do something intelligent to make sure only the good people can buy guns. That translates to prohibiting unregistered sales between same state residents AND stronger restrictions. Only ignorant gun owners are blind to the efforts of legislators to to that and worse. LEAD the charge for safety !!!!

    1. Dr Mark – there are reasonable gun laws in place. Most the time the guns used are not purchase legally or as in the case of the most recent school shooting the local law enforcement and the FBI totally dropped the ball. The reality is that criminals and those bent on murder will do so. Whether by gun, knife, machete or God forbid a bomb. I personally don’t own a AR- 15 but. isn’t a semi- auto pistol just as effective at delivering ammunition down range in the close quarters?
      I fear that once we start in denying one weapon or another or making accusations of mental stability claims without substance or without adjucation we will end up with the same system as old communist Russia.

  12. That’s great if Dallas doesn’t want their money to come to them. Bring the convention to Houston as we love the NRA and have zero time for knuckle heads like him.

  13. The NRA convention would be a dream come true for many other cities. They should move it somewhere else and let the voters decide if the Mayor is replaced in the next election.

    1. Mr. Mayor, It is a well worn cliche, but “guns do not kill people, people kill people”. Yes, the assault rifle is a deadly weapon, one that we defenders of YOUR freedom probably have armed and ready to defend should it become necessary. Should steps be taken to keep crazies like the recent teenager from getting ANY weapon? YES!!! But that is the fault of the government, the FBI, NOT the NRA or its members!!!! The system failed us, not the availability of a weapon. Additionally, sadly, we had an armed police office on duty who cowered behind cover and called for back up instead of going in the building to save the children!! Another failure, but one of human making – sad but true this does happen. I heard he resigned immediately!

      Be thankful for your freedoms which were won by Veterans armed and brave to prevent loss of those freedoms. They gave the ultimate sacrifice many of them and others carry the scars from defending you!! Do not be a ‘snowflake’ – you ARE a Texan for goodness sake!!

  14. He’s a coward and a mommas boy. No gun is ever violent. I think if democrats would quit killing people there wouldn’t be any crime.

    1. Thinking that you are very correct, wondering what we would find out if all the details and motivators of all these mass shooters were truely revieled. Best I can tell, other than the”jihadiests” all of them are left leaning demonocrats.

  15. Once again the NRA and its members are being singled out as being the bad guys. If Dallas wants the NRA out my tourist dollars will not go to Dallas. Nor will I rent another car from Enterprise since they don’t want NRA members.

  16. The DA (dumb ass) mayor would do the city a big service if he would crack down on Black Lives Matter. They are nothing but a criminal, murdering, terrorists group. Members of the NRA are some of the finest law abiding people in this country.

  17. i love my guns and shoot every chance i can! however if a city asks a major exhibitor to take their business elsewhere? im surprised the NRA being such an influential org. as it is doesn’t just move their show elsewhere, im sure there are more cities in TX. that would love to sponsor a show like yours probably for less cost? but if you’re afraid of no and like always fall back on the 2nd amendment which states gun ownership, however states NOTHING ABOUT CONVENTIONS OR SHOWS? i guess you can whine your way into Dallas thru some legal Trix? after all Trix are for kids of all ages! just saying Texas is full of other cities and it was only a mayor pro tem right? so let another town make some money, Dallas is evidently too rich for gun owners as im finding out myself

  18. I guess that the mayor pro tem thinks that all members of the NRA are a bunch of rednecks that just fell off the truck. WE AREN’T! News flash, he is uneducated about firearms plain and simple.

  19. If this fellow is really serious about moving the venue perhaps he should do a little math and come up with a number the city of Dallas is willing to pay out to all the vendors and the NRA to compensate them for advertising, shipping arrangements, hotels, last minute expenses incurred with finding another location, additional advertising of new venue, etc., etc. My guess is the liberal run city of Dallas wouldn’t begin to have the funds to cover the expense. Oh and by the way let’s just throw the rights of the people that do want it held in Falls under the bus!

    1. We have elected to many devil serving anti-christs and put them in a positions of power to make rules and regulations that is taking this Great country down. THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON GOD. I served 20 years in the military to keep our freedom. VETERANS WHERE ARE YOU “STAND UP FOR GOD AND COUNTRY”.

