Gun Owners of America Releases Congressional Scorecard for 2018 Midterm Elections

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“It’s essential that Americans across the country get out to the polls to vote pro-gun; GOA’s Congressional Scorecard makes it easy to see which candidates respect the Second Amendment.”

Gun Owners of America Congressional Scorecard

Springfield, VA – -( Gun Owners of America (GOA) today released the Congressional Scorecard for the 2018 midterm elections.

“GOA’s Congressional Scorecard is a comprehensive guide on every congressman and senator who is up for reelection, along with their challengers,” Erich Pratt, executive director of GOA said.

The scorecard holds candidates for office to the Second Amendment’s high standard of “shall not be infringed” when distributing ratings.

“GOA’s scorecard doesn’t sugarcoat anyone’s record,” Pratt said. “It’s the kind of rating that gun owners would expect from a no-compromise group like GOA. It’s one that gun owners can trust, because it’s only based on voting records and/or public statements by the candidates.”

Furthermore, the 2018 midterm elections present both danger and opportunity for gun owners.


“If the Democrats take over the Congress, Rep. Nancy Pelosi has already said that passing gun control is one of her top priorities,” Pratt stated. “However, if GOA-backed candidates are sent to Washington, then there is a real opportunity to pass pro-gun legislation in the 116th Congress.”

“It’s essential that Americans across the country get out to the polls to vote pro-gun,” Pratt concluded. “GOA’s Congressional Scorecard makes it easy to see which candidate respects the Second Amendment.”

To view GOA’s Congressional Scorecard for your state, click here or the image below.

New Jersey 2018 Congressional Scorecard
New Jersey 2018 Congressional Scorecard

Gun Owners Of America
Gun Owners Of America

About Gun Owners of America

Erich Pratt, or another GOA spokesman, is available for interviews. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over 1.5 million members and activists. For more information, visit GOA’s Newsroom.

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  1. I went through the list of pro’s and con’s concerning our firearm freedom and it does not look
    good at all. I watched the debate of McCaskill (D) and Hawley (R) last night and McCaskill came
    right out and said that she supports our 2nd Amendment but the NRA gives her a F- rating. She
    has no care of lying. But this is how they get the pro-gun vote. Thanks to the GOA and the NRA,
    we can get the facts. I noticed on the rating list that only one democrat got a C rating, the rest were
    C-,D,F,or F-. Not much good to say for the Dumbocrats. The writing is on the wall and gun control
    is on their agenda, in a solid state manner and socialism is just around the corner. Many of the
    schools in the U.S. teach Socialism and colleges also. America as we know it and grew up with
    and fought for, served for, died for is fading into the sunset. So be thankful for what you have now
    because before to long, you are not going to have it. It will be owned by the leftist powers. We as
    Americans have been warned for decades but we as a free nation did not heed and take action
    to those warnings and now we are going to go down into a 100% power controlled government.
    So don’t ask God to help us, we as a nation turned away from Him along time ago. We get to eat
    our own wrath. JD Moore

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