How the Anti-gun Lobby Exploits the Parkland School Shooting ~ VIDEO

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Emotions from Tragedy Used to Squash Debate.

#Duped: How the Anti-gun Lobby Exploits the Parkland School Shooting – and How Gun Owners Can Fight Back

-(  America’s anti-gun movement and their allies in the media exploit the emotion from tragedies such as the Parkland School shooting to recycle failed gun-control rhetoric, reveals New York Times best-selling author and constitutional attorney, Mark W. Smith, in his new book #Duped: How the Anti-gun Lobby Exploits the Parkland School Shooting – and How Gun Owners Can Fight Back.

(Bombardier Books; $14.99 paperback/$7.99 ebook; June, 2018)

#Duped: How the Anti-gun Lobby Exploits the Parkland School Shooting

In #Duped, Smith unveils how young people like the Parkland students are exploited for political gain to short-circuit any legitimate debate depriving law-abiding Americans of their Second Amendment right to bear arms. This all-out campaign has put gun owners and Americans who support the right to bear arms on the defensive.

Smith breaks down the seven gun grabbing myths that have been perpetuated by the anti-gun movement, as well as the mainstream media. Smith reveals in #Duped data and facts to dispel these myths while not dismissing the ordeal gun violence victims have experienced.

Smith provides gun owners and defenders of the Second Amendment with the intellectual ammunition to counter the arguments of the anti-gun zealots, while at the same time challenges the reader to think about how they will defend themselves and their loved ones if their right to bear arms is taken away – “…once you have given this right away, you will never get it back.”

In #Duped, readers will learn:

  • The gun control movement is not about civil rights – they “want to shrink your freedoms by depriving you of your fundamental right to self-defense.”
  • The false arguments the anti-gun movement perpetuates and the inconvenient truths they fail to mention.
  • Why it’s important that we fight for our Second Amendment right – without it, our rights cease to exist.

“Make no mistake, the #NeverAgain kids have the right to express themselves. That they experienced such a traumatic series of events makes it easy to understand why they want to participate in debates about school and public safety. So, let’s set emotion aside and discuss the facts. Let’s have that debate.” New York Times best-selling author, Mark W. Smith in #Duped

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  1. They like the idea of being subjects m Never having a thought if freedom or liberty again, just sheep following moron leaders.

  2. I live in a rural county. When we called the sheriff’s office about our home invasion (our county has the 3rd highest rate in the nation) it took the sheriff FOUR HOURS to get to our house! Said he had three other calls ahead of us! He is one of a four man office covering 125,000 sq miles and a 550,000 population. Every year our property taxes increase and the county finds a way to reduce first responders.
    When I told him I would be armed and act defensively the next time (I have military training and practice at the range weekly) and he smiled, glanced at my backhoe and said “you know you don’t even have to call me if you don’t want to…”
    I am a citizen who served this nation and believes in the rule of law. But those who are living detached from the American Experience on Capitol Hill think that it’s okay that the bodies of my family and I are 3-1/2 hours cold by the time first responders answer my 9-1-1 call should I be unarmed? Unacceptable! I’ve had to build a safe room to secure my family safety and be sure there is a place the government will never find my self defense, FEMA proof, food storage and all around cigar smoking room (how long ‘til THAT’S outlawed!)…. Thomas Jefferson strongly encouraged the citizen in The Constitution to be prepared to defend themselves against an oppressive government NOT because he was a troublemaker but because he imagined a time both past and present when inevitably all governance’s must become corrupt in order to retain power over their subjects.

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