  20. What I see is is elected officials from the top down not standing up for what they told the voters that put them in office. Our society that is at fault so many broken homes children aren’t taught respect parents let them run the. So many children have no respect for teachers & law enforcement officers and such. Wake up America all of this starts from their up bringing so parents need to step up to the blame and help to straighten things out

  21. It really makes me sick to see how fast people are so willing to give up their liberty
    because of a shooting in Florida and that the shooter himself is not to blame now.
    but we, the gun owners are. Lets stand our ground and have the gun show in Dallas.
    Has any one checked into who is financing all those school kids to demonstrate when
    they should be in school? George Soros and Chuck Schumer and their cronies. They
    took advantage of this situation like stink on poop. I hear people say, why did God let
    this happen? God did not let it happen, man did. God has been taken out of school for
    a long time. Put God back in school, prayers and the pledge of allegiance and things will
    turn for the better, but until then, the Devil will have his way and we will keep going down.
    If these ill informed kids are the youth of our future, then I do not see much of a future.
    JD Moore
    For God and Country

    1. Amen and Amen JD. We had dozens of guns in the window racks of pickups in my high school parking lot every hunting season. Never had one school shooting. These shootings are the direct result of the liberal democrat culture that has infested our schools ever since they took God out of our schools. That is the only difference between my school culture and today’s.

      1. Taking GOD out of schools was first mistake, allowing assault rifles rifles ( 6 rounds firing without reloading) for anyone other than trained officers of the law and military was our second, not allowing TRAINED/WILLING teachers carry firearms was our third, gun-free zones was our fourth, lets not make a fifth!

    2. The Mayor pro tem is a your typical clueless African politician , he is more than likely reading from a prepared statement by out of state white liberals. The NRA should take the offers of willing cities after this like Nashville or many other NRA friendly cities.

    3. Add to that list of sponsors, Michael Bloomingbird, George Clowney and Fat Mouth Windyfry. The elitists are throwing all they can to take away our rights

    4. AMEN! like it’s been said many times, and not offten enough, the only thing that it takes for evil to win is for good people to do nothing! Stalin and Hitler had a sit down before WWII, And decided that the USA could never be defeeted from invasion and attack, that we would have to be corrupted From withen, and this is what’s been happening since the end of the last world war.. Almost all of the teachers and professor’s in the college’s of America are Communist simpethisers and/or socialism promoters. All you need to do is listen to the retoric coming from the students, our educational system has been corrupted From withen. As the two worst murderious leaders in the history of the 20th century of the Western world agreed to do in the last century, to us! These kids think that our founding fathers were evil men and wrong to found our Nation on God and freedom. That’s what we’re fighting,an army of lies and liers. Take back our schools and our churches and sound the TRUTH of REAL FREEDOM And What It TRUELY COSTS. Keep Fighting the Good Fight! USA!

  22. If I ran an organization that held meetings in Dallas I would send the Pro Tem mayor a note explaining how my firm would no longer hold its annual meeting in Dallas either.

    1. That’s exactly what I done yesterday. Canceled a two week training seminar in Dallas and moved it to Alabama. When the Hotel ask why I was canceling, I informed them to talk to their Mayor.

  23. Goodness, the lack of education continues to grow at all levels! ” We’re living in a terrorist society amongst us Americans today,” is just another way of stirring the pot and keeping us Americans in a constant state of upheaval. Guns are not the issue here, but in order to not take responsibility as well as accountability, they must point the finger elsewhere. So guns it is! I’m joining the NRA because of the lack of intelligence, fear and the inability for those out there who can’t think for THEMSELVES. I love and live in the United States of America where I have the freedom to choose a gun or not. I choose to pac!!!!!!!!!

    1. Way to go Sarah! Pistol Packing Ladies are my kind of Humans. Not to sure about the hard left demonacrats, what they are, not red bloodbought America, that’s for sure.

  24. “We should not allow people to possess assault rifles and weapons,” This guy is a squirrel. He reminds me of Maxine W. and Pelosi to make a statement like that. I don’t think that he knows what an assault weapon is and I know that he has no Idea what constitutes a weapon.

    1. First off there is no such thing as an assault rifle! With millions if not billions of rifles in the country I have never seen or heard of a rifle assaulting anybody including any of mine. Hell if they did how does anybody get out of a gun show alive?! Assault is a verb, the gunman assaulted people with a rifle! When will people stop using that term (including people in the gun culture) it only increases anti gun fools fear of guns. Never understood why so called educated people blame an inanimate firearm for killing people and think banning firearms is the answer. These so called educated people don’t think fixing other tragedies the same way. Some people drink and drive killing way more than firearms do. These anti gunners don’t blame the alcohol or the vehicle that slammed into the young mom in her minivan taking her family to a movie, and call for a ban on all alcohol or cars. No in any other situation the individual is blamed. Only in gun violence is the gun itself to blame. I dont get it! Until blame is put where it belongs on the perpetrator our 2nd Amendment right are in danger.

  25. The NRA is the foremost organization on the planet when it comes to firearms safety and education on the responsible ownership and use of firearms. Why these politicians cannot get their heads out of their bottom ends is a mystery. They play to the loudmouthed minority and lose their seats at the head of the table due to their stupidity.

    1. Cute, as an addendum, martial arts are the art of war.. and I will always cherish and choose the best tools for the job at hand. KEEP Fighting the Good Fight!! USA !

