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MGM Target’s Steel Challenge plate rack is an affordable and fun way to train. It ships in a metal bucket with six hexagonal unpainted plates (Rupp did his in gray) and hangers plus two end brackets that accommodate 2x4s.

I struggle with rapid target transitions and achieving a proper trigger press while doing same. That’s where a plate rack can really help, but unless you belong to a range so equipped, or you have your own private Idaho where you can set one up and leave it, it’s not a practical option for most of us. Until now.

MGM Target’s Steel Challenge plate rack ( is a portable rack that’s affordable at only $299 (delivered!) and easy to set up. It arrives in a metal bucket with six plates, six hangers and two end brackets. All you need to add are 2x4s. I use four four-footers for the legs and an eight-foot cross piece, and the whole kit and caboodle fits easily into my 4Runner.

The only thing that’s missing is a guy to yell, “Hey, dumb-ass! The slot for the cross piece goes on top, not on the bottom!” Once I figured that out, it was simple to set up by myself.

Arrange the hangers where you want them, rotate the hexagonal plates to slide them onto the hanger arms, then allow the plates to swing into position.

The design forces backsplash toward the ground, and while you should wear safety glasses and shoot from at least 10 yards away—the same as with any steel target—I’ve fired hundreds of rounds without getting hit by bullet fragments.

I’ve been known to miss the plates on occasion, so I’ll need to replace the 2×4 cross piece periodically. But up to this point all I’ve had to do is shave off major splinters so the hangers can slide freely.

The plates come unfinished, and if my experience is any guide, the metal parts will be dirty from the manufacturing process. You might want to handle with gloves at first and clean them prior to using.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this setup, and I’ve had a blast shooting it. I might even be getting better.


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