Georgia lawmakers punish Delta over NRA position

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Georgia lawmakers passed the tax bill, which cuts $5.7 billion in personal and business income tax, overwhelmingly 44-10 on March 1. (Photo: Casey Cagle/Twitter)

Georgia lawmakers excluded Delta — the state’s largest private employer — from a tax bill that passed Thursday because the airline cut business ties to the National Rifle Association.

In the bill, Delta would have received a $50 million tax exemption on jet fuel, but pro-gun Republicans opted to kill the measure because the company said it would no longer offer discounts to NRA members in the wake of Florida’s school shooting.

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, a Republican, had warned Delta if it did not reverse its decision and reinstate the discount that he would kill the tax break that would effectively eliminate the tax on jet fuel entirely. The state senate voted to remove the measure after the bill advanced in the state house.

“Delta has taken action to be very punitive against a principled position that we as Second Amendment defenders take,” Cagle said on Fox News on Wednesday, adding “we have to govern based on principle.”

Gov. Nathan Deal, a Republican who the NRA endorsed in 2014, told reporters Wednesday he would sign the bill but was critical of election-year “antics” by lawmakers for singling out Delta.

“We were not elected to give the late-night talk show hosts fodder for their monologues or to act with the type of immaturity that has caused so many in our society to have a cynical view of politics,” Deal said.

In a press release, Deal explained that the move to punish Delta conflicts with Georgia’s business friendly environment and may discourage other businesses from moving there. Delta has a major hub at the Atlanta airport, one of the busiest in the world, and is a key driver of the airport’s economy.

Despite potential negative economic consequences, Cagle said “families do get into squabbles.” Delta joined about two dozen other brands to end partnerships with the NRA after a national force led by students and victims of the Florida shooting decried the gun lobby for its stance on gun control. Yet, the airline said it opted for a “neutral stance” in the debate.

However, Cagle argued if Delta chose to end all discounts instead of those offered to NRA members (for trips to the organization’s annual conference), the company would have been fair. “But instead they chose to single out the NRA and their membership — law abiding gun owners — and I don’t think that’s right,” Cagle said. “I have to govern based on principles.”

After it passed, Cagle characterized the bill as “a historic victory for our citizens” due to its $5.7 billion tax cut to businesses and taxpayers in the state. Fellow Republican House Speaker David Ralston addressed the Delta exemption specifically. “I hope they are better at flying airplanes than timing P.R. announcements,” he told reporters.

Democrats in the Georgia legislature, who voted against the tax bill, lauded Delta’s stand against the gun rights member organization while Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, both Democrats, invited the carrier to relocate their headquarters to their respective states.

Staff writer Chris Eger contributed to the reporting of this story

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  1. I couldn’t give one Damn about Delta Airlines..! I’ve received extremely poor service from them on more than one occasion and promised myself to never fly with them again. I applaud this action against their idiotic business practice..!

    1. Look, the NRA is no more responsible for any of these shootings than AAA is responsible for auto crashes. If anything the NRA helps train people to be a responsible gun owner.

  2. I would call that bullying and if I was Delta I would move my center of operations completely out of Georgia. I dont like bullies no matter what they stand for.

    1. Wha wha wha, I don’t like billy’s, wha wha wha. I’ll just go to Starbucks for a latte wha wha wha. What do you call what Delta and everyone else does to gun owners? If you would apply your logic evenly to everything and everyone you would see just how stupid the logic is and how biased people are towards gun owners.

    2. Than you have an equal opinion of Delta Airlines. They are singling out NRA for no other reason than their members endorse gun ownership. They are bullies to the NRA, and deserve being Ostracized. Don’t you agree?

  3. It’s about time we actually uses “common sense” on this issue. The NRA has nothing to do with the shooting, and yet they get pick on do to countless human error that causes the shooting taken place. I hope Delta comes to their senses and reverse their decision.

  4. It is very well know that 99%of all DEMONcrats are anti gun, well it is being proven time and again, delta this time around crashed and burned, they are going to loose money in both the short-term and long term. They have been very short sighted on this and are letting kids dictate the way they do business. The DEMONcrats have gone so far as to claim that the NRA manufactures rifles which they do not, they support freedoms which the DEMONcrats want to get rid of. Which freedoms are the DEMONcrats going go go after next, our rights to free speech, a speedy trial our right to assembly, our rights to religion, what’s next? Maybe our rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The DEMONcrats are against every single one of our GOD given rights, that includes our right to defend ourselves against an attack. The Japanese did not attack our shores because they knew there was a gun behind almost every tree, the Germans thought the same thing. If the DEMONcrats are allowed to disarm this country you can bet that sign in 2 years there will be an invasion from another nation, and it will be the fault of the communistic DEMONcrats.