  26. What do you expect from a Liberal Socialist Democrat? I think voters should show him that he needs to move his politics closer to the “Bubble” Coastlines!

  27. Why would the mayor think that moving the NRA convention to another location will stop gun violence? This clearly a politically motivated request and has nothing to do with the mayor’s concern for citizen’s safety.

    It happening everywhere during this election year, that our elected officials want to stand out and make a name for themselves only in the interest of gaining votes at the polls.

    If this mayor was truly concerned, he should welcome the NRA and make it an opportunity for both sides to come together for dialogue. It’s going to take both sides if something beneficial is to come out of this tragedy.

    As for Florida and the FBI, I’d be looking real hard at what I did wrong, publicly stand up and take responsibility for the ineffectiveness in preventing this shooting. I would be as transparent as possible with the public to show us what they should have done, what they did not do, and what they’re going to change for the future and why.

  28. I am a life time member of NRA. I would think that their is some way to take leadership of fixing the way and to who can buy a gun. I heard the NRA speech the other day sounds good. But we need to stop school shootings.

  29. Your article is very misleading. Caraway is not now or never has been the Mayor of Dallas. The opinions Caraway voices are his own and nod not necessarily shared with any one else. The convention has been here before and just recently was in Houston. The anti-gun media is wrong often enough without you adding to the problem.

  30. Tell that pro-tem mayor to resign if he can’t stand the heat. A lot of other cities would love the chance to have the NRA convention in their city. The NRA is not to blame for these shootings.

  31. Mr. Caraway’s comments are the ramblings of an uninformed politician wanting to jump on the bandwagon when an extremely unfortunate and tragic event occurs. It is difficult to respect an individual who shoots from the hip using misinformed propaganda. His Dallas constituents can only hope that he takes some time to learn about the things he complains about.

  32. The Mayor needs to suck it up. How can you just walk away with all the revenue generated by such an event. Put the blame for 17 dead kids on the FBI and now we find out the schools resorce officer was aware of that shooter also. The resource officer should be charged with something since he didn’t even go inside the school. People who go to NRA Events get their firearms legally. This is a knee jerk reaction. Chrime in the USA is not going to go away. Enforce the laws that are already on the books. The bigger issue is mental health.

    1. Agreed, and the mental health of our youth is directly related to the absence of morality and basic instructions for what is right and acceptable for humanity in a sociaty, and what is wrong and unacceptable for a civilised people. I’ve watched socialism grow and and evil along with it, since prayers were taken from the youth in school.

  33. It is shocking to hear a mayor of Dallas, one of the biggest cities in the great state of Texas making such anti-gun/anti-NRA statements regardless of recent events….is he somehow blaming the NRA for the acts of a few deranged and obviously mentally ill persons who perform evil acts. And where will this attack on modern semi-auto sporting rifles end….if it weren’t for the NRA and other pro-2nd amendment organizations, there would be no end to the gun grabbers ultimate goal of banning all guns from the hands of law abiding citizens. When will the obvious be embraced that new gun control laws will never end gun related violence by outlaw criminals and when will common sense solutions like fighting fire with fire, like training then arming school teachers to protect the students, until law enforcement can arrive finally be implemented. President Trump should be applauded for him stating the same about arming teachers, but I’m disappointed that he is banning bump-stocks, not because I’m personally fond of the bump stock, but because once you open the Pandora’s Box of banning any firearm accessory, where then will the line be drawn about banning other accessories or even firearms based on the opinions of whoever is a future President or politician pushing their agenda. It’s a slippery slope once you go down that path. I hope when the POTUS says he’s considering having more enhanced background checks, that only means keeping heavily documented CRAZIES like the one who massacred those kids in that FL high school from purchasing guns by tying together criminal records checks with persons who have documented dangerous mental illness during the NICS check/ATF Form 4473 application process and addressing Federal agencies like the FBI ignoring reports provided to them about guys like him. Bottom line if the laws that are already on the books are enforced by all agencies/authorities and we start implementing common sense policies regarding safe guarding children like arming teachers and doing away with “GUN FREE ZONES”, we will see less crimes of this nature.

  34. We should not allow people…? Isn’t he a ‘people’? Of course he doesn’t have to possess ‘assault’ weapons because I am sure he and his office is surrounded by armed guards who really do possess assault weapons and so called ‘weapons of war’. These people have made hypocrisy a real art.

  35. He wants to piss away 40 million dollars income for his city?

    What an asshat.

    Come to St. Louis and deal with a female version of this guy.

  36. I know of no NRA conventions wherein a gunman appeared and shot up the place.

    I know of several- multiple places factually- declared “Gun-Free Zone” that we’re.

    Among those gun free zones are several schools.

    The old cliche’ is true: where guns are outlawed, ONLY OUTLAWS will have the guns. History has borne that out time and time again.

