Master Coyote Hunting by Michael Huff, a Unique Breakthrough Coyote Hunting Book

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Master Coyote Hunting by Michael Huff

USA –  -( Both veterans and novices will become better coyote hunters after reading Master Coyote Hunting written by the award-winning author and expert coyote hunting guide, Michael Huff.

Master Coyote Hunting by Michael Huff

Buy Online Button ClearThis is the most detailed and comprehensive coyote hunting book ever written, its chapters include everything needed to master the difficult art of locating and luring coyotes to a gun or camera. Included is information on how to find and gain access to productive properties, select the ideal caliber and firearm, effective use of field shooting supports, successful techniques to use electronic and mouth calls, proper operation of lights for night hunting, organizing a vehicle, creating perfect setups to bring in coyotes, advanced hunting strategies and techniques, making long-range shots, selling pelts for profit, field care and taxidermy.

The expertise shared by this award-winning author, speaker, and popular professional guide will shave years off your learning curve.

This is the author’s second book and further authenticates his well-earned reputation as a coyote expert, a reputation formed from years of pursuing scholarly research and hunting and guiding for coyotes across the United States of America. His first book is the award-winning, “Understanding Coyotes: The Comprehensive Guide for Hunters, Photographers, and Wildlife Observers.”

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