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Patrick Roberts gives AmmoLand readers an exclusive first look at the Agency Arms Liberty Trigger.

My Glock 19C Gen 4 with the Agency Arms Liberty Triggerinstalled next to a copper Maratac AAA flashlight.

U.S.A. –-( Recently we had the chance to visit the Agency Arms facility and was given the chance to get our hands on the new Agency Arms Liberty Trigger ahead of the release date. I am a sucker for copper things and absolutely LOVE how it looks after it has been used for some time.

Agency Arms Liberty Trigger

The Agency Liberty Trigger is machined from C145 Tellurium, a copper alloy, and is based on Agency’s highly successful Drop-In Flat Faced trigger. The Liberty Trigger is mated to a highly polished OEM-Glock-trigger bar and is held in place with the same coiled spring pins used on their regular trigger.

Agency says that the trigger will fit Gen 1 to Gen 4 Glocks that are chambered for 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG.

Now I will not be testing the trigger pull before and after because you may see different results in regards to pull weight. As a result of how the Glock pistol is manufactured and its operation, slight differences in the internal parts can, and will, change the pull weight of a trigger from pistol to pistol. That is just the nature of the beast. Rest assured that the trigger is lighter than factory though.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Agency Liberty trigger that we received prior to launch was a blem unit, the ding on the left side of the trigger is not typical and will not be on the retail units.

Initial Visual Impressions

The Agency Arms Liberty Trigger is a sharp looking trigger for sure! I really like the copper color and am excited to see how the trigger patinas changes over time. I do have a slight concern that the trigger feel will change as oxidation builds up on the trigger shoe, but with regular, use the trigger should operate as expected over time.

I really appreciate the matte appearance of the copper trigger shoe and the polish on the trigger bar itself is very nicely done.

Agency Arms Liberty Trigger
The Agency Arms Liberty Trigger as it comes out of the package

The face of the trigger is flat and has a nice kick out on the bottom to help with consistent placement of the trigger finger. The trigger also includes a nice wide trigger safety that feels very nice under the pad of my finger.

The Agency Liberty Trigger face

The rear of the trigger is also nicely machined.

The back of the Liberty Trigger

Looking at the shoe of the trigger closely you can see the machine work is top notch. The slight ding on the bottom portion of the trigger is a blem from being dropped and will not be on the retail triggers.

Closeup of the Agency Liberty Trigger shoe

Agency polishes the OEM trigger bar to as smooth of a surface as possible.

Agency polishes the trigger bar to a very smooth finish

The connector included with the Agency Liberty Trigger is also highly polished.

The included connector is also highly polished


Installing The Agency Liberty Trigger

The pistol that I chose to install the Agency Liberty Trigger into is my Glock 19C Gen 4 that I stippled myself with an Oregon Trail Defense Stippling Kit. I have also added a CruxOrd Gen 4 mag catch, a set of Trijicon HD sights, a Vickers Tactical slide stop, and a grip plug.

The trigger was about as box stock on this Glock as it could be, it was time for an upgrade. The only tool you need is a $12.99 Glock Dissambly tool.

The stock trigger in my Glock 19c Gen 4
My Glock 19C Gen 4 field stripped
Removing the trigger pivot pin and slide catch from the pistol
Removing the locking block pin from the pistol
Removing the trigger housing pin
Use the Glock Disassembly tool to remove the locking block
The stock Glock fire control group
Remove the trigger bar from the trigger return spring
Remove the factory connector
Install the included Agency connector
Attach the Agency trigger bar and trigger to the trigger return spring
Install the fire control unit with the new trigger into the frame
Install the locking block into the frame
Install the locking block pin
Install the slide stop and trigger pivot pin
Install the trigger housing pin
Install the slide on the frame and you are done.


The trigger greatly improved my Glock 19c Gen 4’s feel in the hand and the trigger pull is absolutely improved. I find that the take up has been minimized quite a lot and the trigger is a bit lighter than the stock one, keep in mind I intentionally left pull weight measurements out because they vary from pistol to pistol. But if you want to check your gains, get a Trigger Pull Gauge and measure your gun before and after.

I find the trigger break to be very linear and easy to keep sights on target during dry fire practice. When the trigger resets, the tactical feel is greatly improved in my opinion, the “pop” that one feels is very positive as is the audible click.

So can I recommend the trigger after my first impressions with it? Yep, I sure can. While Agency has cheaper triggers, the unique feel of the more substantial Copper trigger adds an X factor that I cant really put my finger on. There is something about it beyond its physical appearance that I really love. Could it be my fascination for copper things? That is entirely possible.

The Agency Liberty Trigger carries an MSRP of $200 and is available on the Agency website now on the limited edition parts page.

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Patrick is a firearms enthusiast that values the quest for not only the best possible gear setup but also pragmatic ways to improve his shooting skills across a wide range of disciplines. He values truthful, honest information above all else and had committed to cutting through marketing fluff to deliver the truth. You can find the rest of his work on as well as on the YouTube channel Firearm Rack or Instagram at @thepatrickroberts.

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