New Jersey could hike fees for buying guns by as much as 25-fold

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Gov. Phil Murphy’s new budget could see licenses and permits associated with the buying and selling of firearms the target of big increases. (Photo: Governor’s office)

Newly elected Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy continues his streak of anti-gun measures with a proposal to hit the state’s gun owners and sellers with big fee increases for licenses and permits.

As previously reported by, Murphy, a Democrat, had folded $2 million in expected new revenue generated from gun licensing in his early draft of the state’s budget in March. However, his office did not detail how the fees would be structured. Now, according to information obtained by NJ Advance Media, the proposed bump in fees are significant.

Handgun purchase permits, required by law to buy a firearm in the Garden State, would jump from $2 to $50. The mandatory firearms identification cards needed to own a gun or buy ammunition would increase from $5 to $100. Handgun carry permits, already notoriously hard to obtain in the state, would balloon from $50 to $400 — which would make them the highest in the country. For reference, the neighboring states of Delaware and Pennsylvania charge fees for carry licenses of $65 and $20, respectively.

Gun dealers would also be hit by the change, with the cost of retail gun dealer licenses rising 10-fold, from $50 to $500; and manufacturer licenses leaping from $150 to $1,500. By comparison, federal fees charged by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for gun dealer and pawnbroker licenses is $200 while manufacturer licenses are $150.

In a public signing ceremony for a six-pack of gun control measures last week, Murphy slammed what he characterized as the low fees of firearm licensing in New Jersey. “We must please responsibly increase the fees for gun licenses and handgun permits,” he said. “It’s long past time we did this. The last time these fees were increased was 1966.”

Since taking office in January following a campaign supported by national gun control groups, Murphy has rolled back a number of pro-gun reforms backed by the outgoing administration of Republican Gov. Chris Christie, repeatedly slammed the gun lobby for the state’s instances of violent crime, shut out Second Amendment groups from gun policy discussions, and appointed a former lawyer for Giffords to a newly-created “gun czar” position. Murphy’s attorney general last week warned a number of gun parts makers they could face civil action for selling unfinished lowers and frames in the state and has been ordered by Murphy to publish a running “shame” list of firearm trace data.

Scott Bach, head of the state affiliate of the National Rifle Association, which is already engaged with the Murphy administration in a federal lawsuit, said the proposed fee hike would likely not withstand a legal challenge.

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  1. This will really deter those criminals who use guns right? Like cigarette sales and taxes, People will cross state lines to avoid extra fees and taxes. Stupid Governor!

  2. Who elected this A-HOLE ! Are there so many democrats in Jersey that the republicans couldn’t keep him out or did they just not turn out to vote ? Don’t know , just asking ? Unfortunately this “ anti gun mentality “ is raging and to combat it we , “ the second amendment “ ( gun owners ) have to stick together, and vote !

  3. This governor took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States.
    Instead, he is systematically violating the bill of rights in an egregious manner. Shame on his so called “representation of the people”. He is representing the criminals who could care less about any gun laws. This is communism at its inception.

  4. The people of NJ got what and who they elected. Bitch and moan or fight. This can happen in any state that is not engaged in protecting its own rights. NY is stuck with Cuomo for the very same reasons.

  5. The residents of New Jersey need to start a Recall petition against the Un-American Communist Governor, anyone that uses their office to go against the Constitution has no place in our society or our Country.

  6. It’s SCREWING The people that go through the proper channels to obtain
    any firearm and does nothing for any criminal to get illegal firearm. start doing something about that!

  7. Don’t worry. The state pattern of shock and over estimating changes is in action.

    Handgun purchase permits planned increase from $2 to $50 will change to $25.
    The mandatory firearms identification cards planned increase from $5 to $100 will change to $75.
    Handgun carry permits planned increase from $50 to $400 will change to $200.
    The cost of retail gun dealer licenses planned increase from $50 to $500 will change to $400.
    Manufacturer licenses planned increase from $150 to $1,500 will change to $1000.

    The state knows what they are doing, and doing it they do it good. Their final package will appease the masses. They know that some will not submit and buy/pay more for their guns, most gun owners will submit to more costs and fees… everyone will be happy, the state because of reduced ownership, closed businesses, increased restrictions and revenue, but especially gun owners because of all their screaming, yelling, protesting, and lobbying, they will think they have preserved their perceived protected rights even with the added infringements on the second amendment.

    1. Yep – a typical ploy by liberals – announce really draconian measures that they know would royally irritate the teeming masses and then back off a bit and the sheeple will then ‘think’ that they have gotten something when in reality the only things they have gotten is the shaft and further curbs on their rights.
      Hey, the libs are anything but stupid – that tactic ahs been working for a long time so why not keep doing it.

    2. You sound like a ass kissing Liberal who hates guns and the very people who buy them for hunting and target practice.
      I moved from New Jersey for this very reason. George Washington wasted his time fighting for New Jersey, Maybe the English would like to have it back as they won’t let their people have guns also.

  8. Like criminals register their guns, you idiots. Do people in government have to provide proof that they graduated preschool, if not they should. I thought goats are the most stupid animals, Murphy proved me wrong….

    1. Well of course criminals don’t obey the laws – the libs KNOW that they can’t (or won’t in many cases) control the crooks – they are only interested in controlling the masses.

  9. On the up side if there were no more legally acquired guns the police would not need their weapons as society will be utopia, right? In Canada bill C71 is hurtling us towards British and Australian style gun legislation. We lovingly refer to it as the firearm owners’ harassment act. Please accept on behalf of the people of Canada our apologies for the decisions made by our Government.

  10. Boil a frog slowly and it won’t jump out of the pot. By the time people are upset enough to use their firearms to protect the Constitution there won’t be any guns or Constitution left.

  11. Knowing the this state has one of the largest Jewish population in the country I am at odds as to why they will allow to be disarmed again. This is just like Hitler days. Disarm the masses and then cleanse the people’s. And coming from a Democrat Party affiliate?

  12. We all know how corrupt New Jersey is! After living there all my life I am leaving! You won’t believe how some other states treat people as humans Good luck to all those that stay there.

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