Oklahoma lawmakers send constitutional carry bill to governor

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Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin now has to decide how she will handle a constitutional carry bill (Photo: Joe Wertz /StateImpact Oklahoma via OK Public Broadcasting)

The legislature on Thursday approved a plan to allow the Second Amendment to be the default concealed carry authorization.

The measure, SB 1212, codifies that a concealed carry permit is not required for a law-abiding Oklahoma resident to carry a concealed handgun. The bill, popular with Republicans, swept the state House 59-28 last month before rolling through the Senate this week 33-9 on its way to Gov. Mary Fallin’s desk.

“I believe every Oklahoman has the right to self-defense without the burden of government approval. Constitutional Carry secures this right,” said state Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, sponsor of the bill.

The measure will allow those age 21 and older who are legally able to possess a firearm to carry one in public without a permit. An allowance for those over 18 who are in the military is incorporated into the language of the bill. Those carrying a firearm would have a duty to inform police that they are armed if stopped. It does not eliminate the state’s current concealed carry permitting scheme which, if Fallin signs the bill into law, would still be available. At least 11 other states have similar permitless carry laws on the books.

State Democrats, gun control advocates and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation have concerns about the legislation, arguing that it would allow those who may have ordinarily been denied a permit the ability to carry a firearm. As such, they are calling on Fallin to veto the bill.

“(There is) no way for law enforcement to distinguish lawful gun owners from unlawful gun owners and no recourse for law enforcement who encounter individuals with firearms unless caught committing a crime,” the bureau said in a statement.

Second Amendment groups who support the move, to include the National Rifle Association, are urging members to contact Fallin and ask for her signature on the bill. A Republican who has been in office since 2010, she has rejected pro-gun bills in the past only to see them overturned by the legislature.

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    1. any politician, law-enforcement or any government employee swore right hand to GOD Almighty to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America regardless of personal views.!!!!! denying any Citizen of these rights is treason and punishable by death.

  1. Mary Fallin needs to sign this bill. It is a right, not a privilege. Right now as it stands, criminals and other nefarious individuals have more rights then the rest of us. They carry guns without a permit where ever and when ever they please. Call and/or e-mail the governor and ask that she sign the bill into law.

  2. When this passed in Kansas. People on the news,and newspapers where saying ” it’s going to be the wild wild west with shoot outs in the streets “.

    As of today. There has been no shoot outs in the street or anything of the sort. If guns are outlawed. Only outlaw will have guns. But then again I believe there would be a civil war again.

  3. I live in AZ., we too are allowed to Concealed carry without a permit, I just wished every state would do the same, because it is documented that in places that allow its citizen to carry have lower crime rates.
    DV is a different story.
    My dad used to say don’t aim a gun if you don’t aim to used it. Makes sense, yet he himself never carried.

  4. Congrats to the Law Makers in Oklahoma for understanding the Meaning of the Second Amendment and protecting its Citizens rights. Now Gov. Fallin needs to follow through on their wisdom and sign it into Law.

  5. I am all for second amendment rights, however with the influx of Illegals (many criminals), drug peddlers, and gangs, I think a background check and the issuing of a license to carry is wise. As with all freedoms granted by the Constitution, they come with a responsibly to be used wisely.
    I live in Utah where it is legal to open carry without a permit, however to conceal and carry you must have one, it took me 3 months from the time of application until I got it. A training class was required with range qualification you had to know how to safely handle and use your gun buy an NRA instructor. It required learning Utah gun laws, we were all given a copy of them on a CD, finger printing and a photograph, then an extensive background check. I didn’t mind any of it, because I knew everyone had to go through it and I felt safer because of it. Just my opinion, no one said that I would be denied my right to carry.

  6. I’m a law-abiding citizen who is getting totally upset with our entire government. it’s a shame that our Constitutional rights are up for sale to the highest bidder.

  7. Go Okies ! This is as it should be.
    I Have lived in AZ,CA,Ok,MA,OH,FL,NY
    (Mustang)OK was great though told “ Id never be an “Okie” ‘cause I wasn’t from there !

  8. I agree that the right to carry should be allowed. I also understand that the right is part of our constitution and I am amazed that we have to keep passing laws to give us what we already have. I also encourage every person that wants to carry. concealed weapons to participate in training to properly understand the responcebility and proper use of concealed carry. And how to inform any police officers that you are armed to prevent any undo reactions leading to harm of anyone. Even though we have the right dose not mean we have the knowledge to properly use the right we have been given. Even in the military we were trained how to and when to properly use our weapons.

  9. every state would be safer if they all had this law ,its a proven fact that states that allow conceal Carrie have less crime .The liberals just cant except this fact they want gun control for control over the American people NOT for our safety they must be stopped.

  10. Finally! A true understanding of 2nd amendment. As usual the governor is a rhino. All republican females in office are rinos.

  11. A Aziz Agrees, it’s a beautiful thing. Wish it was like that in New York. Thinking about moving.

  12. Every state should have the same law that you are about to pass.



    Jim Patrick,

  13. As a one time resident of the state of Oklahoma, right on. I currently conceal carry legally. I was trained and qualified as an expert marksman on the combat qualification course but where I live now had to take a state approved CC class and demonstrate proficiency on the range. Constitutional is my right. I have no issue with training and background checks

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