    1. Many Democrats, such as myself, are gun owners and are not anti-gun. We are not demons either, which only points out your apparent absolute lack of understanding. Picking on kids who were shot at only makes you a pathetic individual as well as clueless. The NRA is a gun lobby puppet by the way. As for our rights, conservatives/republicans have already taken away many of our rights in so-called “Right to Work” states and are trying to do so in other states. As far as god given rights, I do not think killing other human being is one of these, pretty sure that is a sin in most books. The Japanese and Germans were fearful of our military, not wacko individual gun owners, and our military dealt with them effectively in WW II. Democrats are about as communist as Republicans, maybe less.

      1. Leahcim, you are entitled to your opinion, but kindly capitalize the word God, lest someone would feel as though you just proved you are a commie. And by the way, American deer hunters alone out number any army in the world. FYI

      2. Leahcim, I’m not following your logic, and I’m going to ask you to clarify and support some of your statements. “the NRA is a gun lobby puppet” – please explain and support with facts. “Conservatives/Republicans have taken away our rights in ‘right-to-work’ States” – same here, explain and support. You then say that murder is not a God-given right, and in the context of this short conversation, it appears that you are implying that Paul Powell believes it is? Or the NRA supports murder? If so… Wow. And if I misunderstood, please explain what you meant or implied. And your very last statement, “Democrats are about as Communist as Republicans, maybe less” – please explain and support with facts. If you are truly a responsible gun owner then we probably have more in common than not, but some of your responses seem to be party line rhetoric, buzz words that are just as ignorant as the redneck Demoncrat comments by Mr. Powell. If you claim to be superior in thought and prose, then be superior. I look forward to your thoughtful response.

      3. You carry on about the NRA is a gun lobby puppet and rights in the right to work states. The NRA is our Union for gun rights. We pay dues to them so we will have someone to help us to protect our Constitutional rights.
        No one has taken any of your right to have Unions, they have only given people the freedom of choice to decide if they want to pay dues to a Union who doesn’t represent them adequately. So I find you to be the clueless one and also feel you are the pathetic one to insinuate that gun owners don’t care about children being shot. Shame on you!

    2. Mr Powell, it is very well known that 85.5% of statistics are made up on the fly! Honestly, 99% of Democrats are not anti-gun. I have many Democrat friends that are not gun owners or toters, but support my choice to own, carry, train, and compete, and they understand the implications of removing a Constitutional amendment. Your comments remind me of the old adage, ‘better to stay silent and let the world think you a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt’. Your rants are devoid of respect, fact, and helpful information, even helpful opinions! So be careful to express your thoughts and emotions in such a manner as to invite respectful debate that you can attempt to win. Otherwise, you have lost already and everyone writes you off as another kook. You are probably much smarter than you appear to be in that post. Show us.

  5. screw delta. don’t fly on them. they bought out northwest who many years ago were good until checki took them over and drove them into the RED.
    they are RUDE to you anyhow.
    Fly Southwest, they are a LOT MORE fun and courteous and probably cheaper too.

  6. Gov. Ralph Northam (is a ham anyway), and Gov. Andrew Cuomo (is a moron). Even though I don’t live in Georgia ( I was born there), I’m glad the Georgia Lawmakers stood up for their people’s Rights and their 2nd Amendment and didn’t back down from Delta. Northam, as a Virginia resident and a 2nd Amendment and NRA supporter, we don’t want you or any company (including delta) in our State, if you can’t uphold your “OATH” and protect the 2nd Amendment Rights and Constitution, then sir (and I say that loosely) you need to resign and step down and let someone that will.

    1. Sam,
      Being a NORTHERN N.Y. resident I solidly agree with you that “king andrew” cuomo IS INDEED a MORON and a CORRUPT COMMUNIST one at that. He, and his “royal court” of “democommunist ” “ass-kissers”, are continually sneaking UNCONSTITUTIONAL “bills” though in the middle of the night, and has “DECREED” in his “speeches” that “conservatives”., and “gun owners” are not welcome in “HIS” state…”HIS STATE”??? If this isn’t a COMMUNIST DICTATOR OPINING, what is??

