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When I am shooting on my own time and my own dime, most of the shooting is that pastime called plinking. I am fortunate to have plenty of dirt clods on a berm and I also use clay birds. I do not use the time proven tin can so much these days. I use paper because Birchwood Casey offers so many variations.

Fiocchi .22 Long Rifle HV provided good function in the Ruger Standard Model.

While I have cleared my mind and I am not training, this type of shooting certainly must add to my marksmanship abilities. No one likes to miss after all! I have fired and lit a match with the .22, not something that difficult with practice, skipped fired shotgun shells across the berm, and used various lids and tops from household wares. Please, never use glass.

Clay targets are used by trap and skeet shooters and are reactive; they break up when hit, offering with positive feedback. They are safe, fragile and degradable as well. Another use for the .22 Long Rifle is in training youngsters to shoot. The cartridge offers a mild report, is inexpensive, plentiful at present, and accuracy with the right load is excellent.


Any ammunition may be used for this pastime and for training and most often the most inexpensive ammunition is used. This is OK as far as it goes. However, when you are firing at targets and attempting to shoot to the best of your ability, you will value accuracy more.

one inch group of Fiocchi .22 long rifle bullet holes

The author was trying to ring the corner of the square on this target- and pulled one off.

The value of a premium target-grade load at a fair price cannot be overstressed. The load I most often use is a good quality 40-grain solid load with a copper plated bullet. The Fiocchi HV loading breaks 1,050 fps from my Ruger Standard Model. There are some faster and some slower loads, but this is a sweet spot for accuracy. The Fiocchi load offers real accuracy and will deliver target-grade accuracy in the right firearms.

I have used the load in my Ruger 10/22 rifle and achieved the usual two-inch group at 50 yards for a three-shot group. The results with the CZ 455 rifle are considerably better, and they should be in this type of rifle. In the Ruger Standard Model, two inches at 20 yards is the standard. I have also used this load for small game hunting.

A high degree of accuracy is needed for hunting small game and for humanely dispatching pests. The Fiocchi load delivers. Fiocchi also offers a well-designed hollow point high-velocity load. While it is a fine choice for small game such as rabbit with headshots and squirrels with body shots, the standard 40-grain RNL is fine. Size for size for the game, a .22 Long Rifle 40-grain bullet is similar to the .45-70 on deer. You get the point.

If moving to Racoon and ridding the farm of the opossum, then the hollow point looks better. For my use, the Fiocchi High Velocity .22 Long Rifle has provided excellent results. Quality control is excellent. I look for a loading that functions properly, is accurate, and which has a full powder burn with minimal unburned powder. The Fiocchi 40-grain HV makes the grade.

Have you ran Fiocchi’s 40-grain on the range? How did it perform for you? Share your answer in the comment section.

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