GeePlate launches baseplates for more pistol models

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New GeePlate models, including one for the new Sig P365, were announced by GeePlate. (Photo: GeePlate)

GeePlate, handgun magazine baseplate maker, announced new additions in its baseplate series to cover more popular handgun models.

In addition to continuing to offer baseplates for the Glock 43, and G26/27/33/39 models, GeePlate says it now has baseplates for Glock’s 29 and 30, in addition to Springfield Armory’s XD-S pistols in 9mm and .40 S&W as well as the new Sig P365.

The GeePlates do not extend the magazine’s capacity, seeking to only improve the draw and retention of subcompact pistols in addition to controllability with its forward extensions on the base of the grip.

The GeePlates don’t offer extra capacity but help improve ergonomics on subcompacts. (Photo: GeePlate)

GeePlates said to keep up with consumer demand, the baseplates will be made by, a 3D printing service. The company says it will continue rolling out new models, with models for the Smith & Wesson Shield and Glock 17 and 19 appearing on the site soon.

The new models offer the same price as the originals, coming into the handgun accessory market at $14.95.


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