  37. My recommendation is to impeach this pro tem Mayor. He is clueless and being in Texas where people like their guns, how in the hell did he get elected? I think if you asked the people of Dallas they would love to have the convention in “their” city and the money that comes along with it.

  38. You are right about these “children”. If they are representative of our future leaders, then we might as well be prepared to do as kids of my generation were taught in school during the cold war and that is “to drop under a table and put your head between your legs______and kiss your ass goodby”!!

  39. I would question the judgment if not the sanity of a mayor who would abandon a $40M infusion of revenue into his city by refusing the business of a perfectly legal organization and its equally law-abiding members. It puts me in mind of the fools in the Maryland General Assembly who passed the “Gun Safety Act of 2013” in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary atrocity despite being told by Beretta, a company which had paid $31M in state taxes, that they would leave the state if the draconian law was passed. The law was passed and Beretta left, taking their manufacturing plant and the taxes they paid to Tennessee.

  40. Where the H do we get these ” second grade” Dim-Witt Mayor’s from… The Military are the only ones with “Assault Weapons” PERIOD. The other’s are just semi automatic look alikes. The Democratic Party continues to prove “You Cannot Fix Stupid”. This loser is in the same class as Fiensteer, Pissloser, DrunkardWaters, Commy Soras, Thumb SuckerSCUMner.
    Democrats “Real Agenda”. as they dance on graves, & use children, lie, will do anything to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Want Proof ? We had 2.5 million men,women, children killed & injured last year by Alcohol related accidents. Hear any DemonRAT say anything about that? Or let’s take a look at Malpractice. with another 250,000 dead. How about BIG Pharmy drugs that killed another 100,000. Do you hear a single DemonRAT saying anything about that??

    1. With enough training, every handgun and rifle can become an assault weapon. Come to think of it, a pocket knife, hatchet, ax, chainsaw, hammer, screwdriver, pipe wrench, etc. are assault weapons in the right situation. So I guess they also need to be banned.

  41. Communist Leader Nikita Khrushchev at the UN summit declared that America will be conquered from with in. His words resonate to this day in the actions of what I refer to ‘ The Borg Collective ‘ , i.e. the Democratic Socialist Party, to many Republicans, every Progressive Socialist organization, the Collectivist Media are doing the ‘ dirty work ‘ on behalf of the United Nations to destroy our Constitutional Republic, the Bill of Rights to the Constitution and namely the incremental erosion through the legislative process the Second Amendment at all levels of government. Despite what the Leftist say that no one is coming for our Guns…they are lying! The UN does have a plan to register any and all American gunowners to set the stage for Gun confiscation, period ! One constantly hears how great things are in the UK , Europe and Australia where guns are banned and that we should follow their examples. How well did that turn out for France on two occasions where Islamist crazies killed numerous people, where just by chance someone with a gun could have minimized the slaughter! One cannot legislate nor predict when and where Evil rears it’s ugly head to target innocents. Soft targets such as Schools are ripe for evil to wreck havoc, as they are ‘ gun free zones ‘ ! To say that the NRA and all law abiding gun owners are complicit in the killing of innocents is absurd , yet it’s the narrative the Leftists push everyday. It’s also the Saul Alinsky tactics employed everyday against anyone stand up for the Second Amendment. Case in point, the recent anti-gun Townhall hosted by the Communist News Network/ CNN , where the 2ndA supporters were demonized as murderers! There you have it folks ! God Bless America!

  42. Why has no one put the blame on the school itself. The want to keep there children safe then have someone there to protect them. 3200 kids at that school and one guard who did nothing to stop this guy. The school is to blame for not protecting there children. They want to play the victim when they know they have a person like this guy who has shown to be unstable.

  43. Really, Mr. Caraway ! Move the NRA convention to another city ? How about you move to Chicago where they ban guns and so called assault rifle’s ! You should feel safe up there. This is another attempt by a politician to get someone to notice him. I’ve been to NRA conventions and what they bring to the area is mega bucks and education. It’s the Vegas Shot Show for free ! I’m sure the hotels and restaurants are thanking you for your enlightened wisdom ! A statement like that will be played over and over on CNN (clown news network). The NRA didn’t murder those kids no more then you did. What’s next car’s and truck’s ? Stick to something that you at good (if there is such a thing). Put your brain in gear before your mouth !

  44. It’s already working the way CNN wants it to work and the Mayor of Dallas has just played into the Dims hands. Get the politicians to go along and then the rest will follow.

  45. Sheer nonsense!!!
    What safer place will there be than Dallas, Tx on May 4-6?
    A city filled with pro 2nd Amendment folks from all over this great nation will make it safe, simply by being there.

