Mitigate Aggressive Shotgun Muzzle Effects with the AAC Brakeout 2.0 SG12

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Advanced Armament Brakeout 2.0 SG12 Muzzle Brake

Huntsville, AL – -( Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) introduced the newest addition to the brakeout muzzle device series, the Brakeout 2.0 SG12.

The Brakeout 2.0 SG12 was developed to mitigate the aggressive muzzle effects of defensive-use shotguns. The Brakeout 2.0 SG12 has proven to reduce both felt recoil and muzzle flash for any shotgun utilizing a RemChoke compatible barrel. By incorporating RemChoke architecture into the Brakeout 2.0 SG12 users will be assured of accuracy with rifled slugs and consistent shot patterns with both lead and steel shot.

The Brakeout 2.0 SG12 is machined from a single piece of heat treated 17-4 stainless steel and features a durable black oxide finish. The breaching points defined by the tines of the patented Blackout-style 3-prong flash hider reset the bar for versatility and combined performance for today’s tactical breaching choke tubes.

Advanced Armament CorpAdvanced Armament Corp., LLC (AAC)

Advanced Armament Corp., LLC (AAC), headquartered in Huntsville, AL is an industry-leading supplier of noise and flash signature reduction devices and combat-related accessories for the military, government and commercial markets. With their innovative design concepts, technologically-advanced manufacturing techniques, and core focus on the end-user, AAC silencers and accessories have been selected by major firearms manufacturers, law enforcement agencies, commercial consumers, and military organizations globally since the company’s inception in 1994.


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