  7. Georgia lawmakers punish Delta .. Thank you Georgia,, We need our Constitution to stay the way our findings Fathers expected with no alterations or amendments to stay the same for over 200 years. State like Georgia continues to protect American Rights and 2nd amendments others States must also stand-up for our amendments and do the same. Americans are starting to see the true color’s of Trump. I he continues to make amendments on guns, It would be time to Impeach Donald Trump, due to what he ran on with NRA during the election and getting all of us in NRA Votes.

  8. If they are willing to punish CHRISTIANS for not making gay wedding cakes and go as far as closings them down plus a large fines , discrimination is discrimination any way you look at it. Have a blessed day.

  9. I have to agree that Delta only did this to NRA members, if the did delete for all that would be another story, but they did it to the NRA only. This is why I will never fly Delta again, there are plenty of ways to get were I may need to go!

    1. Delta started this whole mess but you appear too stupid to see it. Georgia was the only people so far that has the balls to do something about it. Get over yourself.

    2. No not actually. This tax break was not on the books yet. The vote was pending. Delta just proved how bad at business they are. They could have kept their mouth shut and waited for the new agreement date to come open and then not renew. They choose however to make a political and discriminatory stand.

  10. for that delta has reaped the wind, and they will reap the whirlwind ! boycott-boycott-boycott !! better to walk than fly delta ! thank you Georgia for standing up for the 2nd amendment !!

  11. So a bunch of school children !!! Made an airline stop doing business with a grown up affiliate/ a horrible lunatics action yet this is like patient running the asilem isn’t it !! I’ll drive

  12. Thank you Georgia Law makers and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. The rest of the millions of NRA supporters will be putting the squeeze on Delta and some of the other 2A deserters as well.

    1. You realize that most police/firefighters/EMS/security guards/veterans, etc. are NRA “goobers”, right? Almost any professional who works in the public safety field is an NRA “goober”.
      A very large number if them fly regularly. Those “goobers” are also the “goobers” you pray will get to you fast enough should your house catch fire, you have a wreck in which you or your loved ones are injured, or if someone breaks into your home tonight. This being America, you have the right to voice your anti gun opinion (people using guns are sworn to protect that right), you also have the right to not own firearms if you wish. But those of us who do own firearms have THAT right also.
      Have a great day.

    2. Goobers? You stupid ass yankee, the time is coming for you and yours! The more you insult, slander and threaten us, the deeper our hate for you and your ilk becomes. When Civil War 2 finally breaks out, we will fight under the “black flag”!

    3. It’s not just the 5 million plus “NRA goobers”, there’s another 100 million plus gun owners that are tired of being blamed for the lunacy of a minute fraction of the population.

  13. Delta Airlines can run it’s business as they like, so long as the law is abided by. The state of Georgia likewise, right? Otherwise known as What Goes Around Comes Around, or words to that effect.

  14. But all they did, technically, was eliminate a costly tax exemption that was going to ALL airlines that are there… Delta is just the largest recipient. They removed the tax exemption to jet fuel for the planes… they did not specifically target Delta here, they targeted the exemption. This is putting more tax money back into the state budget. Totally legitimate move on a tax bill. If it was Delta that triggered it, fine, but as one of the other Representatives was saying in an earlier article, they needed it, anyway.

  15. As the saying goes if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything ! Thanks Georgia for supporting the 2nd amendment.

  16. You cant fix stupid but you can hit them where it counts their pocketbook! Kudos for the Georgia Republicans! Keep up the good work to defend our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. You must know history or you live to repeat it! They want us to believe the government will protect us, well look how that went when the Sherriff officers waited outside while the shooter killed students.

  17. I’d say put the democrats on one side of the country and republicans on the other and see whose kids are safer I plan on protecting my family that’s my right Thanks NRA for being there for us.

  18. NOW, all CONSERVATIVES, remember this and vote with your $. If any airline (other than the ones that took a stand against you) flies where you want to go, fly them. If it cost more, decide which is more important to you. I have found that people like united and delta are usually higher than most anyway. Their flight mile program is crap anyway. Southwest is better. The only way to make a business understand that WE keep them in business is to not give tem our $.

  19. Let them crash and burn . And as far as gun go the gun killed no one . People kill . It’s the dems foult the use is in the shape it’s in. They have took god out of schools and family’s . They have took displane out of our schools . And family’s . Also the Democrats are trying there best to leaglelize drugs ho wonts a dum ass like that in charge of our country my all Democrats fly on delta ?

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