New York’s Governor Cuomo Edges Closer to Total Gun Confiscation

Second Amendment


Cuomo & Gun Control, Whos Da Man?

Ft Collins, CO –-( “The ‘Few’ keep getting fewer!”

More misery for the few NY residents who still own guns:

NY’s Democrat governor, who (like most Democrats) wants to wholly eliminate the private ownership of guns, is now proposing a new measure designed to get him one step closer:

Governor Cuomo announced that he wants to add teachers, school administrators, and other school personnel to the growing list of individuals who may go to the head of the line in order to petition courts to issue “extreme risk protection orders” for individuals whom they believe “are likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to himself, herself or others.”

“Extreme risk protection order” is polite terminology for abrupt and permanent gun confiscation.

So any teacher, even one who has never even met you, can capriciously decide that you’re “crazy,” and thus should not own guns. On the basis of his unsworn, uncorroborated, unprofessional testimony alone, one’s Second Amendment Rights as a American can be instantly, arbitrarily, and probably permanently annulled, without a hearing, without warning, without ever having been even accused (much less convicted) of any crime, and without any opportunity to defend yourself.

“Due process” does not exist in the minds of these liberal Second-Amendment haters!

Of course, the governor’s heavily-armed security detail will not be affected by any of this!

“Many politicians are, by choice, far-removed from their own electorate and thus continue to make the mistake of ignoring voters’ concerns, because they (politicians) have manufactured their own secure, comfortable, and insulated world, and refuse to ever come out of it, nor even acknowledge other worlds exists!” ~ Kurz

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  1. It’s time for Mr. TRUMP to get involved and make the 2nd Amendment UNBREAKABLE!
    And then put a leash on those that seek to bring our Constitution down. There’s no more time left, and HE DOES HAVE THE POWER TO DO THIS—we just have to be more vocal and make him aware of what jackass politicians like my Governor Coumo is doing. and take away some of the States Rights over our Constitution.
    The Constitution is the law of the land, and the states have no legal right to usurp any part of it.

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