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Signs at the NRA booth during the NRA convention in Dallas on May 4-5, 2018 shows off NRA leadership. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/

The National Rifle Association reported a 12 percent decrease in annual revenue in 2017, according to a financial report distributed to members during the organization’s annual meeting in Dallas on Saturday.

That decrease was due in part to fewer membership dues and contributions, the filing shows. However, the NRA saw a significant increase in activity during 2016’s election, which included a volatile presidential race.

In 2017, the NRA generated some $378.1 million in total revenue, down from $433.9 million from the year before. According to the financial filing, the NRA’s revenue is comprised of $128.2 million from membership dues, $133 million from contributions, $65.4 million from program fees, $18.8 million from investment income, $25 million from royalties, and $7.7 million from other endeavors.

The gun lobby reported $379.24 million in total expenses, putting spending down by about 20 percent in the off-year.The bulk, some $207.1 million, went to program services, $76.6 million went to member services and acquisition, $44.2 million to administrative services, and $51.4 million for fundraising.

The NRA secretary released a statement to members identifying payments in which board members, officers or employees receive payments of more than $2,000 for goods and services to the NRA. In all, nine payments went out and four of them totaled more than $120,000.

Also in 2017, the NRA spent $5.1 million lobbying Congress, some 60 percent more than in 2016 and the biggest year on record for the organization, according to records collected by Open Secrets.

Article updated May 8, 2018 at 10:57 am EST

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