120,000,000 Gun Owners Need to Hang Together, or will Hang Separately

Second Amendment

Gun Confiscation

U.S.A.-( There’s an old joke. That 120 million gun owners who own 400,000,000 guns with a stockpile of 2 trillion rounds of ammunition were the problem, you’d know it.

Today we are the target. The established left hates us. The leftwing media blame us for Donald Trump’s election, and they intend to punish usfor it. Make us pay for preventing their push towards globalism. To them, gun owners are Neanderthals who hold back the nation and our social evolution.

What the left does not value is the belief in individual and God-given rights. Where as we, the American Gun owner, are the most law-abiding and honest individuals in the country who simply want to be let alone.

Let me make this plain. We don’t want this fight… but, the left does.

The left will be relentless, they have called for appointing judges that will nullify the 2A, ban guns and then confiscate guns. They blame the NRA for things they have not done. They lie and misrepresent facts to make their false arguments work.

So things and news changes fast. But as of now here is what we know now:

  • A close acquaintance of the shooter notified authorities, days before the event, of  what was going to happen. Nothing was done.
  • The FBI dropped the ball on this one, as they did earlier this year. So let’s blame gun owners and the President.
  • The police were at the shooter’s home 39 times over the last few years, and no one thought to investigate further. So let’s blame the NRA.
  • The you-tube posting and videos were ignored by law enforcement. So let’s repeal the 2nd Amendment.

The left disregards the fact. Anything that gets in the way of their blaming gun owners needs to be ignored or swept aside. The same old script from the left. Never let a crisis go to waste.

Their goal is the confiscation of firearms and the disarming of the American populace.

This fight isn’t going away anytime soon. I’ve seen the numbers on gun owner turn out from November 2016 and know how we shook up the results. Without gun owners turning out in droves Hillary would be President, and your rights would be striped from you as we speak.

So subscribe to the NRA email update and stay informed. While I favor the NRA, pick a pro-gun group and support them.

Learn from putting money away for retirement a little now or a lot later. Get involved now, and let’s fight to preserve our rights and strangle the left’s war against our rights!

Call your congressperson. Write your local paper. Go to your local politico’s Facebook pages and POLITELY voice your support for the 2nd Amendment.

120,000,000 gun owners united cannot be defeated. Fight now to preserve your rights.

About Don McDougall:Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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    1. What about cars, knives and 2×4′ all of which and meney more are used every day to kill fare more people each year then Assault Rifles do (what ever that means). It is crazy because in NYC they passed a law that if a rifle has one of 3 criteria it was an assault rifle. I had a 1903 Springfield, it met one of the criteria so it was banned, you know which one it met? I’ll tell you it had a bayonet lug, other then that it was no different than any other hunting rifle. It had a 5 shot fixed magazine (meaning you could not add a detachable one), it was bolt action so you had to pull the tiger then manually cycle the bolt to load the next round. Also it was almost 3ft +tall without bayonet. As the name implies it was designed around 1903 and the one I had was made in the 1930’s. The term assault rifle wasn’t even coined until the 1960’s. Due to politicians stupidity I had to sell it. Maybe this time you find a way to pinalize the guilty and spare the guiltless.

    2. inanimate objects are not the problem … out of control undisciplined kids with no respect are the problem – when fools unprepared for parenting breed demons are born

    3. It is only an assault rifle when making an assault. Any weapon can be an assault weapon even a leafe rake. Only when you asault some does it become a assaut weapon.

  1. We should encourage all gun owners we know to not do business with companies that boycott discounts to NRA members. These are essentially businesses that have a problem with the constitution. 80 million American gun owners can make a dent in their liberal profits. You can be sure these outfits don’t donate to conservative candidates. I’m dropping my New York Life ins. and finding another carrier. Long live the Republic!

