Hogue brings AR-15 OverMolded Buttstock to AR accessory lineup

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Hogue launches new fixed buttstocks for the AR-15 platform in a variety of colors. (Photo: Hogue)

Hogue’s line of rifle accessories has grown with the announcement of the company’s latest buttstock — the AR15 OverMolded Buttstock.

The fixed AR-15 stock utilizes a hybrid reinforced polymer paired with an OverMolded rubber design.  The OverMolded style, according to Hogue, creates a “beard-safe cheek rest” that adds comfortability to shooting. The polymer frame supplies multiple swivel sleeve and sling mounting options granting shooters a variety of carry positions. Topping off the design is the butt pad which features that OverMolded technology to cushion the shoulder from recoil.

The fixed buttstock works alongside A2 sized buffer tubes, replacing factory stocks quickly and easily.

(Photo: Hogue)

The Hogue buttstock joins the company’s lineup of tactical rifle accessories. (Photo: Hogue)

“We already offer a best-selling collapsible buttstock packed with high-end features so it made perfect sense to reinterpret it for a fixed alternative,” Hogue co-owner and master toolmaker Jim Bruhns said a press release.

The OverMolded Buttstock is available in an array of colors to include black, flat dark earth, OD green, purple, aqua, pink, red lava and Ghillie green. The black version slips into the market at $49 while the colored varieties boast a MSRP of $59.

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