Black Market Guns, Anti-Gun Laws Create Them & Drive Up Demand

Second Amendment

by Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen

Black Market Guns, Anti-Gun Laws Create Them & Drive Up Demand

USA – -( If someone lies to you to get you to change your vote or your lifestyle, they are not lying for your benefit, but for their own. Lying can be done in many ways, and one of the most insidious is the lie by omission.

These reasonable sounding lies and our ignorance prevents us gun owners from fighting the evils of gun control as one strong united block. We counsel the creation of firearms study groups [like a bible study group, but for gunnies], in your kitchens, your churches, your firing ranges and in your backyard at your next picnic.

The more you know, the stronger we all are.

Firearms Black Market

Before we can even get into the debate on various laws being touted about, we need to break down the some of the ever-present spoilers, like the firearms black market. We need to be able to know and fully understand what the firearms black market is and how it works. That’s so we can bring it out of the closet with conviction.

So let us divert from our intended column on common sense NICS checks and begin to fight back with a big unanswerable question for gun control advocates and many unthinking gun owners, “So, what about the black market for guns?”

No gun control advocate ever says, “This [whatever it is] law will save lives and we need to do something or we’re not good moral people, but, oh, the black market will prevent it from working as promised.” They would never acknowledge that.

How big is the market? The easy answer is as big as necessary. It’s an unfettered free market. The supply will suit the demand.

A closer look suggests that in 1993, New York City was a city of about 7.3 million people. In 1993, according to the Department of Justice OJJDP estimate, there were up to two million illegal guns possed by city dwellers. Remeber NYC gave gun licenses to the rich and connected, and because of the bulldog work of journalist Jo Craven GcGinty, we have a figure of 37,000 legally possessed weapons.

Buying Gun Bribes Corruption Black Market
The more we try to limit people’s access to guns or anything else, the more money goes into the pockets of criminals…

By adding 37,000 to 2 million, we come to an estimated total of 2,037,000 guns. Then, by dividing, we find that, if each licensee purchased two guns, only 3.7 % of New York City firearms were “legally owned.” Since only the very well connected are permitted to own more than two weapons, we can conservatively estimate that in 1993, only 5 % of the guns were considered legal in NYC.

That means that the percentage of so-called black market guns, after a century of restrictive laws is a whopping 95%. So much for New York City’s 100+-year-old restrictive gun laws, known as the Sullivan Act of 1911.

We cannot find any recent national number for black market estimates because the powers-that-be keep this information close to the vest and the truth is they can only guestimate.

Side Read: The harder it is to buy a lawful pistol, the more New Yorkers want to get one.

If we knew the actual number of so-called black market guns, we would also understand that the all-pervasive black market in weapons prevents poorly thought out anti-gun laws from working as promised. Today in New York City, anyone who wants an “illegal” firearm can quickly get one, through the black gun market.

The actual effect of restrictive gun laws is, by practical definition, to transfer legal guns to the illegal market. Everyone who buys a gun on the black market is committing an unlawful act, according to gun banners.

Many bodega owners who could not afford the time and money to apply to the city, knowing that eventually they would be denied their license, use the black market and therefore, commit a felony in order to stay alive and in business.

In Hong Kong with strict firearms laws, Angel Shamaya reports, the penalties are so onerous that only police and criminals own weapons. That is, the illegal guns possessed by criminals are “black market guns.”

Let’s use the term, “black market guns” because it gets very close to the actual truth of lawmaking. Every other name builds the deception that law can control criminals and it is people who need protection from it.

“Proliferation of guns” or “easy availability” of guns is nonsense words! It’s black market guns, and they are here to stay. Here is the Gallant/Eisen expose of the fatal flaw in firearms legislation, “restrict legal channels, and all that will change is the pattern of their availability.

Dave Kopel et al., describe the global black market in weapons. In Jamaica, the Gun Court Act of 1974 led to a situation in which homemade and black market guns “largely replaced lawfully acquired guns.” In Jamaica today, crime rules.

One cop firmly stated, in The Layman’s Guide to Black Market Firearms, “Ladies and Gentlemen of America, People are always going to have guns available to them, no matter what. Always. Without fail….And the more we try to limit people’s access to guns or anything else, the more money goes into the pockets of criminals…”

We have only presented the tip of the iceberg of black market guns studies ideas. We hope we have broken the path for the curious as it is essential to understand all side of the arguments so we can conclusively prove our point and argue our cause. Firearms safety requires more than finding the intended target without incident. It means protecting the Second Amendment for our children, and beyond.

Knowing about the elephant in the room goes a long way to being able to confront the howling masses. Spread the knowledge.

