Visiting with the rebooted HK USC .45ACP carbine (VIDEO)

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The semi-auto and NFA-compliant version of Heckler & Koch’s vaunted UMP submachine gun is back for a limited run– but how does it shoot?

The polymer frame USC is a sporting carbine complete with a 16-inch barrel that uses a blowback operating system. Discontinued in 2013, HK announced earlier this year they were bringing back the line in limited production. The 6.13-pound pistol caliber rifle uses a skeletonized buttstock with a rubber cheek rest and recoil pad and has three forward hard points on the top and sides for optional Picatinny rails as well as an optic rail.

Other than coming complete with a broken front sight (!) Tim Harmsen with the Military Arms Channel spends some time with one of these new-production USCs to see what HK is bringing to market.

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