Trailblazer Firearms Exhibiting at the NRA Carry Guard Expo


The pocket-sized, single-shot, folding .22LR pistol will be on exhibit at the 2nd Annual NRA Carry Guard Expo held in Richmond, Virigina, September 14 – 16, 2018.

Trailblazer Firearms, announced they will be exhibiting at the NRA Carry Guard Expo for the first time and showing the LifeCard, the smallest, folding .22LR single-shot pistol on the market today. The Expo is being held September 14 – 16, 2018, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Virginia. Building on the success of the first NRA Carry Guard in 2017, this year’s 3-day event will host over 138 exhibitors and over 120 seminars and workshops. The event is open to the public and NRA members.

“The NRA Carry Guard Expo is a great opportunity for Trailblazer Firearms to get in front of our customers. Not only will we be looking forward to the feedback from current LifeCard owners and reaching out to new customers, but we’ll be showing our latest addition to the LifeCard line, a .22 WMR conversion barrel and taking pre-orders.” – Aaron Voigt, president and founder of Trailblazer Firearms

Trailblazer Firearms’ new .22 WMR conversion barrel is a response to the demand from customers for a more effective short to medium range cartridge capable of taking small game such as groundhogs, prairie dogs, rabbits and others. In designing a conversion barrel for the existing LifeCard frame, Voigt considered several calibers and felt the .22 WMR would give customers the extra performance yet still maintaining a light and comfortable recoil.


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