McMillan showcases Sentry Modular Bolt Rifle Stock

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The McMillan Sentry Modular Bolt Rifle Stock allows users to custom configure its setup. (Photo: McMillan)

McMillan Fiberglass Stock tackles the modular market with the launch of its latest product, the Sentry Modular Rifle Stock.

The Sentry is based on Remington style action but allows users to custom configure its setup to accommodate various AR-style buttstocks and grips. Offering a precision style rifle stock in a compact size, the Sentry features the shooter’s choice of flat top, basic inletting or full inletting — barrel and action — as well as molded-in color and buttstock/grip adapter. McMillan also provides optional studs, rails and other assorted accessories or users to further customize the Sentry stock.

“With the growing popularity and familiarity of long range tactical shooters using PRS and DMR setups, the Sentry accepts buffer tube-based adjustable (and folding) AR1-5 buttstocks and countless AR-15 pistol grips to develop a custom, hybrid shooting platform that blends the best of the bolt rifle and the tactical semi-auto rifle worlds,” McMillan said in a news release.

The Sentry Modular Bolt Rifle Stock is available through McMillan with a bevy of options to choose. Prices start at $338.

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