Marines using autonomous, robotic targets in live-fire training (VIDEOS)

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The Marines are increasingly using more realistic moving targets to simulate combat environments in training.

The devices, supplied by Marathon Targets, look a little silly but as any practical or 3-gun competitor will vouch for, nailing a moving target is immensely harder and better training than spending a lot of lead equity zipping rounds through static paper targets.

According to the manufacturer, tests carried out by the Marines determined that those using the targets “developed a 104 percent increase in combat accuracy within a 24 hour period” while the US Army’s Research Institute “measured a 3.7 times increase in range throughput compared to traditional training methods.”

Want to see more of the targets in action? Below is four-minutes of B-roll showing Marines with the 2nd Marine Division in a live-fire exercise with the robotic targets on Camp Lejeune, last month.

And some propaganda from Marathon showing more of what the targets can do.

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