Oregon makes it easy to seize guns in ‘red flag’ cases

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Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, seen here at a press conference last month, is a strong supporter of the state’s new gun seizure order law. (Photo: Rosenblum’s office)

State Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum wants all Oregonians to know how to take advantage of the new Extreme Risk Protection Order process.

Rosenblum’s office last week announced the details on the mechanism to obtain an ERPO. Included in the release are links to a one-page explanation of the process and a four-page online application for the petition itself. The law allows police, or a member of a subject’s family or household, to file a petition with the court which could lead to an order prohibiting firearms possession if it is believed they pose an imminent risk to themselves or others.

“Many of us are asking how we can better keep Oregonians safe and keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people,” Rosenblum said. “While there is still a lot of work to do, Oregon has made significant gains to strengthen our gun safety laws.”

As explained by Rosenblum’s office, those concerned about an individual would petition the court for the ERPO, which would remove firearms and concealed handgun permits from a subject believed at risk. In addition, the order would bar the subject from buying additional firearms for one year. The court is bound to act on the request within 24-hours and must grant a subsequent hearing within 21-days if one is requested by the gun owner.

The measure, also termed a “red flag law,” passed the legislature last year, picking up only one Republican supporter along the way, and was approved by Gov. Kate Brown. The law was modeled on one adopted after a ballot referendum in neighboring Washington following a $3.5 million push by gun control groups, which in turn was based on a 2014 California law.

Second Amendment groups have blasted the ERPO process, arguing it provides no structure for those deemed at risk to receive help, or those dangerous to be taken into custody. Further, they point to due process concerns. However, a ballot initiative to repeal the law backed by state Republicans in Oregon failed to gain the needed signatures to be placed in front of voters.

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  1. So if only a family member or the police can file a complaint, how is it that Oregon sent in a complete swat team to arrest and confiscate an old mans guns because he open carried a small caliber gun. He never threatened anyone or abused the privilege. By the terms of your new law you broke the law the 1st time out.

  2. I thought about moving there but that’s out now how wants to live where laws will keep changing about guns this is the start of taking them away for good !!!!!!

    1. So much for the Northwest Front. The talk on the radio and Internet sites that lead to those discussions, should be reevaluated by the people that want to make that area their go-to place. Look at the group that surrounds this four-eyed bitch. When I hear the word “Oregon”, and about the people that live there, the image in my mind is very different from what I see in this photo. The other commenter on here is right. I though about moving to that area of the Country, but is seems far worse than I had thought. I can stay right here for that kind of horse shit.

  3. When is someone going to file a ERPO on the state attorney general and the governor for being a danger to the general public for removing guns from the law abiding citizens and not the criminals. Turn around is fair play.

    1. Oregon takes another step towards Communism by following in the foot steps of California, this is what happens when the new Communists, better known as DEMOCRAPS, start running every aspect of our lives, all they believe in is more control, and more taxes. This Commie Bitch took over when the other Commie ran out in the middle of the night, ( for the second time ) and she has been in Control since 2015 and she has raised taxes by Millions, she has raised DMV fees several times already, and lets not forget the 17 Million Dollar Bridge to nowhere that’s just sitting here in La Pine waiting for several more Millions to Tear it Down, just another way to waste of tax payer money, and she is now going to send in Storm troopers to take our Firearms without due process, her new bullshit law is ripe for abuse by citizens, and government officials alike, it’s no different than the laws they have in Russia, soon they will come in, in the middle of the night and whisk you off never to be seen again.. Time to stop the California Communist take over VOTE THEM OUT NOW, before they take more of our Constitutional rights away,( and they will it’s just a matter of time )…

    2. Any Public Official who violates the U.S. Constitution should be immediately removed from Office, stripped of their salary, and benefits, and then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, with a lengthy Prison Sentence to follow. They also will be barred from holding any Political Office again, for life.

      Let’s see if they would be so quick to play fast and loose with our Constitutional rights, then.

      1. We both know that their court isn’t going to issue one of these gun grab orders on a political figure head !!
        This is to get at OUR guns , not theirs !!

  4. I believe that gun control should begin at home. Spend time with your children. Teach them the morality and values of life. I believe that all of this gun control garbage is motivated by something very sinister. If big brother is successful in taking away guns from people who can legally own them, then criminals and law enforcement will be the only entities who have weapons. How can people defend themselves? How can people hunt for food? I still go back to an old argument from the NRA, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. I will agree that the only entities that should have possession of assualt weapons should be law enforcement and military. All other assualt weapons should be confiscated. And, please be realistic in the definition of assualt weapons. We all know that many 30-06 rifles and other weapons could be misconstrued as assualt weapons, but are they? Many .22 rifles have large capacities for carrying many bullets, but is it an assualt weapon? Finally, I cannot imagine how so many people who are the very people that should abide by the law are the same people who are trying to circumvent the law. State laws are supposed to mirror federal laws, not countermand them. Many people are screaming about violations of the Second Amendment, and I agree with them.

  5. a panel of review yesterday passed such an order in maine. soon to be brought before the legislature. thought i was better represented. am an old man who can’t believe what is happening.guess we have no one to blame but ourselves. happened on our watch

  6. Virtue signaling. Look how pleased she is with herself. It’s like high school all over again! Yippee! I’m popular! What a shame. And that is the Attorney General of Oregon? Wow.

  7. Well at least Ellen sounds really NICE about her little(NOT) gun grab move. The laws she’s trying to displace with this one already exist! When will these politicians start to stand up for the very Constitution they SWORE to protect? Their “oath” means absolutely nothing when it comes to trying to change our nations founding document illegally. But since it’s now more popular to be against what the founders were trying to prevent in the first place, it’s ok to be ignorant and stupid AND get re-elected to wreak havoc on the rest of us who actually READ before we try to enact foolish laws.

  8. Antigun CREEP is moving out of California and into the surrounding States. The same is happening in the east where antigun NJ migration came into large Pennsylvania cities and turned the city government into antigun morons.

  9. So, the next move will be to remove the guns from everyone, since, with the new law, all the dangerous people will no longer pose a threat and there will be need to arm oneself.

  10. As a person who is from Oregon, it is a vastly different place then I grew up in. The corruption of our so called leaders is epidemic. We are in line behind California to let illegals vote, they already gave them drivers licences and Oregon registers you to vote when you get one. I am moving out of state and hope this one falls into the ocean along with California and Washington.

  11. More Fing stupid Libtard feel good laws. Hate to break it to you Fing Libtard Tu Tu wearing anti everything whiny cry baby drama god government anus sucking coward sheeple. Your little toilet paper laws don’t mean a Fing thing except to maybe your little anus sucking following sheeple. To the rest of us YOU ALL ARE TYRANTS and you come near me with any of your wannabe control and I WILL put a bullet in your little Fing coward heads. I don’t give a F who you are or what your job title is cause it doesn’t mean a Fing thing to me except your a TYRANT TRAITOR COWARD AND ENEMY TO FREEDOM and RIGHTS and the PEOPLE.

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