Now on the Newsstands: Handguns October/November Issue 2018


Our Handguns October/November issue will be on newsstands from August 21st.

Here are some of our featured stories:

SIG Sauer P365 – The New Gold Standard?


With the P365, SIG Sauer presents a true subcompact 9mm pistol with a 10-round capacity and a great trigger and sights. It may just be the subcompact against which all others will be judged.

M&P380 Shield EZ


When Smith & Wesson introduced the M&P380 Shield EZ, it didn’t just downsize the 9mm/.40 S&W versions of the Shield. It built a whole new gun, one that’s just the ticket for those who have trouble racking a slide.

The .32 Auto


As more and more concealed-carry folks embrace the .380 ACP, it’s easy to forget there’s an even smaller option in the .32 Auto. We revisit one of the prime examples of this end of the spectrum: Kel-Tec’s P-32.

And so much more…..

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