Is California SCREWED? More Gun Control PASSED

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USA – -( Welcome back to The Legal Brief, the show where we CRUSH the various legal myths and misinformation surrounding various areas of the gun world. I’m your host Adam Kraut and today sucks because I have to tell you about MORE gun control laws in California.

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Recently, we covered a bunch of new bills that were passed by the legislature in California which were headed to the Governor’s desk. And as you would expect, Governor Brown signed five bills into law. If it’s any relief, he did veto three bills that the legislature had also passed. Let’s hit those first.

Governor Brown vetoed SB 221, which we previously called “The Bullsh*t Act” and would have banned gun shows at the famous Cow Palace. In his veto message, the Governor noted that this bill had been vetoed twice in the past 10 years, once by himself and once by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He went on to say that the decision of the kind of shows that occur at the Cow Palace rests with the local board of directors, which is in the best position to make those decisions because it represents a broad cross-section of the community.

Also vetoed was SB1177, which we nicknamed “The Rationing of Firearms Act”, and would have limited firearm purchases to one every 30 days. The Governor noted that he previously vetoed a similar bill in 2016 and his views hadn’t changed. Lastly, AB 1903 was vetoed. That’s the bill which would have prohibited dispensing gift cards from gun sellers for gun buyback programs. The Governor stated that he understood the intent, but didn’t believe those programs needed to be micromanaged to that degree.

So, what did the Governor sign? SB 1100 which we had titled the “You Must Be This Tall to Freedom Act” which prohibits the sale or transfer of a firearm by a licensee to anyone under 21 years of age, with a few exemptions. Those include a valid hunting license issued by the state, law enforcement and members of the military. Apparently, the legislature and governor of California feel that people like a 20-year-old single mother just doesn’t have the right to defend herself and her children.

Also signed was AB 1968, which we called “It’s Ok to Be Crazy Once, Crazy Twice Lose Your Rights Act” which imposes a lifetime prohibition on anyone who has been taken into custody, assessed, and admitted to a designated facility because he or she is a danger to himself, herself, or others, as a result of a mental health disorder two or more times in any one year period. As we previously discussed there is a petition process to attempt to get your rights restored, however, if the petition is denied, you have to wait 5 years before you can try again.

Then there are the three bills which we did not previously talk about. Governor Brown also signed SB 1200, which amended California’s Gun Violence Restraining Orders or GVROs to include a ban on the possession of magazines. It previously just covered firearms and ammunition. In that same vein, he also signed AB 2526 which allows GVROs to be issued verbally by Judicial Officers in certain circumstances. So rather than just having to get stuff in writing, they can just tell you that you’re screwed.

Lastly, the Governor put pen to paper on AB 3129 and christened a new law that implements a lifetime ban on firearm ownership by individuals convicted of any misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. You know…because Lautenberg Amendment hasn’t been a thing since the mid 90’s, which is exactly the same thing.

Once again we see California continue to march steadily forward towards more gun control. It almost seems that the state is enacting new laws for the sake of enacting new laws. But hey, apparently there’s no prize for having too few laws in place.

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  1. If Californian’s do not have the backbone to stand up against their Socialist/Communist dictator,
    so be it. Let Brown, Fiensteer, Pissloser disarm the sheeple, they can’t think for themselves anyway.

  2. We do have to get creative living here. Being limited to lower capacity mags will make us better shooters, as well as being able to handle rifles with stripper clips(some damn fine examples of these, BTW). We are not limited in different types of ammo(except for incendiary types, anyone that lives in this waterless state might just understand why), we can load and shoot defensive ammo, which some states (NJ), doesn’t. Brown is smart enough to have a good idea what law will fly and what won’t. We can all hope and pray that now that we have a majority of constitutional leaning jurists on the Supreme Court, many of these anti 2nd laws (in all states) will be overturned.

  3. I am a 5th generation Ca. Native my family settled in Northern Ca. in 1853 and I am just sick over what’s happened to California in the last 30 years and I fear that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. We are 100 percent controlled by the morons in San Francisco and Southern California. I believe the only thing left to do is move. This disgusts me.

    1. I feel your pain,I was born and raised in used to be free but now in my opinion it’s a third world state controlled by treasonous politicians that have sold us out I tried but couldn’t fight the well funded entity’s so I moved to a freer state for now,California is ruined

  4. Little Ole Anusfornia is nothing but a Shithole State. They idolize China and North Korea wishing they could be just like them. That of course is the true Libtard way. All the Libtard Tutu wearing anti everything whiny cry baby drama god nosy can’t mind their own Fing business government anus sucking coward sheeple are the ones pushing their great masters to be what they really want which is to be totally controlled Like China is and North Korea and what Hitler tried to do. The sheeple are the true cowards they feel they have to have someone holding their hands and wiping their anus through every step of life. If you want to fix the disease that has taken over called LIBTARDISM then we need to start eradicating it.

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