Illinois House passes gun dealer licensing act, adds registration requirement

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SB 337 passed the Illinois House with a modicum of bipartisan support on Tuesday. (Photo: Sam Dunklau/NPR Illinois)

The state House on Tuesday adopted an updated form of the controversial Senate bill that some warn includes a mandate for the State Police to start registering firearms.

The measure, SB 337, passed the House in a 65-49 roll call that included a few Republicans lending their support but fell two votes shy of a veto-proof margin. The bill now heads back to the state Senate, which passed an earlier version two weeks ago, to consider a host of changes added by House lawmakers.

State Rep. Kathleen Willis, D-Addison, described the measure as “A bill that will add to the toolbox to help keep guns out of the wrong people’s hands.”

If signed into law in its current form, state police would issue certifications to gun shops on a sliding fee, and dealers would have to meet a series of new requirements including annual staff training, instituting a gun storage plan and allowing inspections by local law enforcement. A House amendment penned by Willis was adopted that includes language that gun rights groups caution could pave the way for a firearms registration authority for State Police, bringing a scene from John Milius’s Red Dawn to the floor debate.

“When the bad guys invaded the town, what did they do? They went to the sporting goods store and they wanted to look up the gun registry,” said Rep. Allen Skillicorn, R-West Dundee. “They wanted to look up the records of who owned the guns. Nothing is going to stop the state of Illinois from looking up this information if we now require this. This is a gun registry and that’s it.”

The bill now heads to the Senate for debate as the session comes within days of ending. If a concurrence sends it to Gov. Bill Rauner’s desk, it could very well be met with the same veto ink the Republican dropped on a previous version in March.

“This is the kinda legislation that is really more for headlines than it is to really keep the people of Illinois safe,” Rauner said in a radio interview discussing SB 337 earlier this month.

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  1. Gun control isn’t about controlling crime or public safety. All these Illinois gun control laws are about the political power of Chicago.
    40 years ago when I lived in Springfield and worked for Tom Hoopes at the Sportsman’s Center, 405 E Adams, the state began the FOID. Mr. Hoopes liked that just because it was the only way he could identify whether a customer was or was not a prohibited criminal. But he was absolutely opposed to ALL the waiting periods and bans that followed.
    I left the state to become a professional pilot but on occasions I must visit Illinois.
    I still follow Illinois law and politics.

    Time for MORE counties to refuse to follow Chcago gun bans, taxes and such.

    1. Time to fire the reps that dream up these ridiculous things that are going to stop bad people from being able to pre on good folks.

    2. guess they think the criminals will register their’s, hahah, a$$ wipes., libs and rino’s will never get it.

  2. The idiocy in Springfield continues.
    Also, note to author: The Governor Rauner’s first name is Bruce, not Bill.

  3. Adding more “Laws” will NOT stop the “bad Guy” from doing his thing, BUT it stops the “Good Guy” from being able to use his weapon to protect himself and others. Enforce the laws that are on the books already better!

  4. Highest firearm “used by crimials” death record in he country. So here’s a great idea! Let’s slap the legal citizens of Illinois with yet another restriction. To all but insure a visit from the State Police, or whatever “police agencies” , are deemed necessary. Just another way to “I.D.” those who need a little more infringement on their Constitutional Rights. While the criminals run armed and rampant! You go Illinois!

  5. And this keeps the cartels from bringing guns in with their drugs? Did you hear Gutierrez representing Mexico in his commencement speech?

  6. Herb That’s real smart now everyone will know who has a gun. Does this include government officials, state and government? We’ll see school shootings drop and people killed in their homes. Oh ya, how many of those school shooters were on behavior drugs, did any one check or is that another big secret kept away from the public for whose good? Not the general population.

  7. Sure Illinois, the CRIMINAL gun owners will be the first to line up to register their firearms.

    Did any of the Illinois Senate or House members ever see the original “Red Dawn”?

    The first thing the Invaders did was check the local gov’t offices and fun shops to get the name and address of everybody who had a registered firearm…..then they took them!!!!

  8. I’m ashamed to admit that I grew up in the Socialist Republic of Illinois, what with all the 🐂💩 the Politbureau unconstitutional edicts being handed down! Thank The Good Lord I “escaped” from that sewer over 60 years ago & have lived in the #1 gun friendly state in the Union! Never forget: Registration leads to confiscation – Every Damned time!! Illinoisans, vote with your feet & get out of that 💩hole!!!

  9. “Out of the wrong people’s hands”. Just who are the wrong people they are really talking about? Honest Americans who take their 2nd Amendment rights seriously for the same reasons that they were originally written! Defense against an abusive government!

  10. How many people who purchased Guns in Illinois, passing the FBI background check, have been convicted of killing anyone?

    Gun control has nothing to do with public safety, it is only for government corol of the general population. The founding fathers understood that.

  11. but a gun first time every 2 amendment state fl 8 mmendment right. 3 day yes or no started 5/07/2018 to day 6/2/2018 rights?????? right help laws went rob you for constitution law do not use free??

  12. Gun Control is exactly what it reads, CONTROL! All these laws are not to stop the criminal,
    but to stop the armed innocent people so they, those in power, can have the control they
    have yearned for for decades. Look at the voting records, almost everyone of the Democrats
    in the senate and the house vote for gun control. Look it up, dang it, but you dummies still
    vote for the Democrats. Of course there are some pantywaists Republicans also. All we hear
    is gun control from the politicians and the news media, but you never hear of the lives that are
    saved because someone that was being attacked had a firearm, or the home owner had a gun
    and he stopped a forced entry, or a by stander stopped a rape because he had a concealed
    carry permit. You do not hear that, but these instances far out weigh the ones created by the
    criminal sect. After we loose our right to have a fire arm, are we then the home of the free?

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