PAC Unveils – Steve Sisolak, Wrong for Nevada Governor

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Steve Sisolak, Wrong for Nevada Governor

Nevada – -( The Nevada Firearms Coalition PAC announced Monday that they have unveiled their campaign to oppose Steve Sisolak for Nevada Governor at The campaign’s goal is to make sure every voter who seeks out information about Steve Sisolak has an opportunity to learn the other side of his gun-control agenda.

“In today’s political climate, you have to be loud, and when Steve Sisolak made the mistake of not securing all of his URLs, we saw it as an opportunity to make sure that voters could see all sides of Steve Sisolak and his gun-control agenda,” said Don Turner, President of the Nevada Firearms Coalition and their Political Action Committee.

“Steve Sisolak has made gun control a central part of his campaign, so it is essential that voters know that what he and his gun-control allies are really saying is that gun owners are guilty until proven innocent.”

The Nevada Firearms Coalition PAC’s campaign against Steve Sisolak for Nevada Governor includes yard signs and bumper stickers for supporters to help spread the word. They continue to seek donations with the goal of making sure every undecided voter in Nevada knows how Sisolak will treat the constitution if elected.

“The Nevada Firearms Coalition has become a leading legislative and political voice for Nevada gun owners, and it is our responsibility to educate Nevadans on the true meaning behind political buzzwords,” Turner said. “NVFAC is dedicated to the ownership and safe use of firearms, and we will continue to work to make sure that those rights are not take away from Nevada’s law-abiding gun owners.”

  • Learn more about how Steve Sisolak is wrong for Nevada at
  • Learn more about the Nevada Firearms Coalition PAC at

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