    Yes, Mr Caraway, we need to “connect the dots” as you say, but that should start with “How did we get to this disgraceful state in our society?”, guns are not the reason. Guns have been in this country since day one and, up until the past 30-40 years or so, we didn’t have these types of problems. The way we raise and school our children these days, leading them to believe that whatever they want to do is alright and there will be no adverse consequences to their actions, is one of the reasons.

    We, as parents, and schools, and our whole society, need to teach our kids right from wrong. Teach them that they will have to suffer consequences for bad decisions and that nobody owes them a damn thing. The media sensationalizing these horrid incidents only makes matters worse, too. It leaves these impressionable kids to think these actions are acceptable in today’s society.

    Yes, we need to “connect the dots”, but let’s start working on the root cause of the problem!!

    Jeff Batchelor
    Ponca City, Ok.

  46. Since when does a Mayor have the authority to DICTATE who conducts business in a city ? This is a Saul Alinsky political ploy for attention ! I guarantee Dallas will lose more revenue than just the convention revenue if they allow this to happen ! Do remember; most NRA members have jobs and spend money where they please ! Dallas will not be one of these locations !

  47. I am a retired Marine and a Vietnam combat veteran and I can assure you that I know what an assault weapon is. I also believe assault weapons do not belong in the hands of civilians, and “yes” I own both long guns and hand guns (no assault weapons). I pray to God there is never another mass shooting in the United States but if there has to be one I pray the target not be a school full of children but a more appropriate target like political entities who refuse to ban the sale of assault weapons to civilians or, perhaps, organizations (like the NRA) who contributed a reported $30,000,000 to their election campaigns.

    1. Victor thank you for your service but you are wrong on several key points.
      1) there is no legal definition of what an “assault weapon” is – it is a nebulous term invented by Josh Sugarman – look him up if you don’t know who he is.
      2) since it is not a legal term, how can you ban them from free Citizens? Assault rifles (as well as ANY select fire or full auto weapon) do have a legal definition and are heavily regulated and restricted, since 1934 which is actually before assault rifles were even invented. They are VERY expensive and require a BATFE tax stamp and local LE permission. BTW, only TWO of those that were legally owned have been used in crimes.
      3) While the NRA has contributed that amount over about a 20 year period – and that is at all levels of government, city, county, state, and federal, various unions have contributed something like $1.5 BILLION in that same period – so who is really trying to buy elections (which is what you implied).
      Over and out.

  48. Regarding mass deaths at schools, it seems that nobody ever recalls, let alone discusses, the Bath Michigan school massacre, now euphemistically called the Bath Michigan school “disaster” of 1927 wherein 38 elementary school children were killed. It’s recorded as the most school children killed in a single event in the US. Interesting how it’s being called a disaster rather than a massacre. A disaster implies accidental or natural in origin whereas this event was a carefully planed bombing. They don’t call what McVeigh and Nichols did in Oklahoma City a disaster. Just throwing out there that per the IIHS, last year, a total of 952 children younger than 13 died in automobile related deaths. Were it not for automobiles, these deaths may have been prevented (tongue in cheek).
    We NRA members need to step up the information campaign. Those of you with smart-phones should have a text file, easily accessible at a moment’s notice, of points and counter-points, and citations to articles and studies that debunk each gun-ban myth in order to engage in discussions grounded in facts rather than emotions and suppositions. For instance, there was the incident where knife-wielding attackers kill 29, injure 130 at China train station in March of 2014, no gun used there. Consider the case of the late Carol Browne of New Jersey, a victim of domestic violence who had a restraining order against her ex. She filed for the permit to purchase a gun, was fingered printed, submitted a list of references, background checked, paid the fees, and waiting for approval from the police. After more than a month of waiting, her ex stabbed her to death in her own driveway. Where’s the outrage? Anyway, you get the idea.
    We are NRA strong.

    1. If you go back at least as far as 9/11 you will see how poorly the FBI has done in keeping track of people on their watch list of very possible threats. I understand how our ultra liberal media would not do reports on these continued FBI failures, as it would jeopardize their push to socialism.
      What I do not understand, is why the citizens of these United States do not find a better source for the news without all the omissions and outright falsehoods that the liberal media calls news reporting.

  49. Let’s see $40 million in lost revenue to the city. I wonder how the merchants in Dallas feel about that. All this revenue filters down to thousands of Dallas citizens. I thought the Mayors’ function was to provide for the people. Does the Mayor think those attending the convention are a threat ? Perhaps he should research the cities who hosted the convention in the past and ask those mayors if they would host it again.

  50. I agree with President on banning Bump fire stocks and enhancing background checks (more in-depth) take at least one month to approve not 3 – 4 days. Law Enforcement and Mental Institutions have to do their job in reporting problem people to the proper Agencies. More gun control is not the answer – In-depth Background Checks will keep the wrong people from obtaining guns..