  2. Oh My ! Banning bump stocks, raising the purchase age to 21 will absolutely stop mass murder, right ? Has everyone in DC lost what little mind they have left ? We know it, they know it won’t make a difference at all. It’s just another chip taken out of the 2nd Amendment & that’s all. And by the way, will the Military raise the age to 21 for combat? I think not..The FBI/Local authorities were contacted early(& many times by credible sources). Did they act?
    Why Not?? It has come to light >They are a major part of the problem<
    If you have wolves in the area, do you leave the sheep unguarded? Or create another "worthless law” to protect your “rear” rather than the sheep? How about "Positive Armed Security" system? Something feels re-visited here folks..
    The Soros funded Democrats have a “Real Agenda”. They immediately danced on graves of our children, lied, & proven will do anything to destroy the 2nd Amendment. They continue to run interference for sensible solutions, & this is why nothing will be done curbing another shooting.

    1. Left wants all under the global tainted thumb from Hell. MSM won’t report what’s going on in Europe & Canada. Have friends in uk & france & canada. They can’t even speak truth anymore. The global take over is real & peeps better wake the Hell up. So damn pissed & damn sad

    2. You are So Right, that is the Whole Intent of the Leftist Gun Grabbers, to Disarm the Citizens of the US so that the United Nations can implement the “Small Arms Treaty” that Obama sediciuosly signed, and to Impose their “New World Order” agenda w/o the Ability of Americans to Fight For Our Sovereignty…The Dems Fully Intend to Abolish our Right to Protect Ourselves by Taking Our 2nd Amendment…How Else would they Have The Ability to Herd Us Into Fema Dearh Camps.???

      1. Unless we can get ahead of this, there will be a shooting civil war like Russia a hundred years ago. The Soros socialists will not do it themselves but, push our cops and soldiers at us. Unless they stand up for what is right under our constitution we will have to fight them. I really don’t want to have to kill cops and soldiers to save our country for our children. I would rather stand with the righteous people.

    3. On top of their not responsible till they’re 21? If they can’t be at 18, they won’t at 21, but hey they’re responsible enough to vote?!? It’s all because of the leftard laws on education that these kids are the way they are. The illegals take away jobs what was traditionally the kids did to start learning to prepare for the real world and be responsible. There is no discipline for kids now days, when a kid can curse a teacher out and the teacher sends little Jaun to the principal, the teacher is in the wrong or if teacher protects their self from an attack they’re fired. It’s all BS now days. IMO all kids after high school should do 1 year in a military style school where the learn responsibility or they can do lots of push-ups.

      1. Almost right, not military school, not 1 year. After high school 2 year mandatory hitch in the military male and female. Then if they want they can go on to college or do whatever fine. Advantages I envision:

        stupid snowflake beaten out of them, discipline, work ethic, less division with common experience, everyone knows how to handle a weapon and they aren’t scared of them, all politicians have a common base experience for when they pass legislation (over time), all presidents will have served to know what it means to send kids into a war.

        Sure there are details to workout but the upside would be worth it. Less unemployment, less poverty, less crime, less homelessness, less welfare and food stamps, less obesity, less health problems, I don’t know? A lot of these problems stem from a lack of discipline, work ethic and a strong father figure (GOOD drill sergeant?). But I don’t think anyone could know or envision all the benefits that could be had from this kind of program. After all we have to do something right? This is my suggestion, am I full of it? I don’t know. But I do know no one would mess with a country of 300+ million people who were military and ex military, now that’s an army! This is my $.02.

    4. Well stated. It amazes me how some people think. They are being brain washed on the real issues and truth. Whatever happens in this country, it has to be the gun owners. Nothing could be further from the truth. It makes me sick and saddened that people can be manipulated that easily. People also need to educate themselves on who they blame. The NRA does a lot of good. Their main purpose is not to sell guns. It’s to protect our rights as well as the things they offer. Life Insurance, accidental death insurance, lawyer assistance, training RESPONSIBLE gun owners, educating our youth, supporting many charities that have NOTHING to guns, and so much more. I know. Believe me I know.

