Black Powder

The Colt 1851 Navy Revolver, the author’s favorite percussion revolver. (Photo: Terril James Herbert/ In my Top 5 Percussion Revolvers, I listed the Colt 1851 Navy on top of that rather subjective list. Percussion revolvers and millennials don’t usually go together, but in my case I have owned and shot Colt Navy pistols more frequently
Red Dot has been revamped for clay shooters. (Photo: Alliant Powder) Alliant Powder revamped its Red Dot clay target powder, offering a cleaner burning powder product for clay target shooters. Alliant Powder, a manufacturer of smokeless propellant, said the new and improved Red Dot delivers better flow characteristics, offering significantly less fouling. The company reports
Serial numbers for Lyman black powder rifles and pistols can be found where the barrel meets the tang, opposite of the lock. (Photo: Lyman) Connecticut-based Lyman on Wednesday issued a warning on several brands of black powder rifles and pistols manufactured by the company last year. The recall includes Deerstalker, Great Plains, Great Plains Hunter,