Samson Manufacturing unleashes new AK thread adapters

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The thread adapter is designed for 9×19 and 9×39 AK rifles. (Photo:Samson Mfg.)

Samson Manufacturing helps out AK fan with a series of new thread adapters designed for 9×19 and 9×39 AK style rifles with 14×1 LH threaded muzzles.

Made from 17-4 stainless or 4140 carbon steel, the new AK thread adapters fit most standard thread 1/2x28mm 9mm suppressors. The adapters were created to solve the issue of 9mm AKs with various thread pitches.

“These 9mm AK pistols are coming in to the country with a variety of muzzle threads. Some are 1/2×28 and can take a standard 9-mil can without an adapter, and others have the 14×1 left-hand European AK thread which requires an adapter,” Tim Mulverhill, Samson’s Chief Operating Officer, said in a press release.

“Sometimes both thread pitches can be seen from the same manufacturer, depending on import lot. Our adapter solves this issue for shooters with the more common 14×1 muzzle thread,” he continued.

The AK thread adapter offers a tighter lockup due to its indexing on the muzzle of the barrel. Samson said its adapter forgoes the font sight base in order to reduce baffle strikes due to poor fit.

“So long as your barrel threads are concentric to the bore, our adapter will maintain that alignment with your suppressor,” Mulverhill said.

In addition to offering support for 1/2x28mm thread pitches, Samson also provides a 14×1 LH model for 5/8x24mm threads. No word yet on pricing or availability.

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