      1. Almost right, not military school, not 1 year. After high school 2 year mandatory hitch in the military male and female. Then if they want they can go on to college or do whatever fine. Advantages I envision:

        stupid snowflake beaten out of them, discipline, work ethic, less division with common experience, everyone knows how to handle a weapon and they aren’t scared of them, all politicians have a common base experience for when they pass legislation (over time), all presidents will have served to know what it means to send kids into a war.

        Sure there are details to workout but the upside would be worth it. Less unemployment, less poverty, less crime, less homelessness, less welfare and food stamps, less obesity, less health problems, I don’t know? A lot of these problems stem from a lack of discipline, work ethic and a strong father figure (GOOD drill sergeant?). But I don’t think anyone could know or envision all the benefits that could be had from this kind of program. After all we have to do something right? This is my suggestion, am I full of it? I don’t know. But I do know no one would mess with a country of 300+ million people who were military and ex military, now that’s an army! This is my $.02.

    5. New York Life, is NOT a good company to deal with. And the gun haters would much rather change the voting age to 12. You can be 18 to vote, or join the military, but 21 for anything else. When are these 18 year olds going to wake up?!

  3. American Gun Owners and Second Amendment supporters should immediately begin national boycotts of all organizations which have just recently indicated they do not support you, your rights and don’t want your business. Rental car agency Hertz is one–rent from those who are willing and publicly still offer discounts to NRA members. Motel and Hotels, one being the Wyndham Worldwide have also decided they care little for you or your business…they have decided to blackball you and your family just because you are an NRA member. Two can play the same game…they expressed disdain for you…shop somewhere else. I will make a note of every business that expressed such un-American and anti-Second Amendment beliefs and will never step across their godd for nothing thresholds again. I will spend ,y hard earned money with friends–not the ENEMY!

    1. You can share on Facebook. Simply paste the URL into a new posting in the “What’s on your mind” box at the top of your page and the entire article will show on your page. You can even put in an introduction, or add notes for your readers. I just did, as I do often for good articles. Since you are simply forwarding the article to your readers and it still contains all of the credits and source materials, it doesn’t fall under “intellectual theft” laws. (Intellectual theft” is when you take credit for the work of someone else.)

      Keep an eye on it after you post though. Facebook likes to drop conservative articles as being spam, or for some other lame excuse. If they do, you’ll get an email saying so. Simply reply to the email that it is NOT whatever they say it is and they will retract their objections. They try to block conservative dialog, but back down when their bluff is called because of all of the heat they have been facing for their tactics.

  4. They tell the kids if they see something suspicious or hear anything, report it , which they did, but no one did anything about it. So they want to take away guns from the law-abiding citizen,but not the criminal.All the big cities are filled with illegal guns in the hands of teens and gangs but I don’t hear any liberal politician saying anything about that. They’re to worried about profiling someone instead of having random street checks for weapons. If you want to assure the safety of our school children, turn it over to the NRA, they will fix the problem immediately.

  5. Has anyone ever been born with a gun of any type in their hand at birth? In case there is someone out there who does not know the answer look no further, the answer is no. A man or woman must be taught, either through practice, and reading, etc. What is the difference between the police officer and the ordinary citizen when it comes to guns, nothing but the police were taught, can an ordinary citizen be taught the same thing? Yes!!! Are the police any different, we all have a mind, hands, feet, eyes, a tongue, etc. So I believe that if the proper people ask for volunteers who are willing to take the same training as a police officer and pass all of the same background checks a police officer then why could they not do what the police does in relationship to guns? The question then is: Can a person be taught to use a gun in a safe manner, and learn the same skills as a police officer? If you say no then tell all of us why? If a gun kills people then the fork makes you fat!!
    One more question, where must a child be first be taught? Home!!!
    Read Psalm 127:1-5

  6. on 9/11, 3000 innocent people were killed without a single shot being fired. Where is the outrage? Thousands of teenagers are killed every year in automobiles. Where is the outrage?
    Guns are not the problem…HATE is the problem. Gun control won’t fix that.

