Hogue announces break up with Dick’s Sporting Goods over gun rights differences

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Hogue is joining other firearms industry leaders in breaking off their relationship with Dick’s and Field & Stream (Photo: Hogue)

The popular handgun grip and accessory maker said this week that they are severing ties with the controversial sporting goods big box retailer.

Hogue said they are distancing themselves from Dick’s Sporting Goods and their Field & Stream affiliate, removing them as an authorized dealer of Hogue products. In a statement, Hogue leadership said the retailer brought it on themselves with their recent decisions to no longer offer standard capacity magazines, restrict the minimum age of rifle buyers to 21, and hiring lobbyists to advance gun control efforts.

“Hogue has a long-standing tradition of supporting American enthusiasts with top quality firearm accessories and refuses to work with any organization who supports restricting the rights our Founders fought to provide and protect,” said third-generation managing owner, Neil Hogue.

Over the past half-century, Hogue has been known for their handgun grips but in recent has have expanded their product line to include rifle stocks, knives, holsters and gear bags among others. Dick’s currently lists a number of Hogue grips in their catalog, as does Field & Stream.

Hogue joins other firearms icons such as Mossberg, Springfield Armory and others that have backed away from Dick’s so far this year.

“We are happy to stand alongside our friends in the industry, such as Springfield Armory, who no longer work with Dick’s,” said Hogue, whose grandfather founded the company in 1968.

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  1. Thank You for Your stand on 2nd Amendment but far more I Personally Thank You for people like me who are simply LAW ABIDING CITIZENS and should not be punished because some IDIOT went crazy and COWARDS like Dicks Sporting cowardly fold.

    1. Right on Tim, and I’ve already written of those 2 stores! Too bad these businesses have to join the loony left Liberals and abandon our Constitution as well their law abiding sports customers!

      1. Just curious what does DICKS want for new gun laws? They never say! What does their high paid lobby want. Wouldn’t spending all this money on training , safety and education be better, or am I stupid?

  2. Hopefully Dick’s will be forced into bankruptcy. I would love to see such left wing organizations go out of business.

    1. I’m right there with you, Fred. The only way that the libturds will realize that they are NOT the ruling body of America, the better. And it will take the real Americans to get this one done and I know that we are the real America.

  3. My only disappointment on this, is the fact that the list of those dropping dicks, is not near big enough, where are the ammo manufactures, where are the rest of the gun manufactures and where are those who manufacture and distribute ALL things firearm related. Come on people step up and speak your piece, it is time to shut these idiots down.

  4. I too boycott Dicks/Field&Stream.
    Additionally they’re a lousy outfit to work for.
    I hope the boycott will seriously effect their profits.

  5. Thank you Hogue for supporting our rights. I don’t shop at Dick’s any more. Now like Johnw1120 said where are all the rest of the shooting community manufactures ?

  6. More Gun Laws, More Gun Laws, More Gun Laws, How About Enforcing The Laws That Exist! Why do we ignore the more obvious solution, Make the punishments more severe for crimes involving Guns. Let’s focus on the punishment for these Gun Crimes. No One Is Attacking The Criminals Using The Guns, They Just Keep Attacking The Citizens That Aren’t. Soft Punishment For Hard Crimes Only Increases The Crimes.

    1. Most if not all of these laws are unconstitutional according to the Second Amendment. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
      Our founders had great vision, never dreamed how the firearm would advance. The public has to be allowed to keep up with these advancements. The American Indian found this out the hard way.

      Present gun laws are about control and nothing else. Most if not all of these shootings have been committed by a Democrat or Left leaning person. So who and what should we band.

  7. Thank you Hogue for protecting the constitution while it’s still strong enough to protect the rest of us. As for Dick’s they need to be portrayed as they are. A political sell out that deserves any repercussions that may result from their advertising ploy.

  8. We have to stand together to preserve our 2nd amendment rights. Thank you to all who support our constitution.

  9. Thank you Hogue for stepping up and being counted on to boycott Dicks Sporting Goods and thier affiliates. As far as gun control,replace the “Gun Free Zone” signs with the following; WARNING! THESE PREMISES ARE PATROLLED BY ARMED RESOURCE/SECURITY PERSONNEL. ANY ATTEMPT TO HARM THE INDIVIDUALS WITHIN THIS BUILDING WILL BE MET WITH DEADLY FORCE!

  10. Dick’s management has made their bed. Let them sleep in it, lumps and all. Hogue is to be congratulated. To hell with Dick’s.

  11. Gee I wonder how many gun grabbers shop for sporting goods. None because they only protest & cry in their closets. See Dick this is what you get when to Dick around & are a dick about peoples Constitutional rights. Thanks Hogue for standing up for the Constitution & the 2nd Amendment. To Dick’s “We The People Are Pissed!”

  12. Why is it that our government dose not have a problem with selling our outdated arms to foreign nations who turn on us and use them against us, but make such a stink about our own countrymen who are law abiding citizens having weapons, which might protect their dumb asses when we get invaded by another country. Fix the real problem, every state has background checks for purchasing guns, if someone has a mental illness case don’t sell to them.your still gonna have incidents of violence because there is a black market on weapons. I’ll give mine up when the world gets rid of all the nukes, fare deal? Let’s ask this question, would the president not arm his body guards, security staff, of course not, how about all these big wig politician’s do you think they will give up their body guards, no, why in God’s name should we, don’t we have a right to live also without fear for our lives. What else would our government like to ban,seriously anything can be use as a weapon how creative can. You get. Do I think average Joe citizens need full automatics,no,no way, that’s what the military and police are for, but when you ban guns your including those who hunt for food, those who just target practice for sports our us Olympics, and others. If you want to control all the violence in these big cities send in national guard, set up a curfew for anyone under sixteen not to be out after ten pm and start making parents responsible for their children’s actions, go back to old-school ways, . Maybe if our government wasn’t so hippacrititcal about what every one was doing they might see a different viewpoint of it. I love my country and I served and I would do anything to protect her, trust me , there are country’s out there that could possibly invade us and we won’t stand a chance if you take away our second ammendment rights, what would this nation be if we hadn’t fought back against the British in the revolutionary war?a pip pip, a spot a tea, or a jolly good old fella, get real, I’m sorry but our government needs to wake up and start taking care of its people the right way, America shouldn’t have all the problems she does, but she does, the laws don’t apply to everyone and there not just, a guy who robs a supermarket or gas station gets life without parol, while a person who commits murder or rape gets a spank on the wrist and let go, my
    whole point control what’s right and make it fare,taking guns away from everyone is not the anwsers to the problem. And yes, Hoegy did the right thing why hasn’t all the ammunition manufacturer’s followed suit, you know by allowing these businesses to dictate that ,that they’re customers will go somewhere else and you lose money, idiots.

  13. I have never shopped at either of these Libtard establishments. So, when they crash, I won;t be missing them. I hope it is soon as I would rather not hear of these Dickless wonders again.

  14. Great move, Hogue. we really appreciate your committment to our 2nd Amendment Rights. its good to see these companies with large testicles; so many out there cave to political correctness. i had hoped to see dicks go down where my breakfast went, but they may survive selling preppie running shoes and fishing gear, but not to me. There is something really wrong with a company that still sells ammo and firearms, but is shelling out big bucks for gun control lobbyists. sounds like they are trying to ride two horses at once. or do they not realize that the gun control community will not be satisfied until all guns are outlawed?

  15. Hogue has always been a great company own a number of their outstanding grips. The rest of the firearms industry should follow their lead and cut ties with Dick’s. I for one will never set foot in one of their stores.

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