    1. Sorry Gunny but more “gun control” is EXACTLY what you are advocating with your comments. A couple of points will show why: 1) ‘bump stocks’ do NOT convert a semi-automatic weapon into a machine gun – in spite of what DJT has said. What they do is facilitate a “technique” – which can be done via belt loop or a piece of string. 2) what exactly is an “in-depth Background Check”? Current NICS checks do NOT take 3-4 days (you do realize that the “I” stands for instant). The only time it takes longer is if there is a delay, and especially not a month. All of the issues lately concerning ‘bad guys’ getting approved have been due to human error, not the system
      So would you approve of a 30 day waiting period to buy a car? a computer? How about kitchen knives? The point is the tool is NOT the problem, the end user is who determines if that tool is used for good or evil.

  51. Typical liberal looking for votes. Seems major cities are becoming nests for them,
    all looking for hand outs and support. Next, he will be wanting minarets for calling
    the faithful to prayer.

  52. This guy is definitely not a native Texan . I wonder where his original home state is , just as Sheila Jackson Lee is from Queens New York , but she claims to be a Texan . Assault weapons were outlawed in the 1940’s so obviously he has no idea what he is talking about .

    1. Agree that he probably is not a Native Texan but not regarding ‘assault weapons’ (term made up by Josh Sugarman) – there is no true definition for that term, which the libs love since it can be whatever they want it to be. Assault rifles are defined but they were not even invented until the later part of WWII (Sturmgewehr 44). The National Firearms Act of 1934 did NOT outlaw select fire or fully automatic weapons (think Tommy Gun) they restricted them but one could acquire them (with the tax stamp and law enforcement approval) then and still can. GCA 86 did effectively prohibit them, none manufactured since then are allowed to be owned by private Citizens. Consequently, the cost of those manufactured prior to that skyrocketed (think minimum of $10,000 – if you can find anyone willing to part with them). BYW, you will also have to have the BATFE tax stamp and local LE ‘permission’ – and wait for approval, currently at least 6 months and usually longer.

  53. This mayor is an embarrassment for the majority of Texans and to most law abiding Americans. As a resident of the great state of Texas I for one will never succumb to the Democrats/leftist elites use of “let no good crisis go to waste” as the mayor and the rest of the socialists (read snowflakes/Democrats) attempt to disarm law abiding citizens while at the same time retaining their security details carrying-ready for it?-the very evil looking weapons that they try and vilify law abiding citizens for having legally in their possession. The mayor of Dallas with the rest of the leftist elite will stop at nothing, including walking over the dead bodies of the teenagers in the latest school shooting, to eliminate your ability to legally protect yourself and your loved ones. They (mayor of Dallas, Democratic elites) will have the weapons to protect themselves with the rest of the nations citizenry helpless before them-their vision of the new “America” will have been realized and future generations will never know true freedom-government for the people and by the people of the greatest nation on earth.

    Having served as a Marine aviator for 23 years and currently an EMS provider with my local volunteer fire department I will volunteer my services to my local rural independent school district (ISD) to protect and defend those that cannot defend themselves and if need be give up my life so that others (teachers/children) may live. Semper Fi to Corps and Country-God Bless America

  54. He says that he supports the Second Amendment but he wants stricter control of “assault type rifles”. What are “assault type rifles”? He has no concept. The Second Amendment says that the right “shall not be infringed” and he wants to infringe those rights. The man is either an ignorant and incompetent Mayor or he is a LIAR and he does not support the Second Amendment. My question to him is, Which are you? I would recommend that the NRA quickly find a venue that will be more friendly and to heck with Dallas. Let them lose all of the money that the NRA would bring to that city. I do not believe that Dallas is a real Texas City anyway!

  55. Students and their parents don’t want guns in schools, yet they mourn the school staff, coaches and teachers that became bullet absorbing shields for them while NOT giving those same school staff, coaches and teachers the opportunity to defend themselves and their beloved kids…..Go figure!!!

  56. Fascinating to see the Mayor forget the fellow that executed his five Dallas police officers was not an NRA member…he was a member of a different organization whom His Honor welcomes with open arms.

  57. It’s not the NRA’s fault, not one of the “shooters” was an NRA member. They don’t sell guns, so what will this do, like everything else NOTHING! Just a way to grab attention over a tragic situation. The deputy in this situation did nothing to intervene and could have possible put a stop to it. Let’s do some common sense thinking and do something different. There are many suggestions out there, and nobody wants to even try!! So, “if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got” SO, LET”S DO SOMETHING!!!

  58. I thought this Mayor of Dallas was a Republican, but I guess I’m mistaken. I live in Texas but outside of Dallas, I can’t say for sure, but I think this man just made a big mistake, unless he is giving up politics. Because I doubt if Dallas citizens will put up with his BS, because as far as I know Dallas is conservative, not liberal. I know that the State of Texas is Conservative, because Texas has always been a Red State when it comes election time.