  7. The only way to get the left to back off if a case action suit can be filed against the libtards in DC as they are infringing on the 2A and have the end result be another 200 years of the 2A being left alone. you get 120 million gun owners on that case action and DC will have no chance at all being able to continue to kill the 2A.

  8. I encourage all gun owners to take to social media especially Twitter and Facebook and educate liberals wherever you can has two the benefits of responsible gun ownership. Also inform them. Tyrants love sheep without guns.

  9. After every horrible shooting whether in churches, our schools, shopping malls I ask myself
    what gun law would have prevented this shooting….I truly do not visualize any law that would
    have prevented the tragedy. A total ban and confiscation of all guns will only leave the criminal with a gun. That thought is not a myth but a fact. Attempts at total bans and confiscation will instantly make tens of millions of Americans criminals after the time of volunteer surrender has
    Like many attempts by our law makers one is left wondering where has common sense gone..??

  10. We went thru one American revolution. If the left doesn’t stop, they may get something they haven’t thought about. We fought people that wanted to control us before, and, we can do it again. I really hope that it doesn’t come to that, but, if you kick a sleeping dog , long enough, he’s gonna wake up, and, when he wakes up, he’s gonna be mad. If they think that 35% of the people are going to control the other 65%, then, they are smoking too much of the stuff they grow in California. I’m pretty sure that the 65% wouldn’t mind building the left their own private piece of paradise in the middle of the ocean, and relocating them, at little to no charge. Then they could have their own little private country, where guns would only be used by the people that would try to take them off the island. Not, That , that would ever happen, cause they would be , really safer, without guns. P.S. Please take Van Jones with you, Please !!!

  11. Yes the main purpose is to disarm the citizens of this country so we can’t take back our government, that’s what this is all about and it is getting to a critical point when this may be the only option. It is sad to say that most of congress are out to line there own pockets, it is so obvious and they don’t even try to hide it anymore. The FBI is a joke. If we don’t protect ourselves and our 2 nd amendment rights we are at the mercy of our corrupt government.

    1. I don’t really like the way this article was headed it is the opposition that needs to hang and should of long ago before they were responsible for so many deaths and expense. We need to stick together and become even more vocal and get into action.

  12. Unless you want to stare at your “smart” television screen and shout “Long Live Big Brother”, Join the NRA and support Citizens United. These are the two organizations that made unlimited donations to the Republican Party possible through their Supreme Court actions. Without them, especially the NRA, we would be on our way to looking like Venezuela , then North Korea. Stop being penny-wise and pound foolish and put your money where your mouth is!

  13. Americans being armed helps discourages the enemy to come here and fight us. We stand armed and ready! Tell the Leftists hands off the 2nd Amend. They better start thinking about arming themselves to protect themselves and families. Trump is doing the right thing. We veterans know how to handle a gun and shoot if needed.

  14. When the guns are takin away, the rest of the world will come to live, in the land of plenty, whether you like it, or not. You cant stop them, without guns, that you no longer have, so, just shut your mouth, and give them that expensive painting you just bought, and might as well give them your new car, and maybe your daughter and wife too. That’s what gun control will do for you. Should make you sleep a lot better tonight. You wont have to worry about anybody breaking in, it will already be gone.

  15. What we need to ban our politicians who can act or propose any kind of anti-Second Amendment legislation.
    By an acting or proposing anti-Second Amendment legislation senators and Congress people are in violation of their oath of office.
    The Constitution and its amendments are the highest laws of the land not these petty little anti-Second Amendment laws and regulations created by bureaucrats and politicians who had nothing to do with the writing of the Constitution of the founding of this country.
    The rights outlined in the Constitution and it’s Amendments are deemed by the Founding Fathers to be inalienable Rights, meaning they cannot be taken away, diminished, or restricted in any way shape or form.
    By definition any anti-gun law is a violation of the second amendment.
    We don’t need to ban guns, we need to ban gun laws, and the politicians who created them.

