McMillan launches new A5-22 stock for 10/22 barreled actions

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McMillan’s A5-22 stock can transition from bench to prone shooting, according to the company. (Photo: McMillan)

McMillan released the latest in its series of stock, introducing the A5-22 designed specifically for 10/22 barreled actions.

The A5-22 stock is a slight tweak on McMillan/s A-5 precision tactical stock. Created for Ruger 10/22 actions and Kidd 10/22 models with rear tang attachments, the stock is constructed from hand-laid fiberglass for durability and strength.

Able to transition from bench shooting to the prone position, the A5-22 offers shooters a broad forearm base paired with a flattened buttstock bottom. The combination delivers increased stability when shooting off sandbags or when using “field-improvised rests.”

The stock comes in the shooter’s choice of flat top (no inletting), basic inlet (action outline and barrel channel) or full inlet configurations. The A5-22 also provides either a fixed-comb or integral adjustable cheek piece to deliver a more customized fit.

Available in a range of colors and pattern finishes, the McMillan A5-22 is compatible with Ruger 10/22 and Kid 10/22 in addition to Volquartsen VCL 10/22 Sporter, Magnum, and WSM model actions. McMillan A5-22 pricing starts at $338, topping out at $548.

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