Long-Range Aluminum Rifle Stock (LARS) is a Brand New Chassis System

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Long-Range Aluminum Rifle Stock (LARS) is a Brand New Chassis System

USA – -( Long-range Aluminium Rifle Stock (LARS) is a newly developed modular and fully adjustable rifle stock platform. It is suitable both for military and police use, as well as for sports shooting in all disciplines that allow usage of such rifle stocks.

LARS is built upon a lightweight aluminum alloy chassis, with a compact receiver bed, drop-in trigger unit, pistol grip, and fully adjustable side-folding buttstock with a rear monopod. This allows the shooter to adjust the stock to fit his physical disposition, including the length of pull and cheek weld, improving ergonomy and lessening fatigue. Folding the buttstock allows for more compact storage, easier transport, and better concealment during movement should the situation require a covert operation. LARS forend features removable and position-adjustable Mil Std 1913 Picatinny Rails for mounting accessories.

Author of LARS is originally an artist as well as an industrial designer, with one of his hobbies being long-range shooting. However, with the realization that every rifle shooter is unique, and standardized rifle stock – usually only differing in major contours and right-hand or left-hand orientation – does not provide a lot of possibilities to truly harmonize the rifle with the physical dispositions of the shooter (such as arm’s length or head-neck-shoulder distances). The result is usually a compromise, where acquiring natural cheek-weld results in optical axis between the eye and the riflescope not being in perfect alignment, or where the ergonomy of pulling the trigger or handling the bolt is not optimal. This is even more pronunciation in extreme long-range shooting (at distances exceeding 1km), which requires perfect harmony between the shooter, the rifle, and the shooting environment, for the shot to be executed perfectly. Congruence of this shooting system results in repeatability, and repeatability results in accuracy.

Of course, LARS is not one of its kind, there are several other similar platforms available, such as Remington MSR or Saber-Forrst to name a few, however, they each have its advantages and drawbacks. Primarily though, they were developed with military rifles and operators in mind, reflecting military needs and requirements, and they are also usually not available to the civilian market.

Author has looked at and reviewed most of such systems and platforms and decided to take the best of each, and in combination with his industrial design experience together with artistic aesthetics combined them into as universal system as possible, now simply called a LARS.


The first prototype was built around what the author had commonly available in his arsenal:

  • System Remington M 700 LA Sendero, cal. 300 Remington Ultra Magnum
  • Picatinny rail Night Force 20 MOA
  • 5 or 10 rounds AICS (CIP) magazines
  • 4 chamber muzzle brake
  • Riflescope IOR 4-28×56
  • Completely modular rifle chassis system for short, long, extra-long and large caliber bolt action receivers.
  • Ergonomically designed for precision shooting.
  • Aerospace grade alloy, advanced composites and corrosion resistant materials
  • Right and left-hand models are standard production.
  • Adjustable cheek piece, length of pull, vertical recoil pad position and optional height-adjustable multi-position CAA ACC Monopod.

LARS Chassis

However, thanks to its modularity and universal design, LARS can be similarly adapted to just about any rifle out there, whether it is a military or civilian model, sporting or hunting application, and any action or caliber.

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