  16. There is a simple solution. Public execution of the shooter on all social media outlets. Let everyone see the fear and terror in his face just before the firing squad ends his life. The same expressions he watched as he murdered innocent people. Make these animals realize that this will not be tolerated. Simple.

  17. If these “so called politicains” want to ban out weapons then the first thing they need to do is stl the Secret Service as their body guards! Disarm them and let the leftist politicians fend for them selves in a situation that would require them to be safe. Take the Secret Service and let them protect our children and grandchildren in the schools. They want our guns fine take away their protection first and see how they act. I agree the shooting in Florida is a travesty but let’s look at the big picture, there were 4 police officers Hiding outside that school listening to this person shoot children, WHY, they were to scared to confront the shooter!!! These unfortunate deaths are those police officers fault, Not and I repeat Not NRA’s fault!!! Someone FAILED big time on this persons back ground check had they dug a little deeper he may not have been issued a gun permit. Leftist people Get Off your soap box and look around, it’s easy to by a gun of any size, go to the streets and look… Stop harnessing honest gun owners, we are not the problem, guns are not the problem, by you constantly climbing on your Soap Box and glorifying these situations every time something like this happens you only give someone else a chance to have fifteen minutes of fame… I am heart broken by this tragity but put them blame where it lies, The FBI, THE POLICE HIDING OUTSIDE, AND YOU THE LEFTIST POLITICIANS!!!!

  18. Why don’t all gun owners and supporters of the 2nd Ammendant get together and march on Washington and demand that no more gun control will be tolerated in the United States and that we will fight for our freedom like our forefathers did in 1776 ! Words without action is nothing but big talk and nobody listens to talk anymore ! Also we should demand that Hillary, obama comey, the FBI traitors and the rest of the scum bag trash that are in bed with the liberal’s, be jailed for treason or taken out by force and tarred and feathered ! Stand together folks or we all loose !!!!

    1. Earl, That sounds all well and good but we know that a giant march would never happen until the government is at the door ready to take away the guns, then maybe it could happen. Why is this? It is because most everyone has a job, a family and responsibilities that they fear of losing if they go and protest and this is the issue with every march that should take place by all of us who want to keep our freedoms. We need to change the hearts and minds of businesses and individuals so that “We the People” can make a stand against the left and their desire to turn our country into a socialist, Marxist, communist country. We know if they come for our guns there will be civil war or if they don’t they really are that stupid, but they prove it every day so lets stand together with honor and respect.

  19. I live in the Houston Texas area. We had a hurricane and got over 50 inches of rain. There were so many calls to 911 people were waiting to talk to someone. Calls took hours to connect. There was noway to send help. The water was over 12 feet deep in places. There some people decided its time to loot. There were some home invasions attempts. There were people, Armed People who stopped home invaders at the door. People who stepped up and guarded business from being looted. They had firearms! They were the Good Guys with GUNS.

    1. Well stated. It amazes me how some people think. They are being brain washed on the real issues and truth. Whatever happens in this country, it has to be the gun owners. Nothing could be further from the truth. It makes me sick and saddened that people can be manipulated that easily. People also need to educate themselves on who they blame. The NRA does a lot of good. Their main purpose is not to sell guns. It’s to protect our rights as well as the things they offer. Life Insurance, accidental death insurance, lawyer assistance, training RESPONSIBLE gun owners, educating our youth, supporting many charities that have NOTHING to guns, and so much more. I know. Believe me I know.

