Strike Industries launches. Enhanced Low Profile Steel Gas Block

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Strike Industries’ Enhanced Low Profile Steel Gas Block is a lightweight addition to AR platforms. (Photo: Strike Industries)

Strike Industries expands its accessories to include the new lightweight Enhanced Low Profile Steel Gas Block.

The gas block measures 1.18 inches in length, standing 1.40 inches tall with a weight hovering around 1.60 ounces. Finished in Black Nitride, the gas block is designed to fit neatly under any hand guard. Strike Industries says the gas block is a “must have when running extended length free float set ups.”

Created for a .750-inch diameter gas block journal, Strike Industries includes set screws and a spring pin alongside the steel gas block.

The gas block features a Black Nitride finish. (Photo: Strike Industries)

“The Strike Industries Enhanced Steel Gas block combines form and function to bring you a cost effective, robust, but lightweight gas block,” the company said in a news release. “The faceted design not only is cosmetically attractive, but the geometry adds strength where it is the most critical, while the skeletonized form factor saves weight.”

The Enhanced Low Profile Steel Gas Block is available through Strike Industries with a price tag of $29.

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