  59. Hmmmm, I wonder what the residents & merchants think about
    Moron mayor’s request for the NRA
    to relocate taking millions of dollars with them? Another well thought out
    Idea from the left.

  60. Every mass shooting in the USA usually has the same denominators , the shooter was mentally ill , he was in and out of the system (police incidents) ( mental health holds) , the government at any level had long been aware of their legal records or complaints, and the most disturbing The FBI had him on their “radar” . The firearm used was the last component in the failure of the system to protect the people. This Mayor pro tem (we hope) is just reading a statement from communist party central.

  61. Dwaine Caraway is the Mayor pro tem, which means that he is an elected City Council member who acts as the head of the city council when the ELECTED Mayor is not in attendance. He is not the mayor of Dallas and has no authority to move the NRA annual meeting than any other citizen of Dallas. He does not expect the meeting to be moved, he is just using this as a political talking point in the next election.

  62. He is a Dem. and media reported on Jan. 25 that he was being investigated for taking money from a local business man who is accused of bribing public officials. Looks like Dwaine may be in trouble and figures if he attacks NRA people will look the other way.

  63. The NRA is organization with the sole purpose of protecting our 2nd amendment rights. The ACLU simarly protects the Bill Of Rights.
    Sometimes both seem to go too far in the pursuit of those specific freedoms.
    Its not hard to understand why people who don’t exercise their 2nd ammendment rights are more than willing to give them up. Alternatively, it’s not hard to understand why a Democratic mayor would try to shift the blame to the NRA for political expediency.

  64. Did the good mayor pro team check with, among others, business interests in Dallas, hotels, restaurants, service businesses that employ Dallas residents? One wonders. One also wonders as to whom or what it might be that winds this fellow up.

  65. Since when are the kids, left winged idiots, experts on the word ASSULT, they are all Yellow News supporters. How many have ever fired an AR-15? A 22 long rifle squirrel gun, semi auto, that holds eleven rounds, can be fired just as fast as an AR-15. I guess that makes it a, RIFLE, NOT AN ASSAULT RIFLE, GET IT IDIOTS?? AR means ARMOLITE, NOT ASSAULT, that sold the patent to Colt Firearms for thr AR-15, PERIOD. Stop your whining a bad guy will always be able to get a gun, IT WILL NEVER END, NEVER! Only a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. Attack the NRA for what, because of your stupidity and does it show how un-educated your are and puts yourself in the idiot class! Want good American gun owner to turn in their gun, you volunteer to go knock on their doors, maybe just one door would be enough!! By the way how many babies were killed to day, ABORATED, just an excepted way to kill humankind. Where is your DAMN OUTCRY, WHERE?

  66. PRO-TEM mayor,

    Use some common sense here, your city will be much safer during that time. These people are law abiding citizens and are NOT going to need a problem. They will be spending millions of dollars on your community. Don’t let political pressure from the likes of Bloomingbird, Pelousy, Scummer, Hilldebeast and Soros lead you by the nose.

    Stop blaming the NRA for the actions of lunatics taking seriously strong, mind altering medications being over prescribed by so called “medical professionals”.

    You have many, many more people that have died from automobiles in the DFW area than all gun crimes combined. So when are you going to demand the auto manufacturers leave your city and call for the banning of cars and trucks?

    If you truly are a second amendment supporter, then you should know the difference between an assault rifle and the modern sporting rifle such as the AR-15.

    Don’t speak out of both orifices at the same time because the people won’t know if you have bad breath or are suffering from severe flatulence.

    1. Obviously his is anti-gun and a liberal left democrat. He probably will not admits to that, but his actions speak louder than his words. ?

  67. Were I a betting man with money I would make enough to pay off the National debt betting this Temporary Mayor is a Democrap. I would also win billions if I bet he blames the guns for all this school shootings instead of the person who did the Shooting.

  68. Goodness, the lack of education continues to grow at all levels! ” We’re living in a terrorist society amongst us Americans today,” is just another way of stirring the pot and keeping us Americans in a constant state of upheaval. Guns are not the issue here, but in order to not take responsibility as well as accountability, they must point the finger elsewhere. So, guns it is! I’m joining the NRA because of the lack of intelligence, fear and the inability for those out there who can’t think for THEMSELVES. I love and live in the United States of America where I have the freedom to choose a gun or not. I choose to pac!!!!!!!!!