  20. They sure mention veterans a lot. I think they are afraid of us. They often mention PTSD. So they have no problem sticking an M4 or in case an M249 in our hands and sending us to do their dirty work. When we return home they want to disarm us because we might have trouble sleeping or don’t like being around crowds of people we don’t know or trust. I think it will end real badly if they add veterans with ptsd to their ban list. I have not heard trump say this, but it was vocalized by numerous congressman and senators as well as several news agencies. It is just one more category of people they can ban. Just like the no fly no buy list… A secret Gov list that no one knows how you are placed on it and their is no due process to get off of it. No phone number to call, no place to write a letter to asking for explanation and no court to appeal.. And how are you suppose to prove youre NOT a terrorist even if there was a jugde/ court to appeal. Do you get reference letters, take a lie detector test?? All of this is small ways to ban people from owning firearms a little at a time. Just like raising the age to buy one to 21? will you now have to be 21 to vote, 21 to have 1st Amend rights, 21 before 4th or 5th Amend apply? its scary where they can go with this and none of it is good!

    1. I have to agree about the PTSD being a foot in the door for refusing gun ownership to veterans. I can honestly say that PTSD can be applied to EVERY troop who EVER saw real combat. That means that ANY combat veteran could find the PTSD restriction extended to include them as well. All it would take would be for some “expert” to decide to say so.

      I served 3 combat tours in Vietnam, followed by many years in federal law enforcement. I remember that for years after I came back into the “world” I was very reclusive and had to force myself to face the public every day. Even today, more than 45 years later, I still am extremely nervous in crowds and try to avoid them when possible. PTSD does NOT make you a mass murderer. To the contrary, people with PTSD want to be far away from crowds and hide. Incidentally, we didn’t have a name for it back then. We just considered it an unavoidable side effect of the terrors of being in combat.

    2. Its sad we can be in our military at 18 , shoot everything our Defence dept. has and cant have a beer or have any guns until 21. Where are we going?

      1. in other countrys like Germany, everyone serves after highschool, I think this would solve a lot of our problems. Everyone in America should serve in either the military or other public service after the age of eighteen. If you don’t serve in the military, you can not vote or hold any public office, the choice is yours.

  21. Outside of the rhetoric from both sides, the real issue is what the entertainment industry has done to our society. Take a small test. Watch 2 hours of a major network prime time, use a pen and paper, make note of every time you see a gun, just a check mark will do. Watch especially the ads for upcoming shows. Note how the guns are portrayed. Then go and watch GRAND THEFT AUTO or some other very common, violent video game. I believe you will then get to understand the real issue, which is how something (I wonder what it could be?) is teaching people, especially the impressionable young or mentally incompetent, to take a gun and use it for revenge, to get even, even the score, etc. You’ll get the idea. And what can we do about it? Ban these things? Well, no, there is the First Amendment they all scream when the mirror shows them up for what they really are. If anything needs to change, it is the incessantly violent entertainment industry that purveys such twisted events.

  22. If just 1% of gun owners marched on Washington in protest (armed) it would scare the hell out of them. It would probably be deemed as terrorism or anarchy. The left would definitely spin it into some sort of lie to favor them and demand more gun control

  23. it is crazy what the left will do to take away our rights. I would bet my last dollar that bloomberg soros or some other group paid for those students to go to washington to protest gun violence and if those kids had to pay their own way many would not have gone the way some of them thought a free trip to washington.No gun law will ever stop some one who decides to become a mass murderer.All they are going to do is pass a restrictive gun law to make it look like they are doing something and all it will do is hurt honest gun owners .I would suggest having armed veterans on a volunteer bases to guard our schools and have some armed teachers in the schools. I signed a contract in 1966 with no expiration date. That contract stated i would defend America from all enemies both foreign and domestic I did then and I will now!

