Anti-Gun Billboard Illustrates Why We Must Protect All Rights

Second Amendment

Anti-Gun Billboard Illustrates Why We Must Protect All Rights

Fayetteville, AR –-( A billboard in Charlotte, NC demonstrates the intersectionality of attacks on rights in America. The message, posted by the North Carolina Council of Churches, quotes the second item in the most popular list of Ten Commandments, seeking to remind Tar Heels that the worship of idols is forbidden while claiming that guns are treated as objects of religious devotion.

The concept of intersectionality usually shows up in discussions of race, sexual orientation, physical ability, and other characteristics that result in persons being subjected to multiple forms of bigotry. But this kind of thinking can be translated to other topics. One of my objections to demands for universal background checks, for example, is that mandating that in law poses a challenge both to the Second and the Fourth Amendments. This element of the gun control agenda seeks to require a permission slip for exercising gun rights and undermines privacy by allowing the government to collect yet more data about our personal interactions.

What the billboard does is create an intersection of gun rights and the separation of religion and state. Its purpose is to advocate policy on the basis of doctrine.

Now that by itself is not categorically wrong. We all have a variety of motivations, and delving into what drives people is interesting as its own activity, but it’s off-topic if we’re asking whether the action that we wish to perform is good or otherwise.

Which is to say that a person can support gun rights or gun control out of religious conviction or from having eaten a slightly off bit of chicken salad, but whatever is driving the person in question is not an argument. To convince other people, the proposal needs facts and logic.

One reason for this is that in the case of theological claims, any appeal that we make is guaranteed to miss large portions of the audience. Seventy percent of Americas identify as Christian, but two in ten of us are unaffiliated with any religion. And among evangelicals, a group that makes up a quarter of our population, support for the exercise of gun rights—including carrying guns in church—is strong.

Will a billboard that seeks to connect the exercise of gun rights with idol worship work? Unlikely. We’ve been debating the role of religion in this country for longer than we’ve been a country, and the modern involvement of Christian conservatives—modern defined as during my lifetime—has been going on for as long as I’ve been alive. Whether we’re talking about abortion, pornography, poverty, or guns, we’ve achieved a U-shaped curve, a sharply divided and defined polarity, no matter how intellectually defensible our collection of positions proves to be.

And then there’s the question of what could be meant by saying that we who support gun rights and gun ownership are worshipping firearms. If by that word the billboard is referring to the original sense, there may be a point. We certainly find worth in guns—to the detriment of our bank accounts, at times. John Moses Browning deserves to be done up like an icon with a gold halo and Old Church Slavonic text around him. I have from time to time referred to Col. Cooper as Saint Jeff of the Corps.

But that’s all in good fun. A gun is a tool. A well-made tool deserves my respect, as does a tool that is exactly what I need at a particular moment, but it’s not a deity, and it’s not magic. And while some gun enthusiasts gush over the latest piece of Combat Tupperware, the people who ascribe mystical significance to firearms are gun control advocates. Weapons in the real world are not the One Ring, the Spear of Longinus, or the Ark of the Covenant, yet the people who would look upon the North Carolina billboard as making a profound point seem to be confused about this.

It’s up to us to keep such thinking separate from public policy.

About Greg CampGreg Camp

Greg Camp has taught English composition and literature since 1998 and is the author of six books, including a western, The Willing Spirit, and Each One, Teach One, with Ranjit Singh on gun politics in America. His books can be found on Amazon. He tweets @gregcampnc.

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  1. Tear it down…or maybe put up one next to it that reads “thou shall not kill” with pictures of aborted baby pieces. That’s a commandment also. HYPOCRITICAL fools !

    1. They should spray paint on their thou shall not follow fake and made up religions that want to control the masses…… I hate all this gun talk people need to move on

  2. Well, what a bastardization of religion in an attempt to make a point.Thought NC had better sense. The 2nd amendment has nothing to do with being an idol, idiots. It’s a tool to protect all other rights and and self defense. Did not early Christians carry swords, knives, clubs and spears for the same purpose? Quit teaching hypocrisy.

  3. The CEO of Starbucks said he did not want concealed permit holders to patronize his restaurants. Naturally, I will not go there. Mostly, that is because, if cc holders are unwelcome there and do not go there, patrons of those restaurants are less safe than they could otherwise be.

    1. The idiocy of people making decisions for others, if even for only 5 minutes to relinquish their right to protect themselves over a cup of JO. Then those who adhere are even bigger idiots for doing it! It truly baffles the noggin of how people think gun free places of business or gatherings are really safer with statistics pointing 100% the opposite!
      “Hey Bob, let’s grab a cup of JO from Starbucks… Yeah that sounds good but let’s hit the drive thru!”

  4. Exodus 22:2-3 shows that self-defense must be proportional; in the Mosaic Law it was allowed to defend a life with more vigor than one’s possessions. Jesus affirmed that it is sometimes necessary to be armed for self-defense (Luke 22:37-39).

  5. The Allegheny County Pennsylvania Sheriffs Dept. has more than once stated that based on it’s experiences, people with Concealed Carry Permits do not constitute and particular threat to the public. While some would dispute this position, one would think that The Sheriffs Department, being a law enforcement agency would have a better grasp of the facts, and would be less an advocate for one side or the other than would be or are avowed anti gun individuals and or organizations.

  6. What a sad bastardization of the Bible. This council needs to be thoroughly reprimanded for their ignorance by their God fearing church goers. Without firearms, you would not have the religious freedom you enjoy today.

    1. Exactly JW, they think religion is being attacked now by the leftards? Wait until there’s nothing to protect at all! These nuts forget that when the weapons are gone, christians are some of the first in genocide!

  7. Idiots. They don’t realize that Christians and churches are under attack by the left already. Wait until they disarm us and install some form progressive socialism or communism. They will be shut down. Practicing any form of faith, except Islam of course, will be strictly forbidden. What a bunch of fools. I wonder how many people will decide to quit their churches now. What the hell has happened to NC anyway? Seems like every time I turn around they are spouting some form of liberalism.

  8. Maybe someone needs to remind those great religious scholars of the admonition of Jesus to his disciples that if you don’t own a sword go sell you coat and buy one. In His day the Roman Gladius was the battle rifle of the Centurions the ultimate weapon and this is what He was referring to. So by that token all good Christians should own some type of main battler rifle.


  10. North Carolina Counsel of CULT churches Fing morons that must be right out of your satanic bible. Cause that is NOT how my BIBLE looks at it.

  11. North Carolina Counsel of CULT churches Fing morons that must be right out of your satanic bible. Cause that is NOT how my TRUE CHRISTIAN BIBLE looks at it.

  12. What really upsets me about this Billboard, is not so much what it says, I can live with that command!!!
    It’s this: the council of churches appears to have overlooked the huge board in their own eye, in order to try and take s political stance in a most inopportune way.

    They step all over other commandments, in order to make themselves look good in the eyes of the world. Then brag about themselves and how many they are in the process.
    I’m so very thankful I was not saved by the North Carolina council of churches. I was saved by Grace, it was a gift of God.
    I’m sure this council would have found me lacking. Jesus you me as I was, and as I am. I can’t throw any stones, I’m still not yet without sin.

  13. I would suggest that the Council like a Federal Entity is an idol unto itself that has a power structure that needs to be kept in check and therefor the bill board is quite germane in the 2nd amendments intent.

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