The best t-shirts from the Vermont machine gun shoot (15 PICS)

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For the last thirteen years, the Green Mountain Boys machine gun shoot in Eden, Vermont has attracted dozens of shooters and hundreds spectators from across the northeast. It’s a friendly event where people can relax and be themselves. Visitors can get some trigger time on some rare guns, and shooters can focus on putting some serious lead downrange.

Events like these often attract custom t-shirt wearing patrons. This year’s shoot was no exception. Held on July 13-14, there was a good selection of amusing t-shirts. Here are some of the best.

Just the tip. I promise. (Photo:

Don’t New York my Vermont gun rights. (Photo:

Border Wall Construction Co. (Photo:

South Park t-shirt. (Photo:

I am an American. I have the right to bear arms. Your approval is not required. (Photo:

Trump. Finally someone with balls. (Photo:

Legalize it. (Photo:

Black Guns Matter. (Photo:

If this flag offends you. I’ll help you pack. (Photo:

Legalize freedom. (Photo:

Expert since 10AM. (Photo:

Green Mountain Boys Summer Shoot 2016. (Photo:

Good work ain’t cheap. Cheap work ain’t good. (Photo:

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