  24. Most of your comments I believe are wrong. I have only one question. If it was your child killed at a school shooting, what would you be demanding? Most people know very little about guns and how they operate. We must stop these school shootings now! What have we lost if bump stocks are regulated the same as a fully auto firearm? What have we lost if the age to buy a rifle is raised to 21? How many 21 year olds can afford to buy a firearm? A parent can buy a firearm for their kids of any age. At least then there is one adult in the chain of responsibility. No constitutional right comes without responsibility. We are responsible for the safety of children and the teachers in schools! Absolutely, I want and I demand hardening the entry points at schools and arming someone at those entry points and arming those who want to be armed and trained in the schools. “Nothing stops a bad guy with a gun except a good guy with a gun.” For those who do not want to have armed individuals in the schools, I have one question for them, How is the current system working for you”?

    1. Philip, if you want to raise the age of a child ti adulthood to 21, then raise it, of course that means driving, voting, military service and parents are responsible for their kids until then also.

  25. Every dictatorship in history has as its first move to control the people taken away their guns and the right to possess firearms. An armed populous can not be enslaved by a corrupt government.

  26. I think if the youth is on their parents insurance til 27 they should not be able to vote. Everyone is right that the globalist/ government wants to take our guns away so they can do to us what they will like Russia under Stalin.

  27. As a “ Senior Citizen “ I was taught to love our country say the Pledge Of Allegiance,The 10 Commandments,& yes, we even Prayed In School! I started fishing & shooting & gun safety at a very early age. Now I still love my Country,but Fear my Government! Never did I ever think my Country would go to hell in a hand basket. The left wing communists have perverted every thing I once held dear ! I’m a straight white Christian Patriot,who loves to shoot,hunt &fish. Have been an N R A member for a good long while & support any organization that stands & defends the Constitution ,Bill of GOD given RIGHTS! Anyone who loves our freedom to own , shoot & carry a firearm for self defense, Has to join & support the NRA. Many shooters spend alot on firearms & Ammunition, But can’t seem to get the $ to join the biggest & oldest organization that is fighting to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. “ If we don’t hang together we will hang seperatly “ When Tyranny Becomes Law ,Rebellion will be Order “ Wake Up America,before it’s too late!

    1. I’m with you 100%. As in a reply earlier, these NRA accusers for everything need to educate themselves. The NRA does so much more than just protecting our 2nd Amendment. My father passed at 90 years old. Like you he was a sportsman. When he passed he willed his hunting rifles to me, his DAUGHTER because he knew I was a responsible gun owner. I live alone and disabled and I have the RIGHT to defend myself.

  28. I see a second Revolutioniary War coming at us patriots.
    As before it will be the North against the South.
    Individual freedoms are at stake and if the Globalists get their way we will all be slaves to their one world government .

  29. Can you stop calling communist with self made smoking screen names as leftists, progressive or democrats !!!
    Can you ?

    Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa – das Gespenst des Kommunismus.
    [replace Europa with Die Welt]

  30. 120 million gun owners hang together ?????

    I’d rather we take up our arms, round up ALL the anti-Constitutionalists, and let THEM HANG TOGETHER.


  31. I am not a law breaker. My right to bear arms goes way back, before this country was founded. When the declaration of Independence was written and signed and put up for all peoples rights, it gave us the freedom to or not to bear arms for protection all the way up to forming a new government, if the old government is not doing their job. I am not a radical, I am a Church going man that totally believes in God. I have the right to serve Him and protect my family. The police officials are doing their best to protect us, except the corrupt ones, that are constantly putting their safety at risk. I thank all the honest police out there and pray for you all. It seems sometimes our government don’t always have our backs. Sense they took God out of our school system and other places. They’re wanting to take In God We Trust off of our legal tender and so on. They are continually taking what was such a simple document and tearing it to shreds at our sacrifice. This country was formed on that all men/ women are free and have the right to bear arms ( 2nd) amendment for our protection and food among other things. What the politicians or forgetting is that, it is not the gun that’s the problem, but the person behind it is the problem. If all guns are taken away from all, then the honest innocent people will suffer. The crooks and crazy’s are still out there and will still have their’s and we will not be able to protect ourselves from the crooked and put food on table who try to save money by shooting their food. Again it is the crazy people that should not have access to a gun. Again, I am a Christian (Catholic), a law abiding citizen, I don’t bother anyone and don’t want anyone to bother me. Thank You!