About the Authors:

Alan J Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life and is the Retired Managing Coach of the Freeport NY Junior (Marksmanship) Club, Div. of Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association, Freeport, NY. He has escaped from New York State to South Carolina and is an SC FFL (Everything 22 and More). – [email protected] | TWITTER: @iNCNF @E22andMore

Joanne D Eisen, DDS (Ret.) practiced dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 30+ years. She has also escaped from New York State but to Virginia. – [email protected]

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  1. If you believe (and you should) that alcohol prohibition created and strengthened organized crime in America, wait till you see what gun prohibition will do. It will dwarf the prohibition years.

    1. Joe, you hit the nail on the head. I mentioned the exact same thing to some friends 2 weeks ago about how gun prohibition would mimic the alcohol prohibition days except on a greater and more violent scale. Organized crime including all the gangs will become increasingly uncontrollable.

    2. CHECK THIS OUT; get up early on a Friday/Saturday morning, dress casually and go visit several garage and yard sales. While you take a few minutes to look over someone’s junk piles, figure out who the home owner is (not hard to do) catch them alone, walk up to them and simply ask if they have any guns or ammunition they would like to sell?? I know a guy that does this weekly and in a very short time he has accumulated over 60,000 rounds of ammo and the guns to go with it. Let’s just say his un-registered gun collection is about ten times (10X) larger than mine… Pistols, rifles, shotguns in every caliber and size.

      The amount of guns in America exceeds the population and anti-gunners are simply foolish to think that more restrictive gun control will solve anything. Criminals don’t obey laws and they will use any weapon that serves their purpose. Anyone can buy guns un-registered in today’s gun market, New York, Chicago or not.

  2. I have been saying what this article says for years. Gun grabbers and the politicians never mention the black market on guns and this is why all their gun laws only affect law abiding citizens.

  3. It is the 8th step in the Rules For Radical, the bible for the Democrat Party and RINOs, to take over the entire population by finally confiscating all privately owned firearms. When that happens we, as a country, will lose our sovereignty, be turned over to the UN under their Agenda 21 for the creation of the New World Order. In other words, our Constitution and Amendments will be destroyed and we will all be slaves to a world Dictator. I don’t know about you, but this sends chills down my spine!

  4. I agree with both. I’ve learned to be a gunsmith and can build a bump stock (one example) in 15 minutes. Never use them though. No rifle was made to withstand firing that fast. I won’t bore you with the cons and say there is a way to use them. Back to the black market. I wasn’t alive during prohibition, I only read about it. Was there ever a shortage of booze? None of my friends in the South experienced one. It will be the same if guns are confiscated. I can tell you a lot, such as where to hide them, have a cheap crappy one that you don’t mind giving up. Why don’t you hear about the black market guns? They are often more aggressive/deadly. They’d be shooting down their own narrative.

  5. Black Market is a bizarre term when you consider American people have legally bartered and traded all sorts of personal and various equipment items for centuries. It’s none of the governments business. Where I live it isn’t even necessary to register a firearm, and I will never live where it is required. The term black market is useless and misleading. Next they will lable knives a black market item.

  6. I tend to view the drive for endless and ever more restrictive bans as an effort to make those innocent of crime pay for a crime they didn’t commit. It’s scapegoating on a national level.
    We are told that surrendering our freedom, our responsibility to correctly manage and maintain deadly weapons makes a safer society, yet if the security of a society begins with the sovereignty of its citizenry, as the guiding documents of this country contend, then this argument is not only fallacious, but contrary to those principles that create a free citizenry.

  7. I grew up spending many of weekends at the range target shooting with my Father. And I enjoyed every minute of it. And before that I had it pounded in my head about being a responsible individual who comes in contact with any firearms and the do’s and dont’s of firearm safety. In my Father’s garage on a bumper sticker that was stuck to his rollaway read this “IF GUNS ARE OUTLAWED,THAN ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS”. I am a firm believer in this statement. Always have,always will!!!!!

  8. There is a black Market and it is unbelievable how some of these guys in Mexico, South American countries, Puerto Rico and Philippians can build firearms. You can outlaw guns but you will never get rid of them. It’s kind of like Marijuana, alcohol or any other drug . You can make it illegal but it don’t go away. It’s illegal to be a prostitute in many states but it don’t go away. Prohibition of anything has only made the price go up and never stopped anything.
    The Left tries to make you think they can. But they only lie, cheat, steal and separate you from your dollar. Ask Hillary, “Can you protect me better than I can protect myself?” Guess what her answer would be. Yet she is the worst and most corrupt criminal in American History. She and Bill make Bonnie and Clyde look like amateurs or kindergarteners.
    If we prohibit assault weapons do you think anyone will quit building AK’s.

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