NRA confirms President Trump to attend event

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The National Rifle Association booked both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to speak later this week at the organization’s annual convention in Dallas.

“While I’m sure there will be a meltdown on the left, we will be unapologetic in our celebration of American Freedom,” said Chris Cox, the NRA’s head lobbyist, in a statement posted to social media.

This will mark the fourth year in a row Trump speaks at the event. Last year made history as he was the first sitting president to attend the event since President Reagan did in 1983.

Both Trump and Pence will appear alongside other speakers during the convention’s Leadership Forum to deliver commentary on political events, express their love for gun rights and gun rights advocacy, and rail against “the media.”

The NRA suggested the event will focus on rallying support for their candidates in the midterm elections.

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