  32. So pathetic what they have done to our society.
    Stand together? You bet I will without a second of hesitation, lets also let the NRA hating businesses know as well.

  33. Since the gun is always blamed for the deaths of the children and not the person holding that gun nothing has ever changed regarding school murders. Or any mass murder. Gun free zones have made them soft targets and no one seems willing to tackle the real problem. Which seems to be lunatics and mind altering drugs over prescribed by doctors.

    Under the Obama administration it seemed he wanted them to continue. Of course he realized the more there were the more the outrage regarding guns and the better the chance of gun laws demanding gun confiscation. That was obvious because only one solution was proposed by the administration and that was outlawing guns. Time and time again he was informed that could and would not happen but that was his goal regardless. However, for the sake of those proposing such a solution again this time be advised it will not work now either. Even if a law were passed the guns could not be confiscated because knowledgeable Americans would not comply even with registration. Because it is known registration leads to confiscation. History proves that!

    However, some of the changes proposed by the current president could be acceptable. Hardening of the school system is one affirmative action that could be taken. Why gun free zones have not been outlawed is a mystery at least. They should be. They alone make schools soft targets. As well as everywhere else they are imposed. Furthermore, passing a law requiring mental health records are put into the background check information could also solve at least some of the school murders. As well as a large number of other mass murders. Every school murderer has either been mentally ill or on mind altering drugs.

    Barack Obama was always advocating common sense gun controls but he never once suggested even one that demonstrated any common sense. Just like most oppressive socialists (who refer to themselves as progressive democrats). Lets face it those posing as democrats want to get rid of the guns. Why you ask? Read the history of the 20th century and you will realize how much power that would give the government over everyday citizens. Governments murdered between 160 million and 260 million of their own citizens during that 20th century which became the bloodiest century in mankind’s history. If Americans give up the second amendment and the guns the 21st century may surpass that record. Right here in the United States of America. The only saving grace about guns in America is no matter what law is passed outlawing guns it will not take the guns out of the hands of all Americans because most gun owners knowing history will not turn them in.

    Hillary Clinton, had she won the presidency, would have stacked the supreme court with like thinking democrats to the extent the court would then reinterpret the second amendment wording and militia would suddenly mean the national guard or at the very least a government agency. If that were the case the second amendment would no longer guarantee the individual God given right to self-protect. And therefore guns could legally be confiscated. Surly it can be seen, by thinking Americans, most gun owning Americans would not comply. That is when the trouble would begin leading to a civil war. Or worse! America cannot be fundamentally transformed as long as guns freely exist.

    Getting rid of the school gun free zone is an excellent idea. All gun free zones should be outlawed. On the other hand banning anything regarding guns is “not” a good idea. Automatic guns are not even banned just highly restricted. The same should happen with the bump stocks. However, keep in mind they are already in existence and therefore banning them only puts them in the black market. It does not get rid of them. President Trump should know that!

  34. I’m a Canadian and I strongly believe that every household should have a firearm and know how to use it to protect ourselves

  35. The equation is simple: WE have the guns. WE will NOT hand them over. If THEY somehow convince the ‘authorities’ to ban guns, WE will KILL THEM before the ‘authorities’ can stop us. Do you HEAR that THEM?!

  36. That comment is just what the Lefties think ALL gun owners are like. Well, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. If the 130,000,000 legal gun owners with 2 TRILLION rounds of Ammunition WERE the problem…you’d KNOW it.

  37. we need a list of company’s that dropped the NRA so we can Boycott .it also would be helpful to have a list of the company’s that support the NRA.

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