It’s Independence Day NOT Just the Fourth of July!


The Bridge by John Falter

We at Firearms News hope that you have a safe and happy Independence Day! But before you fire up the grill, put on your swim trunks, or unwrap that first pack of firecrackers, please take time to reflect upon what the Founders of this great nation did to secure your freedoms. Many of the Founders of this country spent their entire fortunes to fund the Revolutionary War, only to die penniless. Many spent decades writing essays to awaken the masses to the tyranny they lived under and to educate them about their God-given freedoms. And thousands gave their lives so that you could live free.

We have lost many freedoms in this great nation, and some states currently have less freedom in many ways than countries in Europe. Never forget that in order to retain freedom, you must set aside time to write your elected representatives and to be politically active, never taking your eyes off of freedom and liberty. The future hero who will save freedom IS YOU.

It’s more than just the fourth of July, it’s about celebrating freedom and liberty, so happy Independence Day!


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