Sig Sauer adds Match Elite pistol competition ammo to 9mm lineup

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The new Match Elite pistol competition ammo offers 9mm Luger fans a reliable load for competition, according to Sig Sauer. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

Sig Sauer says hello to the Match Elite pistol competition ammunition, a new addition in its growing ammunition line.

The Match Elite pistol competition ammunition comes in 147-grain 9mm Luger form, featuring coated nickel cases and clean-burning powder. Sig said the ammo produces velocities ranging from 860 to 900 feet per second, depending on pistol model. The Match Elite ammo is allowed in all USPSA competition and Sig Sauer said the lower felt recoil helps competitors produce faster follow-up shots.

“Sig Sauer always strives to improve upon existing products and the new Match Elite pistol competition ammunition is another example of this,” Brad Criner, Senior Director, Brand Management and Business Development of Sig Sauer Ammunition, said in a press release. “The reduced charge weight delivers lower felt recoil, giving shooters an edge from a speed and accuracy standpoint.”

Criner added that the new pistol ammunition was created with input from renowned competition shooters Max Michel and Lena Miculek.

“This is the most accurate competition load I have ever shot,” said Max Michel, Jr., Captain of Team Sig. “The Sig Sauer Match Elite consistently delivers groupings of less than two inches at 25 yards versus four inches on average with other ammunition, making it the ideal choice for professional and everyday shooters who want to improve their performance.”

The Match Elite is only available online through Sig Sauer and is priced at $24.50 for 50 rounds. Cases of 10 boxes are also available.

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