  69. This guy is not a true Texan to start with. He is no more than a chicken, just like the so called policeman that was to chicken to do his job. My son (a deputy) has been through the door first more than once. Unfortunately, few people that are on the other side read our posts, nor they do not want to be confronted with true facts anyway. Go biblical in public with these cowards after a shooting, i.e. the father(s) of the dead get to throw the first stone and then the public goes at it. How often do ya think these freaks would come after their fifteen minutes then. I lost my mother at an early age, was shuttled to relatives across the country for a couple years because my father was Army back then, and there were no single parents in military back then. I was bullied in school because of short hair (military father) and scars from the wreck that killed my mother. I got through it and never wanted to kill any of my class mates, which eventually became my friends, as we GREW up. I then joined the military and defended your and my right to have the legal weapons we own. MOLAN LABE!

  70. The NRA should go ahead and leave Dallas behind and not to convene there again. I agree that the NRA should not be pushed away, but when there is that type of ignorance in their city offices, they don’t deserve the convention. That is why I will not be there.

    1. Why leave? That would be a win for this bought and paid for mayor. Just ignore him. He will get so much grief from his second amendment hating base, he won’t have time to count the “wink wink” donations.
      When a bird craps on your car you don’t get rid of the car. You recognize the piece of crap for what it is. Deal with it and move on.

  71. For those of us that put our lives on the line in the United States Military are pretty sick to our stomach reading this article. I put 20 years of my blood, sweat and tears into the USMC. I know that I fought to keep our freedoms, and sometimes people do things that I can’t for the life of me understand. Our politicians have lost something that our founding fathers had in abundance. It’s called integrity and honor. They have fallen to the monetary pressures of the special interest groups without thinking through the consequences of their actions. They only focus on the padding of their bank accounts. Everything that they do out of greed weakens this great country of ours. I agree that until they bring God back into our schools along with the pledge of allegiance, were never going to regain the integrity in our children and the future of our society.

  72. Next time you hear the term “assault rifle” ask the speaker to define the term. It’s really tragic that 17 adults and children were murdered in Florida. But the Democrats who are calling for gun bans are the same people (I use the term loosely) who brought us Roe vs. Wade. Since that Supreme Court decision, more than SIXTY MILLION BABIES HAVE BEEN SLAUGHTERED BY ABORTIONS. That’s more than the most heinous person in the world, Josef Stalin, killed in WWII. He only killed forty million. And the Democrats get all weepy about 17 in Florida. I guess the Dems get the gold medal for most hypocritical low-life scumbags on Earth. Anyone disagree?

  73. I seem to recall 5 Dallas PD killed at a BLM protest, I’m willing to bet the BLM are still welcome there. As far as current events go, start the blame at the school and not the gun used…if they are anything like our area, they have a $ million scoreboard on the football field and underspent on campus security

  74. CPAC speakers said it like it is in calling out the left on their sinister, devious agenda. Then Republican leadership true to their pedigree, fold to the lefts manipulation of an awful tragedy. Following our emotions and not the truth is destroying our nation. Conservatives must reclaim our language and restore the true meaning of our words. We are willing victims to the lefts bullying tactics. We need to quit drinking the cool aid socialism is feeding our nation.

  75. To paraphrase a Founding Father, Those who would give up their Freedom for a little security deserve neither. The whole idea of the Second Amendment is military grade weapons. 1770’s = Brown Bess-three aimed shots a minute, colonial fowler -one aimed shot per minute. Only the foolish would believe that once they get the semi-auto banned they will go after something else next.
    That is the way socialist democrats and liberals work. The government doing its job would help a lot, but the democrats usually have them too busy trying to dig up something on the other side.

  76. I’m personally sick of people and our government thinking stricter requirements are the answer !! It’s not wake up people!! It a criminal wants a gun of any kind he’s going to get it one way or another !! Is changing the locks on your house going to keep a thief out ? NO only thing a lock does is keep an honest man honest, if a thief wants in he’s gonna get in regardless of your locks and stuff !!! Same theory applies to guns, if a criminal or someone intending to do harm wants a gun they’re going to get one and it’s not going to be by legal restricted means !!! WAKE UP PEOPLE !!! The saying is still true “GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE SHOOTING THE GUNS DO !!!!”

  77. Obviously, there are a lot of voters who are idiots who voted for this moron. This reminds me of the fools who drove Detroit into the ground. Las Vegas would be happy to take away the 46-50 million dollars from Dallas. It is all business! Go where you are wanted. That is the ultimate revenge. I moved my company out of the Chicago Area years ago, because they punished us for actually manufacturing dental products. We are in Ely, Nevada, now, where we are wanted!

  78. I get sick of hearing all the whining about assault weapons and weapons for war and guns made for killing
    A large amount of ammo that is available has military full metal jacket projectiles Geneva convention (humane) designed to take soldiers out of battle not cut them in half like most expanding projectiles used in most hunting rounds for terminal stopping of large game animals
    As many veterans can attest some gunshots are survivable when shot with that type projectile The prognosis is not so good with hunting rounds with expanding projectiles
    So banning military type weapons would likely have mentally defective people using more lethal ones with very little chance of surviving an attack

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