Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Quest for Ultimate Power is to Be U.S. President

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The “Silent Majority” Versus Andrew Cuomo.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Quest for Ultimate Power is to Be U.S. President.

USA – -( Andrew M. Cuomo, the 56th Governor of New York and present sitting Governor, seeks a third term in Office. He does so contemplating a run for the U.S. Presidency in 2020, as the Democratic Party nominee.

It is “Andrew M. Cuomo, 46th President of the United States,” that Cuomo sees in the mirror when he looks at himself; and, above all else, this is what he wishes for himself. With razor sharpness, Andrew Cuomo has set his sights on this ultimate prize. But, this must not happen! We cannot allow this to happen. The American people must stop Cuomo in his tracks. But to stop Andrew Cuomo, Americans must first understand Andrew Cuomo.


Andrew Cuomo is a self-complacent, ruthlessly ambitious, smugly self-assured man. He is the last of The Three Amigos,” all three of whom, under cover of darkness, spawned and machinated to secure enactment of the oppressive and reprehensible New York Safe Act—legislation that undercuts, and in its very conception is designed to undercut, the import and purport of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

But, what became of the two close allies of Cuomo—two of the “three Amigos” that we hear so little about today? One of the two Amigos, Sheldon Silver, former Speaker of the New York Assembly, resides in federal prison. The New York Post reports that a federal Court sentenced Silver to 7 years in prison, and  fined Silver $1.75 million dollars, having found Silver guilty of public corruption. In that article, the Post reports that the judge reduced an earlier sentence of 12 years imposed on Silver, apparently as an act of mercy, given Silver’s advanced age.

The second of the two Amigos, Dean Skelos, former, New York Senate Majority leader, also resides in federal prison. And, what of the other Amigo? Ten days after the sentencing of Silver, a U.S. District Court, as reported by the Daily News, sentenced Skelos to 5 years in prison, for bribery, extortion, and conspiracy, and ordered him to pay $500,000 in fines. The Daily News also noted, in that same article, that Skelos got off easy; that prosecutors sought to keep Skelos in prison for 15 years; and that even the Judge who sentenced Skelos remarked that his federal shakedown scheme, “‘caused immeasurable damage.’”

Perhaps, not surprisingly, the kingpin, himself, the third Amigo, Andrew M. Cuomo, remains unscathed, and unsurprisingly, as well, has since attempted to distance himself from his two former friends and allies. But public corruption is systemic of and endemic to Cuomo’s Administration. Andrew Cuomo cannot wash the sins of public corruption away, much as he may try.

Andrew Cuomo represents and plays to only one segment of the residents of New York, the liberal base, along with the fanatic elements of the radical left, the majority of whom reside in New York City, not in upper State New York. Cuomo lives for the moment, and his actions reflect a desire to ride the wave of extremist dissent. This radical left does notrepresent the vast number of American people—the Silent Majority* of New York and theSilent Majority of the Nation.

Cuomo has shown, in the two years he has sat as Governor of the State, that he cannot effectively lead New York, as Governor. By logical implication Andrew Cuomo cannot, then, effectively lead this Nation as President. Quite simply, Andrew Cuomo cannot handle responsibility. The American people, then, must not hand responsibility to Cuomo—not as Governor of New York, and certainly not as President of the United States.


Several years ago, when Cuomo first ran for Governor of New York, The New York Times wrote that Cuomo was a man of the people. But, fast forward several years to this present moment in time, it is clear that Cuomo is nothing of the sort. No doubt Cuomo would claim that, then, as now, he represents the best interests of New York residents, but, truthfully, Cuomo has done nothing to earn the trust, support and confidence of New Yorker residents.

In point of fact Cuomo is unaccountable to and dismissive of all concern for the Silent Majority of New York. By extension, Cuomo would be unaccountable to and would be dismissive of all concern for the Silent Majority of citizens of the entire Nation were he to win the Oval Office in 2020.


Nothing defines Andrew Cuomo more than his virulent, vitriolic, and absolute hatred of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.

Residents of other States may scoff at, perhaps even laugh at Cuomo, perceiving him to be little more than a political con artist and buffoon who, for political reasons, has consciously, calculatedly cast his lot not merely with the most liberal elements of the Democratic Party, but with outright extremists who have, of late, insinuated themselves into the Democratic Party machinery. Centrists within the Democratic Party seem powerless to constrain these insurgent radical elements, or otherwise lack the will to do so, and have capitulated to them. These extremist elements include socialists, communists, and anarchists. They have coopted the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party is the mechanism through which these insurgent radical elements intend to destroy this Nation; and the centrist liberal elements within the Party, headed by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, have shown, through their clearly abject weakness, a willingness to join them by either echoing the sentiments of these radical elements or otherwise simply remaining silent. Make no mistake about this. Extremists in this Nation, along with their secretive internationalist billionaire benefactors, do seek to destroy this Nation and they have been systematically working toward this very goal—albeit more openly than they had wished; but, with the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, much to their surprise and consternation, they have been forced to show their hand. But to destroy this Nation, they must first dismantle the U.S. Constitution.

This is no small task, but necessary, as that would pave the way for this Nation’s inclusion in a European styled federation of Countries, a new international world order, ruled by a wealthy, secretive council of billionaire globalists, who hold allegiance to no Country. A careful and serious examination of the member nations of the EU, and the nature of the relationship of those nations to the overseers of the EU, makes the truth of this statement painfully obvious.

To accomplish their reprehensible goal, those who would destroy our Nation and who would destroy our Nation’s history, traditions, and core values have launched an all-out war—a war against the very foundation of our free Republic and of a free People: a war against the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It is destruction of the Second Amendment that exists, first and foremost, in their crosshairs. It is the destruction of the Second Amendment they want; it is destruction of the Second Amendment they need; and it is the destruction of the Second Amendment they intend to bring off, to effectuate their ultimate goal: submission of the United States to a new world order, comprised of member Western States. To accomplish their despicable end game, Andrew Cuomo is their man.

The destroyers of this Nation and the silent majority both know that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is the very backbone of this Nation. Were the Second Amendment eliminated, the entirety of the Nation’s Bill of Rights, along with the autonomy and sanctity of the American citizen, and, too, the very structure of this Nation’s Government, as laid out in the Articles, as set forth in the Constitution, would topple like a house of cards. The socialists, communists, anarchists, and those that finance their operations in this Country are working tirelessly, unceasingly to see that this happens. The silent majority in this Country, for their part, must see to it that this doesn’t happen.


*The expression, ‘silent majority,’—referring to the vast majority of American citizens throughout the Country whose voice is drowned out by the cacophony of noise incessantly, unceasingly, and obnoxiously generated by the mainstream media and by a vocal minority of extremists around the Country and in the halls of Congress whom the mainstream media represents and with whom the mainstream media is closely identified—is, perhaps, most closely associated with and most likely popularized by President Richard Nixon, after a speech he gave to the Nation in 1969. But, significantly, it was President John F. Kennedy, not Nixon, who earlier coined the expression. The expression appears in President Kennedy’s Pulitzer Prize winning book, “Profiles in Courage,” where he wrote: “Some of them may have been representing the actual sentiments of the silent majority of their constituents in opposition to the screams of a vocal minority. . . .”

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