Tennessee student stands by her graduation photo with handgun

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Spencer’s college grad pic includes a small-framed semi-auto and pro-Trump swag. (Photo: Brenna Spencer via Twitter)

University of Tennessee student Brenna Spencer caught the attention of many with her posed photo taken by a Chattanooga landmark.

Spencer, who reportedly snapped the pic outside of the Hunter Museum of American Art and is graduating from UT Chattanooga this Spring, said, “I don’t take normal college graduation photos…” in her post to Twitter. The post was liked over 83,000 times and retweeted 12,000.

Some safety conscious observers called out the 22-year-old concealed carry permit holder for not wearing a holster in the photo, to which she clarified that “I am wearing a belly band, I pulled my gun out further so it could be seen better, for those of you who are so concerned.”

Texas resident Antonia Okafor, a vocal campus carry advocate and founder of EmPOWERed, a group that advocates on behalf of gun-owning women, posted a similar image tagging Spencer in a salute.

However, not all were impressed, and tagged the Chattanooga Police Department, arguing Spencer had broken the law, an allegation she denied.

Sporting a Women for Trump shirt, a LinkedIn profile for Spencer lists her as a field director for Turning Point USA, a student-based conservative nonprofit organization.

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  1. Here is a beautiful young lady who is set to defend herself from the liberal slimes who would assault her if she was not prepared.
    Kudos to her for being proactive. I am raising my granddaughter to be this type of person.

    1. Good for you girls. Finally some students that actually use their own minds and act how they feel and not let people with no common sense dictate if they can protect themselves. People like Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer that say nobody should own and Assault rifle,even thought whenever they say that,they only have a picture of an AR 15. They also say people don’t need a concealed weapons permit. The police will protect you. Nobody need a to carry a gun. By the way they both have a CCW and own AT 15 rifles. They only mean Regular citizens. Don’t know why they need either. They have the police to protect them,oh and Secret Service that we pay for. If someone can get past them,well they won’t be able to stop them. Hmm,they must have them for the same reason as everyone else. It’s their right and they like them. Go girls, don’t listen to them and make up your own mind.

  2. I must say that I am curious as one young lady is saluted and placed on a pedestal for taking a photo displaying her weapon and yet the other women that literally does the same thing has her picture tagged with the tagged Chattanooga Police Department. Is there some underlying reason I am unaware of here? Does Chattanooga have a law against concealment of weapons? Again, I am merely curious to know what is the major difference between these two women that have elected to protect themselves. Thanks in advance!

  3. I feel so threatened, she must be breaking a law! You cannot do that! Blah Blah Blah…
    Good on you for taking the responsibility to protect yourself. Some folks I know still believe the government will protect them – arriving instantly, of course – when they phone for help.

  4. Correction to my previous comment…I completely misread the article. It appears that the Chattanooga Police were tagged for the first young lady that posted the picture and not the second young lady. Again, I will ask the question…Does Chattanooga have a law against concealment of weapons? I think it only wise for young ladies to be prepared these days. Again, Thanks in advance!

  5. As a Law Enforcement Officer for the past 43 years I commend both ladies. Brenna and Antonia are prepared to defend themselves and others. It will make my job much easier and the court system less crowded. Thank you Ladies!!

    1. Pedro, my wife did as well. She’ll be 60 in July. She looks forward to her Well armed woman group meetings every month.

  6. The epitome of Freedom, Liberty, – and personal responsibility ………. the antithesis of a modern day “liberal”.

  7. All gun owners should Send a message to those financial institutions that decide to play politics and move you accounts elsewhere, be sure to tell them why. If we stand together and money talks they will get the message.

  8. Taught my daughter to shoot when she was 15….she is now one of the best shots in her JROTC class in high school. Very proud of her. All women should learn how to defend themselves with firearms.

  9. What we need is a database listing the names and photos of anti-gun people so we will know who not to offend by defending them with our guns.

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