Krytos Ind. Launches Revolutionary Titanium Finish & Titanium Glock Slides

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“This is an exciting time for our young company,” said the company’s President, Ben Cook. “We were overwhelmed by the reactions we received from attendees and our industry partners at the NRA Convention this year.

“ArmorTi has consistently amazed us with what it allows titanium to do and we truly believe it will change the face of material design considerations in the firearms industry and many others. ArmorTi was designed with aerospace and medical applications in mind, but since we are all firearms industry veterans, we couldn’t help but launch in this industry first. Using our team’s considerable industry experience, we have tested our products to extreme levels to ensure they live up to our standards, which are ridiculous.”

ArmorTi is a state-of-the-art process that involves a precisely-controlled, forced diffusion to harden titanium’s surface that results in a black finish with unparalleled durability, far surpassing anodizing and even PVD/DLC finishes on titanium. Through a diffusion process, ArmorTi only affects the surface layer of the titanium leaving its integrity and all of the most desirable properties of titanium intact at its core.

ArmorTi allows titanium to now be used for applications it was not previously suited for due to titanium’s tendency to gall (a form of wear caused by friction welding between sliding surfaces) when sliding against another surface. ArmorTi completely eliminates any friction-related issues with titanium and dramatically improves titanium’s impact resistance while maintaining all of its most desirable properties.

Krytos Titanium Finish & Titanium Glock Slides

While the process itself is extremely different, aesthetically, ArmorTi produces a familiar black finish like those found on most modern polymer handgun slides.

Krytos’s titanium products available now are:

  • Glock 19 Ti Slide – $549.99
  • Glock 19 Ti Slide w/RMR cut – $599.99
  • Glock 19 Ti Guide Rod – $59.99
  • Glock 17 Ti Slide – $549.00
  • Glock 17 Ti Slide w/RMR cut – $599.99
  • Glock 17 Ti Guide Rod – $59.99
  • AR-15 Ti Bolt Carrier (5.56/.223) – $369.99
  • AR-10 Ti Bolt Carrier (.308) – $429.99

To learn more about Krytos titanium products click here.

About Krytos Industries

Krytos Industries’ titanium finish, ArmorTi, is an advanced, temperature-controlled diffusion process that optimizes the heat treatment of titanium alloys used in applications producing high-friction and impact. ArmorTi’s patented process allows titanium to be utilized in applications not possible with untreated titanium and dramatically outperforms other treatments currently available for titanium while providing an aesthetically pleasing black finish. In the firearms industry, Krytos offers a number of aftermarket components, like handgun slides and AR-15 bolt carriers, that dramatically reduce a firearm’s weight while maintaining or improving its overall performance.

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